My parents sent me this after breaking up with my gf.

My parents sent me this after breaking up with my gf.

Ok honest, at first glance I thought your parents got you a sock for masturbating.

Yer a jizzer, Harry.

This was funnier when I thought it was a jizz sock.

Erecto Petrocum

8 days ago OP had a wife. Hmmmmmm.

Source: I am a Reddit detective

Isnt that whats going on here?

Why the fuck would you carelessly cover up the last word? I just don't get how some people's brains work, seriously.

It's from Harry Potter.

Harry Potter freed a friend from servitude by tricking the owner. As part of the slavery, Harrys friend was not allowed to own wear clothing, but was instead forced to dress in rags. To free a slave, the owner was supposed to "present it with clothing". Harry tricked the owner into giving the slave a sock, hidden in a book.

Your parents broke up with your girlfriend?

Took me way too long to realize this was a Harry Potter reference and not a jizz sock.

To free them you just have to gift them something.

Specifically, you have to gift them clothes. And the owner of the elf has to do it. You couldn't just go around freeing everyone's elves by handing out clothes like the Salvation Army.

Harry frees Dobby (elf, name written on OP's box) by giving him a sock

Harry tricks Dobby's owner in to giving Dobby said sock.

In the world of Harry Potter elvs were/are slaves to rich families. To free them you just have to gift them something. Harry frees Dobby (elf, name written on OP's box) by giving him a sock PS. Watch HP or read it. It's a really magical story.

Can you explain this to someone who doesn't know Harry Potter? I don't get it at all

Accio Bum!

I’m pretty sure this is a masturbatory sock

Stop it Ron

Yeah this is BS.

Well no shit, but it still shouldn't be covered.

Go on Harrah you're the chosen one!

Seriously. What a dumbass

Swish and flick!

Thank you.

Rectum Protectum!

Says Dobbie on package. Wonder if they thought of the double meaning.

Yea someone is trolling for karma points.

Word you're looking for is probably "free"

Haaarry pottehr. It's LevioSAAAAH!

To be honest I would have been truly touched especially if my parents knew I was into Harry Potter

Apparently it's some Harry Potter reference.

Then again, probably not too far off point. I can see someone that into Harry Potter in college needing to find company in that sock for awhile.

I’m ashamed to say that was my first thought too. Then I connected the Harry Potter reference and chastised my brain for going there first. Bad Bryll.

Wow. Your girlfriend must have been pretty awful.

Or he might just have a wife and a girlfriend, but then he deserves downvotes even more.

Dobby then used the sock for his own personal release..

They’re a freaky family.

OP's post history includes a post referencing his "wife."

Glad your parents finally broke up with your girlfriend. That was a weird couple of months.


Eye twitch

She did. And the elves wouldn't touch them because they were insulted, but it's never established in the books if it would have freed them or not. I'm guessing not.

Not sure why you got downvoted, thanks for the help

You should break up with her too if she was dating both of your parents.

Or the one the night before

“Thanks Mom you remembered my favorite jizz sock!! You’re the best!”

Considering this is Hermione though, she likely would've done her research and knew if it would've worked or not.

In Harry Potter, the elf Dobbie is given a sock which frees him from being a servant. OP's parents are joking he's now free because he broke up with his gf

It doesn't immediately look like a sock because he didn't show a picture that included the ends. Its just a terrible picture for a decent joke.

Except Hermione tried freeing the school's house elves by placing hats in places they would accidentally pick up while cleaning.

Please elaborate Mr. Reddit detective

Also: username does not check out

But there is no book... Soo.... Must be for masturbation.

It must be an inside family joke.

Son jerks off into dress sock, father puts on sock while getting dressed for work. Parents never let him forget the beating that occurred that night.

Socks can't consent.

What spell is that?

why did you have to cover up the "free"? it would have been much easier for us non harry potter lunatics to get the reference.

Ya seriously I came to comment that this is mad weird coming from parents but funny if it was a mate. Dirty dirty mind of mine

If you read the books you'll realize that the house elf race is happy to serve wizards overall, and freed elves are ostracized. Dobby is the exception, not the rule, in that he wanted to be free of his masters because they were bad wizards and abused him terribly. Compare him to Winky, who served the Crouch's, was devastated to be freed. Kreacher served the Black family and was treated terribly by Sirius, and so betrayed him, and initially was also resentful to Harry, but eventually Harry starts treating him better, and Kreacher becomes loyal.

The Hogwarts elves are very well treated and therefore have no desire to be freed. So yes, they are insulted by the idea of freedom.

So’s your mom.

Probably bc I didn't include all details. But the weren't necessary for understanding the pic. Have a nice day :)

Too bad his parents didn't know how to spell Dobby correctly.

OP posted this 8 days ago.

OP posted this 8 days ago.

Same... Same...

It had false/misleading infor.ation. He said Harry freed the elf by gifting him clothes. While yhe owner has to do it and Harry just tricked him.

B-but what if I can't get it up!?

It's kind of a jerk.

Username does not check out

If you’re saying they didn’t send a sock for masturbating, what is it?

Your parents sent you a pre-crunchy sock

Thank you. I appreciate your explanation.

I guess one needs to be a HP fan to see the humor in this.