My "Powerful Gear" Luminous Engram Decrypted Into An Eververse Engram.

My "Powerful Gear" Luminous Engram Decrypted Into An Eververse Engram.

Needless to say, I'm pretty upset. I would have preferred the PL boost over a ghost shell.


Edit: the GIF looked pretty bad so I linked the video.

Edit 2: Possibly a bug? I leveled up when I turned in the engram but still did not receive the Powerful Gear rewards.

when turning in milestone you get a small amount of XP. might have happened that you filled your XP bar and received LE. but in this case I wonder where your powerful gear went.

That's unbelievable. Senior Progression Designer must already be in their office smiling.

Are you sure you haven't got new items in your inventory/postmaster? I think you get a little light boost when turning in milestones so you might have just levelled up

exactly this. look at the xp bar when going in and coming out.

Sorry to hear that. I think it's because you levelled for sure but, if you didn't get the normal rewards it sounds like a glitch - this place would explode if this was normal - maybe try logging out and in again and then check

Yeah, there's nothing new in my inventory or postmaster.

Kyle for the rescue. Are you not bored nowadays? People dont give you much work lately.

uhm..actualy that was from you leveling up (check your xp bar)

I had the bonus dog boss at the Winding Cove public event drop an un-encrypted legendary last night (don't remember which, but it was from the standard engram loot pool), that was weird. I don't remember what PL it dropped at though.

ohhhhh that friggin sucks. I was happy to see a bright engram pop from a PE chest but to have it come out of a powerful engram would piss me off.

Hey and 500 glimmer, that's not so bad.

Wondering how often that'll happen and if they can drop from any engram. I don't think so but who knows.

Also high quality gif mate :P