My one eyed blep

My one eyed blep

Blep sensory enhanced vision activated.

For a minute i thought kitty has no arms either! I was distressed


🎵It was a one-eyed, no armed, loafing orange people blepper🎶

that is so sweet i almost can't stand it.

Not to stray off topic, but has anyone else noticed just how great pets are?

She doesn't know she only has one eye! She's just as happy as any two eyed cat

I wish people had that ability!

love your furrball

Blep and an A+ catloaf!

Don't worry, she's just loafing around

this is the cutest blep/loaf combo i've seen in some time.... MUST PET.


I want to give all the pets :3


Didn't know my one eyed blep would get so much love! A little bit of background on him, my fiancé worked at a veterinary and they would get a lot of cats. Someone saw someone else drop him on the side of the road in front of a barn because of his bad eye. He stayed at the vet for a couple weeks and we decided to take him home, he had a blown ulcer in his eye and was making him very ill. We had it removed and he's doing a lot better, he still has respiratory problems and he sneezes sometimes but he gets around and plays like any other cat with two working eyeballs. His name is Payton. Here's him being photogenic

I noticed!

Besides for general balance purposes, I can't think of any way my three cats would be any different with one eye. They barley pay attention to what's going on in the world around them anyway. This might actually be a convince for them when I wake them from naps, cause they only have to use half the effort to give me the 'fuck off' look.

Mystery explained: hovercat

Mystery explained:


The ol perma-wink


drunk blep