My shop manager with a puppy at work...

My shop manager with a puppy at work...

My dad used to get after my Dane when he was a puppy.

It took a fucking screaming match before he left my dog alone one time. Duke had diarrhea all over the kitchen floor while my parents and I were out at dinner. Who was supposed to be watching him? My brother who had passed out.

Now I know my dog will let you know when he needs to go out. He has woken me up from my sleep before to tell me he needed to go outside because his tummy was upset. So I knew this wasn't his fault and I had to scream at my dad for several minutes to get him to leave my dog alone (who was cowering behind me).

I don't know what it is with people blaming dogs for things they have no fucking control over.

"But he pooped in the house!!!!!!!"

Yeah! Because YOU didn't take responsibility as a puppy owner seriously! So it's YOUR fault and you should be smacking yourself on the nose or putting yourself in time out because you were a shitty pet parent. Are you going to stay a shitty pet parent? Probably not, but don't you dare blame things on the dog.

If your puppy poops in the house, take a newspaper, roll it up, and hit yourself over the head for not watching the puppy.

Every dog my parents had would be told to go lie down, whenever it wanted their attention. My parents could be just sitting watching TV and all the dog would want was petting. Still, my parents treat their dog like an ornament and a bother.

My puppy pooped in the house once, but it was because he went from kennel cough to parvo right after we adopted him and he was too small and not confident enough to walk down stairs yet. So he done gone painted the wall in the corner. Even at only knowing us for a day and a half you could see the shame in his face. Dogs don't do this shit on purpose. Cats do.

The cat was trying to tell you it had nowhere to poop, most likely from an uncleaned literbox. Cats use body language to communicate so that "attention grabbing" was him silently talking to you.

I had friend with a shitty (pun intended) pet cat. I used to tell him all the time his cat was a dick and he should get rid of it. One night we were playing Gamecube and the cat walked in, jumped on his lap, looked him in the face, hopped down, and shit right in front of him while looking up at him. It wasnt like he meowed to be let out, the fucker deliberately got his attention to make him watch as he shit on the floor. I was dying laughing the whole time saying "I told you he was an asshole!" He gave the cat to a friend a week later.

100% this. Anytime my dogs had an accident in the house I'd just put them outside and clean it up (and if possible figure out how to prevent it in the future). Honestly, getting mad at them is ridiculous, especially because you know how freaked out they probably were knowing what they did was "bad". When it happened I always just felt bad for my dogs.

Why even buy a puppy unless you want a very specific breed, when there are so many abandoned puppies and grown-up dogs in shelters?

Sorry, a friend of mine works for Animal Control and I've done my share of rescuing and trapping stray cats to get them spayed or neutered. The three local shelters in my county are overflowing with all sorts of dogs and puppies and kittens and cats from all breeds, yet I see on Facebook some backyard breeders selling "purebreds" without a license or proper paperwork for hundreds of dollars, and people fucking buy from them.

Ugh. Sorry for the rant.

EDIT: I got no problems with dog breeders as long as they're legit, licensed businesses.

Yep. My cat shows us when the litter box needs emptied by acting like she's going to piss on things. If you don't catch on within 10 minutes, she'll wait till you can see her and piss right in front of you.

That's fucking terrible. Nothing worse for dog then to never get to play. Do they at least take the dog for a walk?

You shouldn't scold him if it's been more than 3 seconds since the act has been over--actually, you shouldn't really scold puppies who are still potty training at all. What you effectively did was scold him for nothing. He has no idea why you're scolding him. Pottying outside should always be met with praise and pets when teaching potty training.

Some "friends" of ours are just like this. Bought a little corgi-cross pup and suddenly became dog experts. Whenever the poor thing wants to do anything other than sit quietly and be petted it gets put in a cage to calm down. The family will happily be in the house chilling out and the puppy is locked up in a cage in another room.

Nevermind that my family are registered bull terrier breeders, and I have never not owned a dog, they ignore all my advice and follow any crackpot dog training internet advice they see. Their latest is "when he gets excitable and barks it means he's tired and wants to sleep". Bitch, that pupply just wants to play with his new family!

Probably gunna grow up to be the always chained up outside in a 3x6 chain link kennel dog with way too much energy that everyone is too afraid to approach.

This was my father. Never had a dog growing up. Had puppies that got taken away because they didn't immediately act like well trained dogs.

Puppies need scolding.

Wrong, puppies need CORRECTING, not scolding.

This person would have been one of the first to join the Nazis

Should not have a puppy then. Get that dog out of there.

I know, it's still human to be upset though

Dogs like that can't be walked to fatigue. If you have the space, play fetch for like an hour or take her to the dog park. If you can't do that, then run with her (assuming she's old enough for intense exercise)

100% agree and exactly what I do. I cannot get made at an accident. Now if I catch them I the act, I might yell at them (Hey, Stop that! OUTSIDE). and put them outside and then clean up the mess. But if I was not watching, or it was an emergency like diarrhea, oh well, no reason to get upset.

That's the responsibility you took on though. When you get a puppy they are just massive balls of energy that take up a lot of time and attention. You have to tire them out any way that you can because a tired dog is a happy dog. If that's not appealing to you then you need rethink the kind of pet you want or of you want to start out with a puppy at all. Maybe an older dog with less energy would be more suited to your needs.

Our dog had an accident in the house when no one was home school/work/whatever, it was by the back door where we always let her out. Couldn't be mad, she did what she could but no one was there, many cuddles were had because she looked so distressed when we got home. she knew she did something wrong but wasn't her fault