My little finger is my biggest finger...

My little finger is my biggest finger...

When you pinkie promise, you fuckin MEAN IT.

Edit: I wake up to Gold? GOLD?! Cheers stranger!

Fuckin' Chernobyl motherfuckers.

Looks like two pinkies fused together to make mega-pinkie

Funnily enough, I only had four fingers on the left hand until they were separated by surgery when i was young

Two in the pinky, ouch in the stinky.

Pretty much this. OP looks like he almost had 6 fingers.

Can you imagine his "one in the stink"

What kind of heathen picks their nose with their pinky?

"Alright everyone, file in. We gotta take role for the big day."






"Here...can we just hurry this up."


"Always here!"



sigh "Yep, Pinky's here."

Well if the contamination doesn't cause this, the incest will.

I've asked my family doctor many times but his reply has always been "Does it hurt?' 'No.' "So, don't worry about it". I respect him for that...

You must have massive nostrils!!

certainly looks like two pinkies have started to develop and fused into one large one. Pretty cool stuff. Is it fully functional?

It's bent at a 90 degree angle at the joint. Nah it doesn't move much haha

Is it one bone? I'm interested in seeing X-Rays.

This little Piggy didn't skip leg day.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

OP if you have never had that hand x-rayed just go break one of the other fingers on it and then get a set. We will wait.


Who the fuck do you go to, Dr. Spaceman?

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Sir that is a toe.

Everyone knows you're supposed to hold your pinky up so everyone knows you're classy as fuck. How you gonna hold your pinky up while it rooting for gold in your booger chute?

Worst superpower ever

Relevant Top Gear clip:

Edit: Sorry! For those not getting the reference, this is the original PSA the clip is parodying.

... What the fuck lol this is not normal.

Were you ever tested for carrying the gene for polydactyly? Because that genuinely looks like a finger that was attempting to divide into two fingers.

Yeah i've always thought so as well... :)

Elsewhere? He's literally replying to that comment

This is how X-men started

Not to dismiss your statement, instead I'd like to try and help you understand it in more depth :)

It's not that they have fused together but rather failed to separate. We all start off with all fingers fused together and as we grow in the womb certain cells die off. This dying off is called Apoptosis, which is Programed Cell Death (PCD). So as we developed as a fetus our mitten hands split up into dextrable individual fingers by apoptosis!

Also, a random interesting fact to do with hands. It is a recessive gene that causes us to have 4 fingers and 1 thumb. Those with the dominant set of genes have 6 in total!

TL;DR: Without apoptosis we'd all have webbed hands and probably be awesome swimmers...

Edit: PretoriaPeckham- Yes that is what the condition appears to be called, which I actually did not know. I just knew how it comes about.

Merdoctor - That is very interesting, TIL a little more!

It's the right arrow i worry about. That shit takes a pounding

You can give two thumbs up with one hand!

The doc said if it's not uncomfortable and it doesn't impair your motor functions, leave it alone.

Why is that unreasonable?

Bloody tasmanians

But don't break the little finger, it might mess up the results.

On a scale of 1 to incest how webbed are your feet

I feel bad for your shift key.

But the little finger is the big finger.

Why? If it doesn't hurt and OP hasn't complained about it impairing his function, what is there to do about it and why get a second opinion?

What should they do? Cut it in half?

Edit: and why is OP being downvoted for saying their doctor said it's fine to live with? (Went from -1 to +7 now)

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I think he was looking for some kind of explanation rather than a solution.

Not as worst

If MoonMoon was a finger...


But we only care about the big finger.

He will be the only presenter and the only audio will be engine sounds.

The Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment will be 20 minutes of the stig staring at a famous person

Based on the fact your finger isn't unnaturally elongated, only wider than usual my best estimate is that you had some kind of defect in early finger development. When your hands develop an area near where your pinky is, called the Zone of Polarising Activity secretes a morphogenic compound called Shh (stands for sonic hedgehog - No joke!) which diffuses across your hand. Based on the concentrations of Shh (which are greater near the ZPA) different fingers develop.

To complicate things the thumb develops relatively independently from the ZPA, as little Shh reaches it. The little finger is also different as both it and the ring finger arise form the same zone, being instead differentiated by the amount of time they are exposed to morphogenic compounds.

A whole bunch of other regulatory compounds are involved in defining the boundaries of the digits, though we still do not fully understand the whole pathway. Once the digits are defined, they are separated by a process of controlled cell death called apoptosis and then bones, blood vessels etc form within.

At first it looks as though you may have a very mild bifid lunula which is a sign of incomplete polydactlyly (extra fingers) but based on what you said about your other hand having incomplete separation of your ring and pinky I think it to be more likely to be related to that. It is unlikely you had two different defects on two hands (one for more fingers one for less) and more likely it is just one bilateral defect of differing severity.

So ultimately you probably had some minor mutation defect in this pathway. Whether it be in a regulatory compound, the region where apoptosis occurred, a length of expression to Shh or simply a slightly higher expression of it in the ZPA I can't say. But hey, tell us if you develop any superpowers, I hear there's a bald guy in a wheelchair putting a group together.

TL;DR: It was sonic that did it

Edit: Spelling

Edit 2: Removed a line that made me sound like a dick. Please lets focus on the science aspect rather than my personality.

Hey, don't say that! My left head agrees. Bastards.

And I am... A dumbass. Sorry all!

According to another post of yours elsewhere, this may be true.


Not as worst as .

This is the docs way to avoid telling OP that his parents are siblings.

Slavic fucking borscht-blooded cabbage-headed motherfuckers.

I think you are just a few generations away from evolving into a better human, one with two thumbs on each hand. I've always thought it would be better if the pinky was a second thumb. Make sure you (and your children) only reproduce with similarly evolved mutants. Or just reproduce as much as possible and let nature sort it out.

Username checks out.

And no one has ever expressed medical concern about this?

More like 2 in the pink, 1.5 in the stink

Cheeki breeki

And i'm amazing at pinky slap bass

When he pinkie promises he takes the other guys pinkie with him

Did you ever get an xray on it?

I made you a thing.  You're number one! You're number one!

If you're brothers, it's gay with a dash of something fucking else

A pinkie promise with OP means you won't get your pinkie back until you live up to the promise.

That's not exactly the sort of mutation that will get you into Xavier's School for the Gifted

Can we get a pic of that too

I'm so confused

10/10 would watch.

Totally different context when you tell your girlfriend "Just the pinky"

What's so funny, gigglybits?

forget the shift key. he saves two keystrokes when typing the word poop

I got your back, fam.


Fusion Dance OP

radiologist here... would be really interested to see your x-ray

Yeah, but I'd take webbed hands over cancer any day.

It looks like two pinkies fused. You can see how it dips in the center of the nail where the two ends of the individual nails fused. I can't tell if your pinky started multiplying or you grew a extra one and they fused.

I'm pretty sure it's called Syndactyly? The incomplete separation of digits. Not to be confused with Polydactyly where you grow extra digits.

Umm... cyka blayat?

Here is a nice video about it

I believe there's actually a protein responsible for the number of fingers we have called Sonic Hedgehog. Not 100% on how it works in your case but you either have too much of it, or too much inhibitor called Robotnikinin. I am not making this up.

Maybe the first class.

It's not gay if you're brothers

Shut up, Meg.

Why you gotta make me feel things this early man?

Two in the pink, one in the stink.

Two in the pud, one in the mud.

Two in the slit, one in the shit.

Two in the clam, one in the ham.

Two in the beef, one in the reef.

I believe that this is Photoshopped

Hello. My name is almost Inigo Montoya. You almost killed my father. Prepare to almost die.

According to OP's post elsewhere in this comment thread, yes, he was. What once were four now become five.

What is right so much that necessitates such punishment?


My friend has this on his toes. I suggested he get this tattoo:

My friend has this on his toes. I suggested he get this tattoo:

TIL: Do not comment before coffee.

you can rock the most manly pinky rings

I think you're keyboarding wrong...


The Stig will return.

It's the smallest finger so it gets in those tight crannies. I can get my pinky in my nose pretty far.

That's why you use your tongue.