My rabbit kept company to my dying hen for her last days (she was very old)

My rabbit kept company to my dying hen for her last days (she was very old)

Super Sweet!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes I had it for her entire life, I remember holding her in my hand when it was just a tiny noisy thing, and when she got older and I came to see her, she would automatically sit down ready for some petting

Heart warming, here's another pic for you because you seem moved by it.

Heart warming, for you because you seem moved by it.

Oh, I'm not english native, I don't know if the end is understood as "I buried it next to my parent's grave" or "my parents and I buried it". Which is obiously the second one

It sounded like the hen was buried next to their grave. Thank you for clarifying that that was not the case.

I can't remember exactly how old, but I was a child (I'm 20 now) so about 10 years old I'd say. I'm not sure what you mean by what happened, we buried it with my parents

How old was she? Did you have her for her entire life? Was she attached to you? Meaning, did she recognize you and come up to you and all that? My apologies...I have never had anything besides the traditional animals as pets.

Oh that last part

No one deserves to die alone.

How old, and what happened when she died?

The rabbit was a couple years old, we kept it in the house for a few month and when we released him in our big garden, he kept getting in the chicken coop, he spent a lot of time with the other hens. My family has a theory that he thinks he's a hen in his head. We had two other rabbits but he didn't spend any time with them

Lo there do I see my father; lo there do I see my mother; lo there do I see my chicken; lo they do call to me; BUCAWK!!

“Son. Everyone dies alone. That's what it is. It's a door. It's one person wide. When you go through it, you do it alone. But it doesn't mean you've got to be alone before you go through the door. And believe me, you aren't alone on the other side.”

― Jim Butcher, Dead Beat

Thanks :-)

Adorable and sad at the same damn time

This other pic is great too! Shows how she’s really staying with her, in that spot.

Species dysphoria, brilliant.


You were really close and a lot of people probably figured it out. A better way of saying it would be, "My parents and I buried it."

That’s awesome, how it kept the chicken company. I wonder if they could communicate, in a way. How long did the bunny & chicken lived together?

That's cute. I have a couple hens and we only have one who will come up to us and say hello and accept a stroke. The others are a little timid :P chickens are surprisingly nice pets!

One time Harriot got adventurous and jumped out the coop when it was pouring with rain.. I couldnt find her when I checked (it was a horrible rainy night) as I noticed the top hatch was open. I found her 30 minutes after I started looking in a corner soaking wet and looking rather bad.

I brought her inside and dried her off, she was totally fine which was nice to know as she looked miserable as she could ever of been when I first saw her. I gave her some scraps of a carrot and she pooped on the kitchen floor before getting all happy and clucky again.

Oh that's so bittersweet. I just imagine a Disney version of them watching the sunset together as it happens. Edit: old school Disney.

That BUCAWK just made me almost shoot tea out of my nose. Nice job!


There's a time and a place, man. You're 0 for 2.

Otherkin rabbit.

That'd make a grown man cry

Oh I thought it was buried next to your parents in a family plot or something and thought it was really sweet but the second one makes much more sense.

That's sweet af! My chicken is 13 years old, should she still be alive?

The rabbit likes to cuddle dying animals.

That is sweet, but if that rabbit comes for a cuddle with you, you better be off to the doctor!

Not sure about OP but with all the pet chickens I've had we've buried them. They were pets to us, not food. Plus I imagine an old chicken wouldn't taste nice

Clearly it's a pet dude. That's why you're getting down voted.

Part of the Dresden Files series.

I appreciate that story and the fact that you named your chicken Harriot :)

Is that a book? I need to know what I’m searching for

This was a cool interaction and language is amazing

We don't even know what breed she is (she was a rescue) but we think she is 12-13. That's about double the average chicken's lifespan

There are worse things in the world than a quiet end.

I think it's a lop thing. My mini-lop was pretty "meh" about the other rabbits, but dear lord that bunny thinks he's a dog. He loves my english mastiff to pieces.

Rabbits have a tendency to make friends across species. I've had indoor pet rabbits for years, and the little guys always know when someone needs love.

Wow that's a lot! Mine was about 10 years old, can't remember exactly, maybe 11-12

c-can I look at the second picture too?

Yeah, a lonely ending

Bunnies are very social animals. They seem to mourn their dead group members. ( when euthananising a pet bunny its a good idea to show the left over group members the body so they can grasp it is gone )

Could be that this bun really likes this particular chicken and wanted to spend time with it. I wouldnt know tho im not the owner lol

Domesticated bunnies also do show quite some behaviour that wild ones do not ( curiosity towards predatory animals, playing behaviour in adulthood,.. )

So i wouldnt say that its only strategy

Had chickens growing up, you're right, they're really friendly. If you raise them right from a chick they'll be the friendliest animals ever. Had a few that would follow us around the back yard and we could pick them up and carry them around, it was great.

That seems a bit harsh

Do you think the rabbit knew she was dying? Also, if it did, do you think it hung around her so if a predator came after them it would most likely just go for the easy meal?

Why? Its like raising a dog or a cat, its a pet. Would you eat your dog or cat when they die? Probably not

Randy, we talked about this. Compassion, use it.

That's interesting to hear, you're not the first one to mention lops as being more open to other animals

Sad to see her go. My family had a hen like this on our egg farm that we fondly called “big chicken.” She wasn’t big or small, but she kept pecking our side door and trying to get our attention through the windows. We eventually let her in and she walked straight into the living room, plopped on my dads lap, and went straight to sleep. This went on for a good few months before she got killed by a coyote :(.

I know how it feels to lose a sweet hen, im sorry :(

I think they meant like, boneless-skinless chicken breasts, not their friend the laying hen that had just passed. That is we don't eat dogs and cats because they are beloved pets but elsewhere not so much, and they are eaten. (Not farmed and eaten, ofc)

My last rabbit was friends with two kittens! He (my rabbit) had never interacted with any other animal so it was surprising to see how well they got along. When the kittens were really small, they tried to suckle the rabbit. Here's a couple of pictures of them all grown up, not long before my rabbit died :(

We kept hens in my parent's home. They're pretty difficult pets as they have difficulties to interact. They live between 10-12 years. Edit. Based on my life experience, they will bully you, even attack you, especially rooster. This happens more with what they consider as a fair "adversary" like children. Was trying to see little chicks once when 6 years old and mother hen attacked me and hurt my lip. My cousin had a rooster which was like a bulldog, very very agressive. He would chase and attack everyone but his owner's family.

older animals seem to taste shitty no matter the species ime

good bird

"You're no bunny 'til some bunny loves you."

Roosters are super aggressive, I found that out early on lol. When I was about four years old my grandmother used to take me to buy eggs at this little farm by our house. One time there were a bunch of little chicks walking about so I stepped closer to get a look - next thing I knew I was on the ground and my face was hot and wet. A rooster attacked me and split one of my eyelids clean through down the middle. I'm lucky I wasn't blinded.

I moved a few years ago, splitting an animal farm with my former roommate. At first, I took all of the rabbits with me (pretty much all of the smaller animals) but our lop got depressed pretty quickly in my new home. I took him back to my former roommate to stay with the dogs, and he loves it there. I miss him terribly but he seemed so lonely without them.

lol, a picture of a hen sitting and this dude's diagnosed it with salmonella. But he does have experience with chickens like this, so maybe we'd better listen, and you should be careful with you other animals.

californians, unless they have states dysphoria.

Ok, that’s one too many recommendations. I’m gonna read that series now.

Which one should I start with?

Make? It did...I mean, who’s cutting onions?

Yeah, chickens can live to about 10-15 years. The world's oldest chicken was 16. I've had chickens live to about 12

That’s a really sweet picture. 

Its neat how mammals, birds, animated slug monsters - they all get the same look when they hit a certain age.

That’s a really sweet picture.

I'm sorry that she died... 😣

I'm glad your girl made it to old age, I recently lost 3 reds to a raccoon and it still hurts.

what do californians think they are?

It's a Dresden files reference in that book magic is real and the traditional concepts of heaven and hell are real along with faeries, vampires, etc.

Stormfront is the first book of the series


This here is the purpose of life

Storm Front is the first book. Be aware than a general consensus is that the first two books are a little rough, it gets better from there as the author gets into his rhythm. Also, the main character isn't held up as some sort of paragon of morality, he's not bad and he does what he thinks is right, but there's some decisions he makes occasionally that seem counterproductive to the reader.