My nana wrote me a letter in 1991 that I couldn't open till 2017. The date finally came and I've never felt something so genuine and precious.

My nana wrote me a letter in 1991 that I couldn't open till 2017. The date finally came and I've never felt something so genuine and precious.

Yes! She'll be 80 this fall

Please tell us your nana is still with us and has celebrated her 79th birthday...

Haha. I'm very sneaky. I am Trevor.

This made my day, but if your username is davedavedaveck, I'm guessing your name isn't Trevor.

Well I fucked up.

"Anyway, I am off to play a CD by new favourite band Nirvana. I feel like they will still be around in 2017!"

Must be something about the name Dave for anonymity. I am also not a Dave IRL.

I will be or would have been 79

I've always appreciated how people get more self-actualized with age. Someone in their 30s would most likely be of the attitude "of course I'll be there. I'm never going to die." Someone in their 50s is more of the attitude "of course I'm going to die. I'm not afraid of it; I just want the grammar to be correct when I do."

My grandmother was watching us during the last eclipse, I remember looking at it through special glasses and playing outside with her. She passed away 5 years ago, so this was incredibly bittersweet and beautiful to read and please hug your grandmother for me if you're able.


My grandma said once, "If you make it to 18 with all your limbs, I'll give you 100 bucks." I still don't regret becoming a pirate.

Your grandma Betty rocks!!

Nana Betty is a fucking liar. I was the cutest baby per gramma carol.

actually qtypewriteroy is longer, nice try.


That's some flawless typewriting right there!

Fun fact: "Typewriter" is the longest word you can spell on 1 row of QWERTY keyboard

She does!

And then I hear this new movie Terminator 2 is something else. Maybe it will be re-released in 3D in 2017, hahaha!

This got me right in the feels and wish to steal this from your grandma and do the same for my niece. Im 26 as well and shes 5months old and cutest darn thing ive ever seen.

Edit: also, someone give OP some gold so i know its real

That's some flawless typewriting right there!

except for the typo

Weird, my name’s Dave.

Because the question mark is on the right hand side of the keyboard.

Does she still look like her picture?

in the first year of year of you life


Does she remember the letter?

Tell her you love her. I miss my grandmother's dearly.

It is!

Remastered in 4k 3D.

Remastered in 4k 3D.

Apple Pie!

It looks like her typewriter made an autocorrect typo.

wanna trade?

So did you/are you going to catch the eclipse with her? We need to know!

Eclipse is Aug 21, hopefully op and Nana are in the path of totality!

Why not stewardesses?

I feel better knowing your gran is still alive. Does she have a famous dessert she makes? Mine made butter tarts... Mmmmm, I miss them. And her too I guess

Nice try McGarvey Clark Realty!

Dave's not here, man.

Yeah when you're midway through and your typewriter doesn't have whiteout, fuck it man, just keep going.


That's awesome man, please do it. I don't have any kids but I hope more people get to experience this stuff.

I remember staring at in a box in elementary school for the 1991 eclipse. I don't think I made mine right because I didn't see anything .

Her hand writing is immaculate.

Just made my day sir! Your grandma is awesome for doing this. my Grandma did something similar for me concerning some event in 1985 I can't remember what exactly I don't have the letter in front of me. We opened it last year on her birthday (Christmas eve) and she gave me a big hug and told me she loved me and that she was glad she lived to see me read the letter she wrote me. My grandpa who also signed the letter sadly died in 09 when I was 24

I didn't cry until I read this comment. I never had any living grand parents. Thank you for opening this up to the community.

Beautiful. Made tears well up. That right there, is Love. Thank you for posting this. Miss my Grand Parents.

I didn't even catch that. Like one of those things where you skip over the the double word.


His name's Jeff

Wait but my Nana Ellen seemed so sure that I was the cutest baby on Earth...

Is she proud of what you're doing at 26?

I was 10 years old before I realized my name wasn't "dammit"

That's a lot of deer.

These are the Daves I know.

What? I was a broke college student in 1991, and I had a cheap bookshelf stereo with a CD player. I built up my collection through the mail order places and a music store in town that sold used CDs.

I have my parents and grandparents (that are still living) write letters to my kids each year on their birthdays to open in the future and this just reminded me why. So cute.

Did your grandma remember writing this?

Karlllll that kills people!

Whoops. Somehow I pocket commented. I did not even open this thread on my own.

Stewardesses. Y belongs to the right index finger.

I know, right? It means, "she who is in heat"

I remember McGarvey-Clark Realty! They owned the Fullerton market. Sold to Coldwell in 1999. Both McGarvey and Clark have since past away, William McGarvey in 2015 and Robert Clark in 2009.

My mom used to sign all her notes with a little smiley face like that. She passed away when I was 19, this totally gave me chills!

That old hag was always forgetting my name!

Whew, that puts a much sweeter spin on this!

Holy shit that was writen on my birthdate. Im 26. Wow. This hits home. I have a Hawaiian eclipse painting in my living room of the 1991 eclipse. Im saving this post.


is longer though

I read this as "She'll be 80 feet tall"

Estro is an interesting name.


Typed this entire message using my left thumb. We've made crazy advancements in typing technology.

me too :(

Trailer here

From the preview, yes.

The liquid terminator gets shot in the eye, you can really see the depth of it.

My grandma also draws a little picture of herself with curly hair just like that on her letters to me 🤣

Cool. Now I wish I lived in Montreal. I live in Gatineau, but I'm too lazy and frugal to go on a 4 hour round-trip just for that.

I'm Dave, and so's my wife!

Me too.

I love this and I hope you watch the eclipse with her.

I actually shouted yes!

David is always my go-to when I need to make up a fake name on the spot. I think I look like a David, never knew there were so many other not-Davids. What if there are no real Davids at all?

Me too. :(


I mean you can type any word with just your left hand... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)