My incentive to kill these guys 99% of the time

My incentive to kill these guys 99% of the time

Suspicious for no reason other than being this big old Native American dude in a hooded cloak decked out in a bunch of killing tools walking around in crowded city streets and near important political figures.

No reason at all.

"Hey, Frank."

"Yeah, Jim?"

"Check out that dude."

"What about him?"

"Well, he's got more sharp and pointy things sticking off of him than a fucking porcupine, don't you think we should, I dunno, maybe keep an eye on him? Our boss is a murderous, xenophobic asshole, he probably has people out to get him."

"Jim, don't be fucking racist, that Injunn is obviously just here to sell some pelts or something."

My incentive was because they want to start some shit every time I'm tailing a guy/trying to get a collectible that's up high/just doing some parkour on the rooftops for the hell of it/DOING ANY FUCKING THING BUT RUNNING ON THE GROUND. Seriously, fuck these guys.

Funny thing is, sometimes I'm just there to sell pellts

Guard on roof looking at me as I'm tailing a target

Sleep Dart him

Go out of my way just to kick him to death, even though I'll be long gone before the sleep dart wares off, for no reason other than the fact I can


I'm glad I don't have this game. My wife couldn't handle it, judging from how she feels about Minecraft. If ever she sees a pig or a cow standing near the edge of a cliff or a giant hole, she gets positively bloodthirsty and yells at me to PUSH IT IN. It's weird, she's normally so nice, but something about knocking digital animals off ledges brings out her bloodlust.

I don't get why all of the guards suddenly become suspicious of the tiniest thing just because a mission is going. It's not like the day is any different for them.

Also, why if there are gardens and stuff on the roof, are guards telling me to get down? How do they know I don't own the place?

AC3 was the absolute worst in the series for this. All guards found you suspicious for no reason, it was impossible to do parkour on the roofs because every single one had a guard, and halfway through the game the snow made parkour in the forest impossible.

Never mind...he is sitting on a bench. Guess we had it all wrong about him.

I'm surprised they don't attack you while you're just walking on the ground

In AC3/AC4, it becomes even a greater incentive when you can actually kick the f*** out of their asses off the roof. That'll teach 'em.

That would turn me on immediately. Is that weird?

Strength as in the willpower to resist the temptation.

Something about her saying, "PUSH IT IN"?

Here's a better version for you to use next time OP

I have to disagree. I hated when I was halfway trough a mission and one of these fuckers saw me. Within a half second that desychronization screen was enough to make even the strongest of men punch a hole in the wall.

"Where could he have gone?! There's nothing here but a big pile of hay..."

"He's climbed onto the roof get the fucker"

It always bothers me a tiny bit in these games that I am just willfully killing dozens of random dudes just doing their jobs. Most of the time they didn't even attack me first. In the game, I knew they would, but that's a hell of an assumption to make in reality.

As they fall away from me to crash into the streets below, crowd successfully diverted, I always wonder if they had wives, kids. People that depended on them. They probably only took this job because it was a little step above begging pay-wise, and their buddy Jeremiah was already a Corporal and totally had their back and gave them a killer reference. This guy was just standing around on this roof, told to keep people off because that one important fat dude in the red was in town.

Just doing his menial watchman job. Nobody was even supposed to be on the roofs. Why would they be? Until I came.

I then think back to Jeremiah, whose body was probably the one engrossing the attention of the crowd one street over. Probably a similar story.

I think then again to the family, and their sadness at hearing about this dude's grisly demise. And their sadness about how Uncle Jerry went down in such a similar way.

I mean I still shove a blade right through their face, but I always feel a bit weird right after, like I should have found out who his family was so I could either send them some money

or... you know... make it so they are incapable of sadness.

"Look at him. Standing near other people. Why, he's a model citizen. I am ashamed of us."

I love the games, but that's always been the biggest wtf about them to me.

Series of games about social stealth and blending in to crowds? Better give each one a totally off the hook cool ass costume that completely stands out. I mean for someone supposed to be going incognito, Ezio has the assassin logo as a belt buckle so big it would make a Texan jealous.

No, though that adds to it. Something about the passionate bloodthirst for digital beings is exciting to me...

Holy shit both work.

omg omg omg

was enough to make even the strongest of men punch a hole in the wall.

Don't you mean "even the weakest of men? Or am I just really stupid?

Just finished Black Flag and was having this convo with a mate; Edward might have swag, but Connor easily had the most brutal fighting style.

To be honest, if it were me I'd be one of the guards that chickens out and runs the fuck away

Connor wasn't my favourite assassin, but man was he brutal in combat...

Gotta upgrade that homestead.

gasp That's 4chan talk!

I still consider AC1 to be the best in the series. I loaded it up a few days ago, and it stunned me how it really was ahead of its time. To be fair, guards are a lot more suspicious the more you progress in the game, and it makes a lot of sense to me. First assassinations you're in cities barely protected. Then, Templars become more aware, and position guards on roofs and in the streets, commanding them to be more aware of people acting suspicious. A hooded and full of weaponry guy running on the roofs is suspicious, you can't deny that. Also, the more you progress, more deadly and armor protected guys come in, and avoiding combat is the first thing you have to do to stay alive. As for random NPCs, you have to be aware of only the crazy ones, who are easily recognizable, because they will blow up any kind of mimetism you're trying to put on. Oh, one last thing. Even when there are no monks near you, praying can let you slip through suspicious behaviour. Plan your assassinations, read the files you get when you complete a mission, take your time. Overall, it's a great game, with its learning curve. Have fun.

>Did you mean

>To format your post

>Like this?

I dunno about that, Altair wore all his weapons visibly on the outside of his robes. And would then try and blend in with monks. Ezio might walk around wearing multicoloured ruffs and silks, but he did so in an era wear doing so was normal. Ditto for his sword, he's just some noble. Plus, all those poofy fabrics help hide some of the actually suspicious weapons he has.

I forget which AC it was, but those guys with the spears poking around in hay stacks got me all the time.

In the first game they would if you were running or doing anything else kind of suspicious, and Altair was at least a little inconspicuous. The other guys all stick out like a sore thumb.

Ezio's weapons were way more noticeable than Altair's. And besides, Altair was in an era where carrying a sword was normal. It was the Crusades and all, and being hooded was also normal. The hood was kinda justified for Ezio, but Connor looked way out of place in it.

I know it's brand recognition and all, but hell Aveline got to have a tri-corner hat, why not Connor? I had hoped Ezio was gonna wear a Venetian mask or something before his "Altair but with a cape and a bunch of ruffles" design was revealed. I mean I love the games, but the adherence to the hooded robes kind of stretches my suspension of disbelief. I hadda put Edward in the Shark Hunter outfit because he's not even actually an Assassin and why the hell wold you wear those heavy complicated robes on a ship?

Mmmm dat passion

Exactly this. As the series progresses, it gets less and less justifiable, too. In AC 1, they were all members of the military forces of one side or the other. Part of an army directly controlled by Templars, so it's possible that while they might not be in on the conspiracy, they actively carried out orders that advance it.

In AC2 and the Ezio chronicles, they are city watchmen. Very few of them are actively in on the plot - they're just guards, doing their jobs, following trickle down orders that tell them the Auditore family are traitors, thieves, must be apprehended, danger to the public. Sure, they might know them, think that it's crazy that such nice guys could be like that, but orders are orders.

In AC3, they're Redcoats. Military personnel again, to be sure, but the templars don't completley puppet the military in this time period. Indeed, early on they get some resistance from the redcoats, complaining that they're taking personnel for seemingly frivolous reasons. They're jumpy - there's talk of a revolution, and they want to fight for their country. Connor and his assassins have sided with the "Patriots", which makes them enemy combatants. Nothing personal, and pretty much none of them are in on the great conspiracy.

It's why i always wanted to see a modern version where you play entirely as Desmond, in the modern world. How would people react to Desmond in his white hoodie stabbing up police officers, because they want to stop him pickpocketing and stabbing up the populace?

At the end of the day, you have to remember that any guard you meet in any AC game is more likley to be some tired, slightly scared guy who wants you to get down off the rooftops before you fall and hurt yourself than a diehard templar conspirator

My biggest is there is no crouch button

Well...he did look like the guy on those wanted post...hmmmmm...never mind, I guess I just dreamed that whole wanted poster thing, as there aren't any on the wall since that nice guy on the bench talking to people tore them down.

I'm also on my first playthrough of AC1, and at first I was really trying to be sneaky and stealthy about moving around the map. After a couple of hours I realized it was pointless, said fuck it, and began killing everything on sight. I regret nothing.

Check out the Adewale DLC if you want to return to fucking people up in a most brutal way.

My girlfriend wanted to watch me play through the AC series, we're on Revelations right now. Pretty much every time I kill someone non-essential (roof guard, random guards for guild challenges, etc.) she does this to me. Talking about how he's just earning money to feed his kids, that he lost his wife and they're waiting, wondering when dad's coming home...

I still kill every one I see though. As Yusuf said, "I feel bad about it afterwards."

I have a question about this. I'm playing my first AC game (AC1) at the moment and this is driving me up the wall. I can barely explore the kingdom to collect flags and whatnot without guards losing it or have a mission be interrupted because I had the nerve to climb a damn house. Doesn't help that I get punched/pushed by a random NPC in some areas(lepers?). Are the later games at least better than AC1 in this area?

60% of the time, it works every time.

even if you're


if you have fists selected as your weapons.

that sounded so overly manly, lol

some tired, slightly scared guy who wants you to get down off the rooftops before you fall and hurt yourself

Hey, that guy could fall and hurt himself. Better shoot him

I am playing AC4 and the thing i find myself doing the most is sailing and singing with the crew.

Hi-res version

You're right on Edward's hood. He only actually puts it on when you're in a restricted area. Just running around town, he doesn't bother, so he doesn't look too out of place. He only uses the hood to hide his face when he knows he shouldn't be there.

I'll just leave this here.

I'm currently playing AC3 and it's not that bad.

Not great, granted, but not that bad.

When i heard "the drunken sailor" i started fucking singing with the crew. I play with a headset. My sister asked me what the fuck is wrong with me.


Is it just me, or is this picture really small?

Yep - its the way of the internet. Every time an image gets reposted, it loses some of its pixels due to packet loss, slowly scaling it down with each new post until it becomes too small to repost anymore, and so it is retired into the pixel graveyard, or recycled into an 8-bit game.

You've never played "Thatcher's Creed: Renovations"?

What is this?! A resolution for ants?!

Nah that's actually a good strategy


It is by far the hardest of the series. I would say it is less fun but a lot more challenging. I don't see it as normal for you to be an Assassin and be able to kill dozens of heavily armed soldiers in a couple of minutes. Black Flag is even worse at this. I felt completely immortal all throughout, not to mention when you get the armor that makes you fucking immune to bullets - they no longer interrupt attacks and/or climbing, even! I feel the worst part of the first game was its control scheme and the pathing. The parkour element was tedious instead of fun because the climbing took forever and the game would often make you miss jumps or even worse jump in a very different direction from what you intended. The later games polished that a hell of a lot and made it probably the best element of the game (apart from the beautiful city settings in 2).

These games should really have 'Orphan Counters'

As someone who has played every single AC you are really missing out by not playing number 2.

Ah, Altair was in an era where wearing a sword was normal for the military. Remember that all the cities Altair operated in were under occupation by one side of the other, and therefore on high alert - anyone wandering around without a uniform and carrying weaponry might be an infiltrator, or rebel, and therefore worthy of suspicion.

Ezio however was in Renaissance Italy, and dressed as a nobleman, so it would have been unfashionable and therefore noticable for him not to have carried a sword of some kind. The Venetian mask would look really cool, but perhaps look a little out of place on city streets outside of a masquerade (though no more than his weird hood, I grant you)

I can't comment on Edward wearing the robes. Yeah, that's kind of weird. I haven't played the fourth game (It's arriving on Friday, i'm so excited!), so I don't know that much, but from the promotional materials I've seen it looks like he wears the hood down most of the time?

All stealth games need a crouch button.

You know you can kill them, and pull them into the haystack. The other guards won't notice, and you get a snuggle toy if you get scared.

Yeah, the songs are unbelievably catchy, definitely motivation to catch shanties.

Pretty much, I was always selling beaver pelts. If I saw a beaver it was dead, no question.

Except for climbing the riggings on the boats in AC4. Off course I wanted to plunge to my death on the deck rather than grabbing the HUGE crossbeam right next to my fucking hands! Makes so much sense!

I wish I had a 4K monitor to enjoy this like it's meant to be.

I never got why they were angry at me... I mean is there a law that people can't be on roofs? There are ladders going up there... so why can't I be? Maybe I'm some guy up checking out his own roof, they don't know!

Yes, but GTA protagonists very rarely try and portray themselves as the good guys fighting an evil ancient conspiracy.

... Never seriously, at least.

Can confirm. Am Texan, also jealous.

You mean the grandfather thing? I don't think that's much of a spoiler, they even have the same last name, they would likely be related somehow.

Ur maymay arrows failed

Welp, they removed the lepers, but AC2 has the fucking minstrels who follow you around, and AC3 has the even more maddening (if possible) giggling children getting in your fucking way all the time.

I'd rather punch a leper any day.

All the AC games have it, and they can be annoying, but I would avoid AC3 if it annoys you. Picture every roof having a guard with a rifle that quickly aggros on you.

In most of the games, the guards on roofs are kind of away from each other, so it's possible to travel on roofs.

Just punch the lepers to get them away from you. They removed that in the other games.

Skip ac1 and watch the storyline on YouTube or read the Wikipedia article. You'll do yourself a favor. Start with AC2, the one with ezio auditore. Ac2 is a trilogie with ezio being the protagonist. Ac: revelations was my favorite. Ac1 was great for its time but way too repetitive

Not especially in ACIV. Lots of bushes and cover. It needs a crouch button.

Although that's one of the things that has always pissed me off in AC games... I have to agree that there's never anything about your character that doesn't look suspicious.

That perfectly describes my experience with that game.

I'd plan for a clean, stealthy kill each time, but it always went down the same way. Someone bumps you, blows your cover, and aggros 30 guards who you then kill one at a time until finally reaching your intended target. Either that or I'd perform a spectacular air assassination on a civilian standing next to the guy and then fight off the same 30 guards while my target patiently waited waited for his turn to die.

No, it is in ACII

Started in Brotherhood I think.

Whoa dude

That picture just makes me miss Ezio.

"There's no way he's inside that well, right?"

Dat tomahawk...

true, but there's more elements that bring more frustration compared to the previous games (even though I loved AC3)

killing roof soldiers can sometimes INSTANTLY make you aggro every single soldier on the street too just running close to certain buildings can suddenly aggro soldiers. Granted, they seem to be buildings they're guarding, but still, I'm just running by, not doing anything else.

I murdered every minstrel. It was way worth it to kill them, go bribe a crier, and steal it back.

Running in the general direction of a guard walking on the edge of something really tall, and pushing "ASSASSINATE" will thrust him down. It's fun to be on the top of a fort and hear the "AAAAAAAaaaaaaaahh-*" of the guard you just pushed down a hundred meters to a stony, salty death.


Yeah, actually. Edward only puts up the hood in restricted areas which makes so much more sense to me and I wish Connor had done the same.

The only explanation for any plot holes in the AC series.

You can just pretend he's fussing with his hair I guess. The worst/funniest to me was "James Kidd" telling me I look like a dandy in it.

Finish AC4 and then you'll see, because most of the whole Assassin things only happen later on.

Also you're, uh...playing the grandfather of Connor.

Hey Frank.

Yeah Jim.

Let's go fuck with that injun.

Like in Skyrim, if I see a goat, that fucker's getting FusRoDah'd off the cliff.

Running and hitting the attack button works 99% of the time.

They can notice. It all depends on if they are looking in your direction when you do it.


The running close to buildings really got to me sometimes. I wasn't running near anyone, I was just running past and suddenly I've got 50 guards chasing me for ??? reason.

Though AC3 on the whole was not a game I enjoyed (AC2 was more my cup of tea since I loved stalking people through the streets to assassinate them, plus I felt the Italian architecture was much more visually appealing), those extra bits of frustration made me dislike it all the more.