My mom sitting on a bomb that landed in their backyard, 1958.

My mom sitting on a bomb that landed in their backyard, 1958.

USAF Ammo troop here. Munitions items painted blue are inert, so it's not a live bomb.

Ah, good. I thought it was a sick paint job to make sure people wouldn't see it coming on a beautiful day

Nah, pretty sure it was prerecorded.

That could be an SC250 but it seems a bit small. I don't know if this story checks out in the inquisition once Reddit know-it-alls get their hands on this.

I like how you think you genius bastard!

"Tifu by sitting on a bomb...

Obligatory it happened 59 years ago..."

There are many possible scenarios here. Where did your grandfather live?

Here in Europe it wasn't that uncommon that soldiers would bring unexploded stuff back home from the war as a souvenir of having made it. Then he would've thought about it years later, put it in the backyard as a joke, and tell people that the Airforce dropped it there by accident.

Another viable option is that that was a training bomb of some sorts that he had simply stolen during his years of service, and brought home to play with.

So reckless training exercise?

I ain't no bomb expert, but I know a lot of U.S. military training devices were (still are?) painted light blue, so there ya go.

I'm not sure how it got there, I'm just going based off what my grandpa told me haha. I'm not sure how else it could have gotten there, because who just brings a bomb home to sit in their yard?

No, Blue ordnance is inert.

High explosive is typically olive drab with a bright yellow band painted on it, along with bright yellow identifying writing.

My grandpa told me that it fell out of a plane from a nearby base. They came home from school/work and there it was.

We're in the US. From my understanding, it was pretty frowned upon here to keep military equipment in your possession. But that could be the case.

Code denoting explosive filling, from WWII: One yellow band, TNT. Two bands, Composition B. Three bands, Tritonal.

How did that land there ?


I bet she kept the object for further experiences .

If you know what I mean.....