My name is Odie and I am a cute.

My name is Odie and I am a cute.

This breed is so beautiful, I would love to have one just because of the satisfying feeling I get from looking at them. But I already have a dog and I don’t have the space for a second, so I will forever be thankful to people posting pics and videos I can look at.

you are not cute .. you are super cute

It looks like a blue nose pitbull terrier. I'd agree that they're some of the cutest puppies ever.

Odie is an adora-bull!!!

blue staffordshire bull terrier, i have one myself

He looks acute to me.

What breed is it?

About to get kicked off that table with a name like odie

Such a good lookin pupperoni

what a cutie ;)

love Odie


Oh yes you are.