My killcam broke but it made for an interesting highlight.

I kind of wish the PotG was set up with camera views like this now. Or at least the option to change camera angles.

Looks way better this way

Wow that's so cinematic! Looks cool. I wish we could get angles like this in pro tournaments.

Just kinda forgot I had it saved.

I love that camera setup more than the first person view.

Weird that you had this recorded ages ago

Your puns give us Mei mains our strength.

This rarely happens to me. When my killcam breaks it just displays the farthest reaches of the map

Counter Strike has it made. Trails for grenades, free-cam for spectating. OW needs the camera that Valve has for CS

mei mains meins


Yeah that's the issue with watching fps games, it's so hard to get good camera angles for the viewers

I'd say it was Pharah-nuff.

That would help but the nature of counter strike makes it easier to follow action imo since it's more linear

I think victim's perspective could be great fun.

"Oh fuck he almost had me before I popped the ult!" or "lol he never saw me coming".

It would be hilarious for POTG to be from the enemy's perspective!


Dutch angled.

He probably means that cs maps have a lot of frequently used angles and executes, while overwatch has more of a vertices aspect than cs.