My sawftest Alaska drawing (constructive criticism is appreciated !)

My sawftest Alaska drawing (constructive criticism is appreciated !)


This is RICH. Top knot looking like fish.

looks good! i just think the neck could be longer and less wide, and adding a waterline under her eyeballs could help make it seem more lifelike

Practice your crosshatching. It's best to do it VERY lightly, all in one direction, and then switch up the direction. It helps smooth things out and creates an imperceptible texture.

Get the general structure of features roughed out very lightly first, then go back and darken things. Your value structure is kind of all over the place, with really dark darks next to not-so-dark darks, but on the same feature. Just try to be more intentional and patient building that value up.

Also, try to be more loose with your hand. Especially in the hair, you have a very mechanical stroke. Try to be more gestural and flowing, it will help a lot.

Overall, you have an excellent likeness. The sketchy style is beautiful, your proportions are just about perfect. You did good, kid.

hows the mug?

Personally I prefer the harsh stroke-y style, but thank you so much! ❤️


It looks really great, very well proportioned! But if you want criticism, your lines could be worked on, less sketchy short strokes and more long, fluid lines (it's a hard habit to get into, believe me, but it's worth it!)

I usually DESPISE the "personally I prefer...." comments coming from artists who ask for constructive criticisms, as an artist myself, But I agree with you. I think the erratic strokes add drama.


gorgeous, op 💖

how's the hair?



I agree. I had an art teacher in college who was constantly raging on people for short sketchy strokes. Called it pencil masterbation.

That guy was a dick.

I know they’re not finished or polished, but I really love a really well drawn rough sketch. Where a limited and rough number of lines are used and it still perfectly reveals the form or feeling.


You have a gift to be able to describe these tasks with such articulate clarity. It's inspiring.

Loved it!