My Grandpa has played this MMO for over 17 years and its servers shut down this month.

My Grandpa has played this MMO for over 17 years and its servers shut down this month.


One day retirement homes are going to be packed full of old people playing Computer games.

"What will you miss the most?"...... "A time I can call my own"

Fuck man, too real.

"Will you check out any new games?"

"No, everything looks like crap"

He's a real gamer all right.

"Im really happy I was able to twist his arm and get a little video of him playing. My grandpa, Julien, has been playing AC straight for the past 17 years. I don't think it's getting enough attention in the gaming community that the servers are coming to a close.

When I consider how many of his friends still play consistently, my heart breaks. There are retirees, seniors, veterans, mothers and fathers - what an incredibly dedicated group of players. I would have been 8 in 1999 when I started playing AC with him on Leafcull. Back then he used to use his home phone and call everyone long distance when they were questing. Geez some things have changed! Now I imagine everyone on AC on January 31 2017. It's going to be difficult. I figure this hasn't hit him yet.

It's going to be tough on a lot of people. I can't imagine how many senior players will be upgrading their PC's so they can play and learn a newer game? Also not sure if newer players who just found AC realize how many people over 65 they are playing with? Haha, it's an interesting thought.

I'm going to try and introduce WOW to him, I have in the past but he's been so loyal to AC. Do any other players suggest another game for him to try?"

We are heartbroken that my grandpa will be losing Asherons Call.

EDIT: Holy cow this blew up! I'd like to thank everyone for your responses. Gramps is thrilled! We're very appreciative of all the different recommendations we're getting. AC will live on in all of us, thanks for the kind words.

If he moves to WoW, send me a PM...I can introduce him (and welcome him into) our guild which started on Leafcull in 99. We play on Malygos and still have at least 10 of us from the original gang. Lot's of like-minded oldsters playing and still fighting together to pass the time with friends.

The first generation that will beat grandkids at video games mercilessly.

"I don't wanna visit grandpa at the retirement home anymore!"

"Why not, Jimmy?"

"He 360 noscoped me then teabagged me."

My gf's 12 year old son had the nerve to challenge me in Mortal Kombat. I'm 39, my youth was crafted in arcades playing that game for hours. Child please. Made the little shit cry back to his mother.

Flawless victory

I'm 35 and my daughter is 17. Put me up against her in any game neither of us has played and I'm whooping her ass within 10 minutes.

yo is this guy multi-boxing? damn what a beast

He's right too. All the MMOs today have been so heavily influenced by WoW that they bare little resemblance to Asheron's Call, EverQuest 1 or Ultima Online.

The two best MMOs I ever played are Asheron's Call and City of Heroes.

probably because she's the kind of nut that doesn't find making someone finger blast her under the sheets next to her son weird.

"He also told me he just fucked you, mom."

I can resonate with this. I played Warhammer Online for years and I connected with the community in a way that's impossible now. I miss those times and gaming has never been the same since.

Edit: after reading all these remarks about my personal favorite game and recalling how it only last maybe 3-4 years. I can only imagine how this dude felt at 17 years.... so many memories must have been made. Surprised he isn't super upset

"BOOM Headshot! How you like that Dad?"

"Your Mom let me do anal last night..."


"Time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted."

Thats really kind. Thank you so much I will pass it on! :)

I was playing mortal combat with my 13 year old.

I was stomping his ass with every character, he got Pissy, words were exchanged, in his anger he said "I'm gonna smash you into distraction dust asshole!" (he rarely gets to cuss I gave him a pass this time ) and responded, "I fucked your mother!"

He lost it, dropped to the floor and couldn't stop laughing, said it's the first time he has been told that and knew it was true and it was so out of character for me that he was caught completely off guard.

Yeah, this is the first time I've seen someone that old multi-boxing in a guild hahahaha.

You can also be one of the few shit talkers to discuss fucking someones mother and have it be true.

He should really, really get in touch with all his friends and migrate to a game they all decide on.

It would mean less "goodbyes" and pave a way for them to learn something new together.

My guild leader in Everquest would 7-box during raids. He was a 70+ old Canadian man. Loved him

Actually, me playing a game with her son was a huge turn on for her, his dad was a total jerk who left when he was a baby. I ended up playing some Plants v Zombies (PS4) with him which turned her on even more (I ran around as a sunflower healing his suicidal peashooter) and caused her to take my left hand under the blanket on the couch to do some unmentionable things under her dress. Sigh, I miss her. She's my ex now :(

Which is a pity because I was showing her son how to do some serious juggle combos (Mortal Kombat X).

I'm a 57 Y/o grandpa and have been playing EverQuest off and on since 1999 but my kids and grand kids insist on playing WoW. I feel like a failure.

I knew I wasn't the only one thinking this. Lmao

even now we still secretly meet up to have weekend affairs.

I was with you until that. Bruh. Don't be the other guy.

Did your gf share your amusement? Lol

That was WoW for myself and a lot of other gamers. I regret the time wasted but I'll always cherish the friends I made.

Spin the bottle?

let begged


Oldschool Runescape is a game that is consistently growing over the last few years and is known for its relaxing, simplistic design and gameplay. You can play for 1000 hours and still have new content to unlock and explore. There is very challenging content, very relaxing, easy content, and everything in between. There isn't much of a hardware requirement (much less than the others recommended here).

A fairly popular 62-year-old streamer on Twitch named Tony plays this game.

They fight over shit, though. I was dating a girl who was "activities coordinator" at an assisted living home and they added a Wii when they were wildly popular. The old ladies would haul ass to the games room after dinner to get to the controllers, and God forbid if certain ones didn't get there first and had to wait to bowl. They added a second TV and Wii, and it was still a battle, with old ladies showing up late and the other ladies telling them to wait their turn, even though they'd already bowled like five games.

And if you sucked, they'd mock you. Old ladies dogging each other for gutter balls. It was hilarious to watch, but not to them.

Ah CoH. I'll never forgive NCsoft for what they did >:(

We're sisters. I originally shot the video and uploaded it to /sub/asheronscall but because my reddit account is only a day old I couldn't upload onto /sub/videos and we really wanted to. So she did! And she gets alllll the glory haha. :)

Your grandfather is what I hope to be when I'm his age. Simple as that.

Another old dude here. I've been playing a text based MMORPG called Gemstone IV on and off for about 20 years now. I'd be crushed if it shut down. It takes about 4000 hours to get a character to max level. Heavy on role-playing, very light on player killing.

It was super common in Asherons Call.

I played, and LOVED, this game like no other upon it's release when I was 14. I'm 31 now, yet I can still totally relate to this. Multi-boxing was very common, 'botting' was WAY ahead of it's time, as AC allowed home made addons to be run, as well as full prewritten scripts. It killed the game for most, but allowed others to play solo, and for lots... it allowed a love of script writing and macros to flourish in a game.

edit: super baked

But this way, after he finished schooling the punk child, he could jam his fingers under the kids nose, look him directly in the eye and say "toasty."

First up, your Grandpa is awesome. I can't explain it well, but it's crazy to hear someone his age talk the lingo (just words like Leafcull and Darktide) to a game like this this day and age, it's like nostalgia and amazement at once.

I don't know your grandpa but I'd be willing to wager he's not really looking for a replacement. Generally people who play the same game for 17 years don't consider themselves gamers, they view that game as a hobby unto itself.

To those who watched the video and may not understand when he said that one character had 3months+ game time he meant 3 real-world months. Like he played that one character actively for 24x7x4x3 = 2,016+ hours. And that's just one of his 80 characters.

Also I'd be remiss to not mention that my username, VictimOfOg, is even a reference to Darktide the pvp server. Og being a bit of a legend in the early days when like the game was very different. You can read a little bit about that here if you're interested.

Grandpa, tell us why there's a roll of toilet paper next to the computer. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The good nursing/retirement homes are already encouraging their patients to get into gaming (and have been for 10+ years). It's pretty much the perfect activity for many of them, especially those that are wheelchair bound. Keeps the mind active and slows the loss of hand eye coordination.

"Time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted"

You're a great dad. Honestly, he's gonna remember that forever, and it'll make him laugh every time.


Something like that happened to me with my friends kids. He has a X1 and was playing Killer Instinct while we were waiting for the football game to start when I asked to play since I still play my 360 and am waiting for scorpio. Needless to say I didn't know any combos with anyone so I just stuck with Saberwulf and tried to spam/learn as quick as possible when something unbelievable happened this little shit starts trash talking me. He starts calling me bad and laughing while he's like comboing me multiple times and does like I guess a stage fatality or some shit because that wasn't a regular ultra combo at the end there. Football starts and we finish up and he's gloating saying he took it easy on me and shit like that while laughing and smiling to his mom.

I decide to ask him for a rematch to which he agreed and I set it up with his dad to come over this past Saturday for the next football games. This time though I brought my super nintendo with my black KI cartridge and my second controller. I didn't let that fucker out of the corner and just jago'd the shit out of his ass to the point he goes literally crying to his mom saying he doesn't want to play. Entire football game he didn't even look at me lol and I went home listening to Killer Cuts after that....then I realized I just bullied a kid and laughed some more.

Jesus, that's insane. I wish to play videogames when I'm still 70 at that level.

HOLY SHIT OP. THIS SENT SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE! Please don't let me get buried for being late! (I barely post!)

I played Asheron's Call, on Leafcull. You grandfather may have known me as Aesthetic when I was younger around 2000~(sorry, if you PVP'd/ were Red, that honestly may have been me that sent him home nekkid from the Lifestone if he was in Ayan I believe), or perhaps Forgotten II within the past few years of end game raiding (I was one of the few that made it through the Rynthid area with Baneo and the others, my character's picture is at the bottom of the Wiki.

I've always wondered what the community of Asheron's Call was made of, and this gave me a little insight. I remember having to login via MSN in the old days until they actually even developed a proper launcher for the game. Thank you, just for this reminder of how simple, yet happy Asheron's Call can be described as. It was a home away from home, a simple, yet comfortable place you could spend time and honestly not regret a single moment of gameplay. I remember the tapers, the scarabs, laying down for mana regen... Oh man, a part of my childhood was just shattered. Thank you guys (as it says in the video, you all played Leafcull) for some amazing times we may have shared, whether in global events or dungeons/questing.... Thank you Turbine Games for keeping such a hidden gem up for so long as well.

Asheron's Call, for those unitiated,was a severely underrated MMORPG that had custom housing, allegiance, and free-form development of a character, unlike any of the new "Cookie Cutter" gametypes you have today. You could be an archer and a mage, a melee and a healer, or just a buffbot. You could be any combination of specializations you wanted. I've never experienced any gametype like it, nothing anywhere near as massive in regards to how big it always felt, even running the same quests always felt rewarding, and I've played EVE for crying out loud. Asheron's Call was a massive part of my life I'm sad to see go. If I had more time, I would've absolutely stayed and played until the servers went down.

TL;DR- To know Asheron's Call is not fully forgotten is absolutely heartwarming. To everyone in Leafcull, Forgotten II will miss you all. To your grandpa and everyone else in A.C., thank you for giving me a place to call home and friendly players always willing to help out ANY player that stepped foot on the server. Game on, Grandpa. Game on.

Re: toilet paper

Totally noticed the toilet paper after I uploaded it. Thought it was weird, lol... But my grandpa has lung cancer so I assume it's for all of his coughing and sneezing.

At this point, technology is so user friendly, people don't have to know how it works, just how to do whatever they're doing. How many people do you know can build or fix or even correctly diagnose a car problem, versus how many people you know drive.

"I love college, I love drinking. I love women, I love college."

Asher Roth, muse of our generation.

God damnit. I'm supposed to care for old people with Parkinson's, not laugh at their imaginary gaming plights.

Thistledown represent! My boyfriend (now husband) and I played this for years. It was cheaper to log online and talk than it was to call each other long distance.

I remember defending the shard.

It's a sad day.

Edit: I still have my Wi Flagged mug. It's faded, but I still use it.

We're both too old for that game, silly.

Oh look at the rich guy with his free time and disposable income

Someone did a study of average technical knowledge and they found it kind of spiked in Millennials and now is in a decline. I'm kind of worried it's going to be the people in the retirement homes fixing their clueless grandkids computers in the future.

This guys taunts

"I don't want to get scammed by that Gabe guy"

San Junipero

Ahhh CoH and CoV... many lots weeks/months there... R.I.P. Colonel Sanders my CoH faithful Super fire breathing chicken, and SoundDoc... my CoV bot mastermind... many warshades, widows, peacebringers and others... Never got addicted to a game like that before or since lol...

I don't know much about MMOs but maybe there are other, unofficial servers?

Update us on his gaming situation please! I'd love to hear if he enjoys that WoW guild :)

Science-based dragon mmorpg with breeding???

This is the best advice I scrolled across. When you have your posse, any game can be a fun learning experience.

Old ladies at nursing homes are some of the cattiest people i've ever been around. There was this one fiery redhead in her 90's at my grandmothers facility, she was so damn sassy. One time they gave the patients some stupidly hard ginger snaps, and this lady wheeled around the lunch room in a furor demanding an explanation from everyone she saw on "how do you eat this?!?". I had to excuse myself from the room before I passed out from laughter.

Yeah dude I wanna become the Yoda of video games.

We need an MMO with anatomically correct dragons.

Why didn't it work out?

.. it was a standing teabag.

I'm emotionally scarred."

You and me both.

And your mom will always remember all of us.

This is incredibly weird to me, because I was one of the orignal dev's on asheron's call, I helped start development on this with a few other college kids in our dorm rooms. What a blast from the past!

Your grandpa has a sweet gaming rig, btw. Multiboxing FTW. one of the many things that we never expected. Along with games doing in-game microtransactions, we totally slept on that. But i think it made the game much more pure. And allowed for an underground economy. I recall at one point an asheron's call account sold on ebay for a record amount- of course eve online probably smashed all those records and probably something newer now. But we were a pretty anarcho-capitolist DIY bunch and I for one was amused to see our shit being sold on ebay for real money. I'm sure the business guys learned some lessons.

This just made me realize that I am actually 40.

I remember being so stoked for that game. A lot of friends played the tabletop but my family was way too poor so I would hangout with them at the game store and watch them play. I was so excited to be able to participate in some Warhammer time with them


Shut up, kiddo, I fucked your grandmother.

Keemstar is a cunt.


a text based MMORPG

Back in my day, we called those MUDs.

He learned the counter method...

Never even played that, all I remember was playing Burning Crusade and one day finding out I was the hunter officer because I made a macro where I just pressed one button over and over again before binding it to my mousewheel that put me at the top of all hunters in the guild.

When asked to spread how I kept getting high DPS I gave them faulty macros that wouldn't synch up as good as mine because once you had the final product you just had to make minor adjustments any time you got a new weapon speed on your ranged weapon and I half assumed they'd figure it out and half wanted them to never figure it out.

Edit: Can't even call me an asshole, Warlocks could sac their pets and just cast shadowbolt over and over again and reach parity.

Ugh I work IT, for the love of G-d people! Fucking GOOGLE your problem! That's all I'm going to be doing when you call me.

Wait my grandpa beat me mercilessly...oh at video games. never mind :(

As far as I know, its playing multiple characters at once.

When my grandparents were in the county home my absolute favorite person was Rosie. Rosie was like a hundred fucking years old, wheelchair bound, and so shrunken from arthritis and age she looked like something out of the Jim Henson Creature Shop.

Rosie had been a long-haul trucker in her earlier life and I swear to God, she drove that chair around the halls like she was eighteen hours late getting into Reno with a load of frozen foods. She even had an air horn on the thing. She also swore like a fucking sailor.

Old women, man, they're incredible.

Multiboxing was actually very common back in Asherons Call days. Gramps has got a sick set up for sure. He's also very familiar with rigging macros and add ons. Im always impressed.

That's how I played battle for middle Earth with others.

You should at least give it a try, when I was stuck on Diablo II and other random MMOs I didn't want to play WoW, even though a bunch of my friends kept asking me to, I always thought it looked childish and cartoony and didn't want to try it. When I started playing, after getting to maximum level for the first time, the game blew my mind, I am still playing today and I wouldn't be if it wasn't for that "ok, I'll pickup the free to play version and give it a try, see if I like it".

Yeah I know. Just wanted people to know what I was talking about. Did my time in Telearena on a BBS

Yeah, oldschool runescape really has something for everyone. I can already see the man botting, it will be great!

To be honest, there's some good lessons in there for that kid if he choses to reflect on them. 1. There is always someone better 2. Even if you think you are the best in one field, there will be a separate specialty in that field that you have a weakness to. MOST IMPORTANTLY 3. YOU CAN'T ALWAYS WIN! Well that's how I'd spin it to his mum anyway!

Seeing old people play video games brings a certain warmth to my heart unlike any other goddamn sensation on this earth.

As opposed to coca cola and cigarettes?

Shut the servers down and refuse to sell the rights to start them back up to any other company :/

Thanks, he's an amazing dude. He's always been very up-to-date with technology and the multi boxing set up he's got has kept him sharp. Hopefully gramps will pick up another game in the near future!

I don't think it's getting enough attention in the gaming community that the servers are coming to a close.

Damn straight! AC came out right around the time of Everquest, when MMO's were a very very new genre. Before every game became EQ clones (which led to WoW, which led to WoW clones), there was just Ultima Online, Everquest, and Asheron's Call.

Asheron's Call was simply an amazing game. The game world, Dereth, was absolutely beautiful (yes, despite the graphics that weren't even good when the game was released). There were no zones (outside, at least). That meant that the game wasn't linear; you didn't just go from newbie zone to beginner zone to intermediate zone to adept zone and so forth. There were no quests telling you where to go, or what to do. You just figured it out on your own. You might be out running from point A to point B and notice a purple dot on your minimap, indicating a portal nearby, so you'd check it out and find yourself in a little dungeon. There might be nothing of note in this dungeon, no lore, no good monster density for grinding experience, nothing. But the fact that it was there made the world feel more complete; like not everything was tailored for the purpose of players leveling up and attaining better gear.

I could go on and on and on about this game. I didn't play religiously; in fact it wasn't even my most played MMO. But my fondest gaming memories all took place in the world of Asheron's Call. It's a damn shame it never picked up like the others. I'm legitimately sad that I can't remember my login details and will never get to play this game again. Hopefully some dedicated fans will be able to launch some player run servers, but I don't have a lot of hope for that.

I've been looking for a game like CoH for a long time. The customization was miles ahead at the time, sitting in paragon city just doing goofy shit. Ahhh those were the days.

I understand that he's just sad/depressed that the game is shutting down, so he's obviously going to be hesitant at the idea of another game filling that void. But I really really hope in a few months he finds another MMO that he loves and can throw himself into. Starting a new MMO is one of the most energizing feelings a person can have with gaming so it'd be sad to think he never lets himself have that again.

That is so fucked up. What an asshole.

3 main reasons

1: we were in different stages of life, I wanted to settle down and start a family while she had the only child she wanted and was looking forward to getting a job where she could travel the world.

2: we lived 4 hours away which meant we could only see each other 1-2 times per month with our conflicting schedules which made a relationship really hard to maintain.

3: she found a guy whose job involved constant travel, didn't want kids and lived in her city.

The shitty thing is that I know she loves me. She's said as much and even now we still secretly meet up to have weekend affairs. It's a weird relationship/friendship.

ops grandpa may like ESO. its more similiar to AC than others. or maybe he can get into dark age of camelot. they still rock servers.


I need this to happen.

Maximum security prison's have better communities than LoL.

Yeah, Keemstar was told that the guy was a pedophile based on an image comparison of the guy and who they thought he was. Turns out the guys didn't really look alike and that's all they had on him. Keemstar took that claim with a lot of salt, he didn't research it just assumed his "team" did it deeply for him. Ended up raiding his stream and calling him names and more, ruining a lot of what he had going for awhile and making the guy burst into tears because he didn't understand why he was being called a pedophile or why all these people were attacking him. Shit, to prove he wasn't the pedophile they were on about he showed his ID, so now his full name is out there. Keemstar called bullshit on that too.

Later, Keemstar discovers the mistake the guys who gave him the info made and gets really mad (either because he feels bad, or because he wants to save face, I feel it's a bit of both) and gets his own stream to go try to fix it while he tries to get in contact with him. Guy starts getting a lot of support, then later bursts into tears because everyone was being extremely nice to him due to this mistake. Keemstar tried to give him $1,000 to fix it but the guy didn't take it, didn't want any more of it.

He may be looking for a replacement game so that he and his friends can keep that social aspect of their life though. That's a real thing.

Hopefully Roy will be ready by then.

You haven't played the WVA NC17 version.

I played some Halo with my cousin's kids thinking I was going to murk them because they were just ten years old but I got wrecked pretty hard. (My excuse is that I don't play console fps games) I then watched them go online and destroy people in Call of Duty. It was just kill, teabag, kill, teabag, kill, teabag. I grew up gaming, but kids learn really fast. I don't even understand games like Lol would probably get wrecked by a bunch of kids.

dick sniffles

Someone please tell us scrubs wtf AC stands for

Console FPS are weird to pick up as a pc only gamer. They have auto aimbot assist and weird turning radiuses. I own friends hard on pc only, but lose just as hard on xbox. Theyre different skill sets.

You have the game sense of where to be and what to do, but you don't know how to use the xbox controller as well as they do, that takes dozens of hours to pickup.

Your mom begged me do anal?

I was expecting jumper cables... Still not disappointed

i remember that streamer.

there was someone accusing him of horrible stuff a few months ago, he was "raided" by the followers of that someone and eventually started crying. when people found out that these where all lie he even stated that he forgave the liar.

the stream these days was quite moving even if i'm not into runescape it's good to see that he now have a lot of followers