My shoe deoderiser from ALDI is actually just a Coles women's anti-perspirant with a plastic label.

My shoe deoderiser from ALDI is actually just a Coles women's anti-perspirant with a plastic label.

My feet don't smell any worse than a sweaty ladies pits so I'm not mad.

I'm assuming that Coles canceled that line and the company that made it had to come up with another use for the preprinted cans or even full cans of Deodorant. So they did a deal with ALDI for a once off run of shoe deodorant to use up the excess stock for the cost of re-labeling them rather than eating the loss.

edit: That's what happened, there is a difference in the ingredients Diclosan is the active ingredient in the ALDI foot deodorant but is not in the coles antiperspirant.

Props to ALDI for recycling I guess.

this was most likely on a shelf inbetween some german pumpernickel and winter scarves

Woah how can they do that?

If they only used the original empty cans and actually filled them with shoe deodoriser then it's not misleading.

Boric Acid (H3BO3) is the most effective way to get rid of smelly feet.

Hydrofluoric acid is also super effective at getting rid of smelly feet. Edit: More of a hat tip to Breaking Bad than an actual tip either for removing feet or making them lass smelly. Edit2: Under the circumstances, leaving it.

Good question.

Since I know cans are normally printed directly on the Aluminum I thought there would be a naked can underneath and it would be cool to draw a foot on the naked can with a sharpie as a better label than POWER FORCE. Attacked it with the scissors and viola.

ALDI really does confuse me. Sometimes I think it's like Trader Joe's. Other times they chain down their shopping carts.

I thought it was peaches and onions?

Skon cancer. Damn I never can say it.

Smelly feet*

My sister bought some Bull Frog spray sunscreen and told me to put it on my niece and nephew when I took them out on the boat. I applied it on them three times in two hours to ensure they didn't get burned. They got fried. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how until I threw the spray bottle on the ground. It scratched the bull frog liner and saw red underneath. I took off the wrapper - underneath was ocean potion tan maximizer.

I have a pic of it but too new to know how to share it.

Edit:hope this works I understand it could have been a reused can, however, I feel the amount of burn they received was too severe for the amount of the "sunscreen" I used on them. I unfortunately didn't get pictures of the sunburns. This was summer 2015.

See that's suing level deception. Can you say skin cancer.


Trader Joe's is owned by Aldi North, in case you didn't know. The Aldi we have in the states is owned by Aldi South.

I got an Arizona Arnold Palmer that was repackaged similarly once from a Target. Under the plastic wrapper it was Blueberry Shaq Soda (which I had no idea even existed).

Same thing, after my gf's label became wife, I found she didn't do bj's anymore.

I'm a cello man, myself.

Yeah, and they were run by brothers who basically had Ideological Differences abt how to run a grocery chain. That's why the two are weirdly identical while being also kinda' nothing alike. They were the same, then they split up, but they're both still run by brothers lmao

Surely the "Kills 99.9% of germs" statement can't be accurate.

Two brothers run a grocery store and you won't believe what happens next! Sixty foot tall... Mexicans... from Outer Space...

They're two brothers!

Yes she does

I got an Arizona Arnold Palmer that was repackaged similarly once from a Target. Under the plastic wrapper it was Blueberry Shaq Soda (which I had no idea even existed).

My brother in-law used to work for Arizona. They would change the cans in the bottling equipment before the flavor ran out, so at the end of the run, the cans would routinely be labeled improperly at the end of the bottling run. They used to sell the mislabeled cans to the employees for $3 per case. Until some dumbass started selling the tea to local grocers who unknowingly sold the product on their shelves. This triggered a huge number of customer complaints so Arizona stopped the practice of selling the mislabeled tea at cost to employees. Instead they started relabeling the tea and selling it at retail.

At one point we had 8 cases of mis-labeled tea as my brother in-law was buying it faster than we could drink it.

True didn't think of it like that

If you forget to come back for Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always and eternity!

Yeah, and they were run by brothers who basically had Ideological Differences abt how to run a grocery chain.

Similar to how PUMA and Adidas came about.

I'll check when I get home.

"No white Marks" is oddly specific. I get that it's for women, but if a white Mark likes to use it, let them have it ffs.

And then what happened? Did he get burns? Did the smell go away for good or did it come back? Did he actually have some sort of condition? I've become invested in this story. Plz

Honestly, you should talk to a lawyer or at least report them to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Man that's a reference I haven't heard in a while

When mixed with a little bit of water with small amounts of boric acid, the mild acid becomes an anti-septic, which kills the bacteria that causes body odor or foot odor. This is different from most common body deodorants which are designed to mask the smell with deodorant and use anti-antiperspirants to reduce sweating. This sweat then acts as the perfect wet environment for bacteria to multiply in creating the bad body odor.

Its the same way a mouth wash with a small amount of alcohol kills bacteria (good and bad) in your mouth suddenly removing bad breath (though not really between the teeth unless you just flossed them and they are spaced apart enough for liquids to get through). And then using a tongue scraper, removing the bacteria that might be lining the back of the tongue which is usually a common spot for morning bad breath that the mouth wash cannot simply rinse away.

Similar items that also kill bacteria (such as alcohol or vinegar) can neutralize and kill bacteria due to the pH level. The acid crosses into the bacteria's cells membranes which prompts the immediate release of protons blowing up the bacteria cell causing it to die (by the millions).

Ask your doctor if boric acid is right for you.

I legitimately had a friend whos feet smelled so unbelievably awful. It got to the point where everyone in my class including the teacher was telling this guy to get his feet checked out.

The next day he comes into class and a wave of bleach scent hits us.. poor guy poured straight bleach into the bathtub and bleached his feet

Wait, this isn't standard practice? Every shopping cart in my European country has those chains.

Well he's not wrong, even if the feet were smelly

C'mon, it's not that hard to say skim cuncer.

Ive heard this is actually one of the reasons behind it. Even if the customer doesnt return it SOMEONE most likely will, whether its a homeless person a broke college student or some kids just riding around, someone out there will be willing to bring the cart back for the money in it. No reason to hire trolley boys, less overall cost, cheaper products

Not OP or the same story, but at one point in time my feet started to smell horrible, despite washing them as usual. I found out after all was said and done it was likely because of the job I worked (at a cheese factory). I was quitting that job for unrelated reasons, and threw out the shoes I had there after I did quit, got new ones. The smell followed despite washing still. I ended up diluting bleach with equal parts water and bleach, stuck my feet in for a bit, and the smell was gone. They were very irritated for several days and I couldn't bear to wear shoes the first day, but I was fine. The smell went away and I don't think I did any lasting damage.

I've also bathed in much more diluted bleach when I ended up catching MRSA. I didn't notice any side effect from that despite doing that three times a week , but was also too desperate not to be dying to notice, most likely.

Is there a difference of ingredients between the two labels?

Hold one : you bathed in bleach because you had MRSA?? Please explain .. who told you to do that ??

Edit : now that it's been explained I understand .. 1/4 cup in a tub full of water for MRSA skin infection ... gotcha :)

The chains give you a (your) quarter deposit back. It's to make you bring the carts back.

Not that I returned loose carts as a poor college kid to scrape change for groceries...

Yes there is a difference

Diclosan is the active ingredient in the ALDI foot deodorant. but not in the coles antiperspirant.

They don't manufacture, print and fill these as needed on the same assembly line, you know. These bottles are designed and printed in set quantities, and likely ordered months in advance by the retailer for drop-ship to the factory. Chances are the design changed, or the product was discontinued. The packaging manufacturer (or the retailer) then had an excess of empty containers it had to dispose of, which allowed Aldis to buy them cheaply and fill with their own product. This saved them a large portion of the manufacturing & printing costs that would have incurred. They simply had a heat-shrink label applied over the original design.

You had 24 DOLLARS worth of TEA?

I think what they do with the carts is brilliant. You deposit a quarter to unhook the cart, then when you return it your quarter pops back out. There are never stray carts in the parking lot, and employees don't have to corral them. Wild carts don't take up parking spaces, and we all save money. Splendid.

Am I ever glad someone asked this.

This has been the go-to method in Europe for as long as I can remember. There's a lot of self-service in general. No baggers, just a big loading area all your stuff ends up in after the conveyor belt, and you bag it yourself. (Plastic bags are 20 cents a pop, bring your own canvas shopping bags if you don't want to buy plastic bags. Or just jam all your coat/jacket pockets, glove compartment, etc. full of old plastic bags so you have them whenever you go grocery shopping.)

It is standard protocol to have patients inoculated with MRSA to take bleach baths regularly. It is in fact encouraged for those with severe eczema to take bleach baths because their healing is likely complicated by a strain of MSSA.

Source: works for dermatologist also has eczema.

Edit: spelling

my attention is valuable

You're on Reddit. It can't be that valuable.

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I was built upside down. My feet smell and my nose runs.

You ok buddy?

Is he home yet?

It sucks. Life, not the wife.

But there is more! Old ladies, and they are involved as well, all buying groceries at the two brothers' supermarket

So why may I ask did you take the plastic cover off?

A peek inside the mind of a madman.

Wtf. That's crazy. We have to see this.

Go to imgur, make an account, upload the picture, edit your comment to copy and paste the link from imgur.

Or make a new post in this sub and you can upload the picture straight from your device and then edit your comment to copy and paste the link to your new post.

Germans solving problems the German way. With a wall down the middle!

Skin Cansew. Damn so close.

Its been 20 minutes, OP didn't deliver again.

Let's just hang it up guys.

Sensitive enough for a womans armpit, and strong enough for her feet.

Cello, it's deodorant!

Tee hee they were eating sploosh

Nononono. Puma and Adidas is outright full-fledged hatred. Having been to Herzog the stories you hear are insane to the point of not just the brothers but the whole family split in half along allegiance lines and to this day remain sworn enemies.

I am also interested in this

This isn't true at all... There are people whose job includes cart pushing, that are completely separate from the cashiers, unless there's a weird situation where they need more people out pushing carts then a manager will put a cashier or two on cart pushing duty.

But in general no cashiers cart pushing and when they are it isn't "in their spare time"

This is from an ALDI in Australia, which is quite different than the one in the US. They mostly carry just food in Australia, and there isnt much demmand for winter scarves here. Also Coles is the name of another super market that is a direct competitor with ALDI.

In the US, they just expect cashiers to collect loose carts in their spare time.

Hopefully you read this!

So I've had experience with this. Last year Arizona was having trouble with one of their manufacturers, so they were running low on those big cans for drinks. What they did, was take can used less often, and wrap them with the label of the contents. So for example, they took Shaq soda, and wrapped a Arnold Palmer plastic on it. But it wasn't shaq soda inside.

And that's when things get out of control.

What's the tax on that?

too soon?

You should sue. That's grounds for them getting skin cancer.

I now find it odd that my two main go to kicks are always either adidas or like a turn coat in the revolutionary war

I ain't no scientist but I think Hydrofluoric acid is good for just getting rid of your feet in general.

Both manufactured by the same company:

I actually enjoy removing labels from my pens and other things. I think the added visual clutter is annoying. I reuse my water bottles and first thing I do is tear off the wrapping. Same with soap dispensers. It's also why I like the packaging of say Soylent and other brands that have clean designs or products from companies like Muji.

That was so endearingly lame I just had to chuckle.

More like: G'day fellas this ain't really sprayon for Sheilas' pongo vaj, Coles are fart arsing around by putting labels on the tinnies. Lazy cunts.

Sweet feet!

scam dancer. Shit, I think I made it worse.

in germany, aldi north sucks, with the stores looking shitty and unwelcoming, disorganized shelves, and the quality being somewhat shitty.

aldi south chose to go with the time. at some point 20ish years ago, they remade their entire store concept. same rules, though: one or two offerings for each product type only, no excess, very streamlined.

one thing i love about aldi in the us is that they don't hand out (free) plastic bags. plus they let you reuse the cardboard delivery boxes the goods were delivered in. the us really have a problem with plastic. seriously, after shopping at walmart, we had like 20 bags for stuff that would have fit into one cardboard box. wtf?

Mate they had ski gear last year. I was legit confused at all the people buying it too

Just like that gypsy woman said!

In the end, aren´t we all just a Coles women's anti-perspirant with a plastic label.

I don't think you even have to have an account to upload on imgur. OP that's

They should leave a note though you know?, like:

"ay yo, fam, this shit ain't actually women's deodorant, cole's done fucked up and we took they cans and filled it with our shit and slapped a new label on it cuz fuck trying to scrape all that shit off underneath, ya know?"

What's mar-yuh-low?

Creating jobs and creating valuable jobs is something different apparently.

How about in your eyes?

Holy crap i can't believe i recognize that name is been to long

Wait, wait, I had something for this...

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Oh I fully agree, it's the next stage from running ad blocker in chrome, not watching advertising on TV or listening to it on the radio. The world is to full of distraction these days, my attention is valuable.

And that's when things got kicked into twelfth gearrrrrrr

Not all deodorants are antiperspirants. Deodorants are basically antibacterials.

Source: dude who purposely stopped using antiperspirants because I was tired of having my shirts ruined

but they're both still run by brothers

The brothers are dead.

Theo Albrecht, Aldi North, Trader Joes Karl Albrecht, Aldi South, Aldi USA, UK

This is probably what happened, the cans are finished in a different plant, and filled elsewhere. Coles had over supply or even the finisher painted too many cans. They then sold them to another business to cover some capital loss.

The process involves several suppliers in Australia, I am pretty sure no manufacturer can do it all in one plant. The can body stock is usually formed and painted in one place then filled elsewhere.

Hahaha god damn it man, we just did a shop at aldi and we have it too! , that is hilarious, my wife is very conflicted now about what it is hahaha

The Alzheimers Association advises that despite concerns about aluminium arising in the 60s and 70s, "studies have failed to confirm any role for aluminum in causing Alzheimer’s. Experts today focus on other areas of research, and few believe that everyday sources of aluminum pose any threat."

It's a shame you broke it. Now it's strong enough for a man but, made for a woman. Unless you are a woman. In that case. You may have stinky feet but, at least you won't have BO.

Oh shit, they got to him.

You'd be surprised what is made in the same factory, with the same machines.

I lived in China. The same factories making those silicone cupcake baking sheets are making dildos and those yellow silicone wristbands.

You can't deny that Aldi Australia still generally has a good selection of random shit though. It's the whole joy of the place.

Reading deodorant labels is my favourite toilet past time.

Christ, we just want to get rid of the smell, not our feet

This one is literally an Anti-Perspirant it doesn't even say deodorant on the original label.

I read something about how bottles like this are recycled. I guess they replace the contents or empty bottle with the actual material they're selling and just place a label over top. I'm not sure how true this is though.

He's had 20 minutes, what's taking so long??

Boric acid is good at killing ants in your shoes too.