my girlfriend and I repainted these Nerf Star Wars blasters from their original nerf colors. let me know what you think!

my girlfriend and I repainted these Nerf Star Wars blasters from their original nerf colors. let me know what you think!
In case (like me) anyone else was looking for a comparison with the standard Nerf versions and real Star Wars blasters, I made one.

In case (like me) anyone else was looking for a comparison with the standard Nerf versions and real Star Wars blasters, I made one.

Great stuff!

Just remember though, without the orange coloring around the barrels, you need to be aware of where you whip these out, as that color around the barrel tells a cop or passerby "THIS IS A TOY GUN. I AM NOT ABOUT TO MURDER ANYONE". While closer inspection reveals them to be toy star wars guns, a trigger or phone-happy inspector (or someone looking on from a distance) may panic or react before doing so.

Its not illegal to remove the orange coloring from a toy gun (usually). Just be careful.

I think he meant the nerf shape, not the repaint job.

Kid got shot in my town for stepping out of his vehicle with the door handle in his hand. It had snapped off and the officer shot him twice in the chest :/

My man!

Cool. Nice work!

The Rey blaster is really bad. But, I think the DL44 isn't bad (from a distance) for a cheap nerf blaster. I definitely want to pick one up and repaint it like OP.

EDIT: OP's repaints are excellent! I'm talking about the nerf shape. The Rey blaster silhouette is pretty different than the prop.

These are toys designed to shoot nerf darts, not be screen-accurate movie props. Functionality of the toy comes first.

Yeah man, Tamir Rice was murdered for less than that. OP is likely an adult so won't make the same mistake, but be careful not to let a kid play with it in a public place.

They look really great!

At first, I barely noticed the differences in shape, because your paint job looks so spot on. Really nice job :)

I'd really love to do something like this actually. You may have inspired me.

Lookin' good.

Nice work, nerf herder!

What the fuck, that's so terrible.

Nerf....replica....I think your expectations might be a tad high.

To be fair, a cop probably isn't going to say "Oh, it's got an orange tip, I'll just ignore it" if you whip out anything gun-like around them.

Hungry for apples?

Dude come on, im not trying to jump on the anti cop circlejerk but that situation sounds kind of fucked. Yeah it could've reassembled a gun, but this cop put two rounds in his chest BEFORE he had a second to see if it actually was? How does someone holding a door handle resemble a gunman?

Hope you're not black teenagers... if so, watch out for the police.


Protip: If you are about to murder some people, paint your gun tips orange

Particularly as Han's blaster is actually made from a real gun the Mauser C96.

I want to read more about this case but couldn't find it with a quick google search (It's frightening how many different cases come up when googling 'kid mistakenly shot by police').

Any more info you could provide? Kids name, town, timeframe?

Great paint job, but now that I see the comparison pics it looks like Nerf got the length of the barrel of Rey's blaster pretty dramatically wrong. Han's has the same problem, but to a lesser degree.

Rick and Morty quote

You never shoot for any reason other than to kill.

Get schwifty!!


It's been done. I don't have the article, but I read a while back that there had been an issue with gang members and other less-than-honorable individuals painting the ends of real guns orange or red to look like toy guns.

Come to think of it, I think I saw even more recently that someone had disassembled a Nerf gun and modified it to fit a real gun inside the casing.

EDIT: For the latter case, the example was a Super Soaker and the threat was apparently exaggerated. It still probably wouldn't be a good idea to point one at a cop.

The barrel just needs to be a little longer and the extra part by the hammer and below the base need to be removed

Gimme a minute and I'll see what I can dig up.

Edit: around 25 years ago in Tennessee. Don't know the exact county, but should be around Washington County.

Shit on the floor!

Like a pocket protector?

it was really fun, and relatively easy and cheap. you should do it!

Don't take them outside.

And what do I need to do to signify that "THIS IS A TOY GUN, BUT I AM ABOUT TO MURDER SOMEONE"?


The extra part on the hammer is needed for the slide and the part on the bottom is for nerd attachments

Yeah, Google reveals loads of pictures of real weapons made up to look like toys. Most cops aren't willing to get shot to find out.

Really? I love her blaster, it is one of my favorite wholly-new TFA designs, along with her speeder.

I suspect that yelling "This is a toy gun, but I'm about to murder someone" would be a good start.

Doesn't have to be a gun.

I don't suppose to know the circumstances, but if this was a routine traffic stop someone opening the door with enough force to break the handle off, then holding the handle (which could easily be mistaken for a knife) is certainly threatening.

what about in a tetrathlon

Which, as we all know, makes for a very practical and balanced carry gun and is popular among criminals.

EDIT: DAE forget it's not the 20's anymore? Fuck I'm old!