My girlfriend acts like a little girl.

My girlfriend acts like a little girl.

She is 20, almost 21, and we have been together for over four years. She is likes to talk about fairies and princesses and has this intense love for all things "cute and chubby" as she puts it, meaning adorably pudgy dogs and bunnies and the like. She loves to tell bedtime stories before we go to sleep, which usually either center around fairies, princesses, or horses. She is obsessed with horses, but without a real desire to own one.

It's the cutest thing in the world. I can't wait for us to get married in a little over a week. I hope she never grows up.

Haha, I didn't expect that ending.

:-) Take her to DisneyWorld and book her in for the Princess make-over.

Expecting something more along the lines of, "...and I'm sick of it." but I'm happier with the real ending.

Your wife will make an excellent mother.

Her mind would blow up. Even as a grown man I could see the magic there

She certainly will! I wish we were independently wealthy. We'd have at least a million children by now.

She has much younger sisters that she helped raise. She has the ability to age for her audience. It's not like she's autistic or something.

We were planning our wedding for Spring of 2016. I've known since 10/10/10, when we started dating when I was 15, that she was the one. We found out recently that she will not be able to complete her associates degree, one of my conditions for our life together, unless we get married so she can continue to get financial aid. Her parents make too much, won't help because they dislike me and are very selfish and we simply can't afford to pay out of pocket. We just moved up our date. If we didn't, she'd be waiting until 2018 to pick back up on her degree. It just didn't make sense to us to do that. After 4 years, I don't think it's quite rushing things. We are stilling having our big wedding in 2016, but we are getting legally married a week from Wednesday.

Edit: Guys, don't downvote /u/msscandinavia, she asked a legitimate question and I responded explaining it. To most people, 20 is awfully young to get married in the West.

That's pretty much every single /sub/offmychest post, it's always a predictable positive twist. "I really hate my girlfriend... for making me love her so much!" and everyone aww's. Personally I think the sub should focus more on supporting people getting actual problems off their chest.

In terms of personal success posts, I think they're great. You might not have anyone to talk to about it hence its on your chest. But in this case I don't know, it seems kind of pointless? At least relatively insignificant.

thought this way going to end on a bad note :) cute, congrats on the wedding!

Cute:) But why the rush to marry? Just asking....

Princess make-over are now restricted to the 12 and under set, unfortunately. It's a new-ish change, so not everyone's aware of it.

On the other hand, Disneybounding - dressing up in clothes reminiscent of the characters - is a heck of a lot of fun. And there's no age limit on meet-and-greets!

Didn't expect that ending :D I'm happy for you guys that you have found each others. Best wishes for the future! ^___^

I told her she NEEDS to write children's books.

Living with her abusive father, living on our on, struggling to make ends meet and care for our pets while working and being full time students and trying to maintain a social life, having my mother almost die and quickly become physically disabled in a very short time... I think we've had a dose of real life.

If you ever want to give her some fairy clothes, that's basically my favorite style to make! Let me know!

And thanks for the smile :)

Ninja edit- fairy clothes to wear, not clothing for teeny fairies

Yeah, agreed. Was this really weighing OP down so hard that he needed to get it off his chest? No, probably not. This sub is definitely straying from /sub/offmychest to /r/postwhateverthefuckyouwant

Different Strokes for Different Folks, but I prefer my women to be women. I hope you have a different experience, but my old college girlfriend was like this (liked cute and cuddly things and lived in an extended childhood). I ended up having to play daddy in some not very fun ways.

My wife of nearly 16 years is the type of woman to mow the yard when it needs mowing and I can't do it. She'll tell me I'm being full of shit when I'm full of shit, and she makes sure we stay on target. I'm not saying you can't have both, but make sure she has some backbone for when it will really counts if you are going to marry her.

it doesn't matter. i don't know how an adult tolerates that. i couldn't.

i've been with a woman who did that and it drove me absolutely insane.

and i've known other adults who feel like you do.

but for me, this is kind of like explaining red to a blind person.

...until her kids are 11 and don't want to be treated like babies anymore.

As a grown man I am in touch with my inner child. Been to Diz lots. Go for it.

Good to hear. Nothing infuriates me more than seeing an adult treat children like there's nothing in the world but gumdrops and fairytales. When she wasn't beating or berating me, my own mother acted like I never got past three years old and still believed in the tooth fairy.

Thanks for the answer:) My mom got married at 18, so they could move in together (religious). 40 years later, they are as happy as ever. So it can definitely work out. Also several younger family members met as teens, got married and are still married 39-13-8 years later.

I also got married young at 21, but that did not work out. I now regret rushing because I got married for the wrong reasons. I guess my personal alarm bells go off when I see 20 yr old getting married;)

Thanks again for your answer - it definitely makes sense:)!

My ex-wife had a make-over (Florida I think) whilst I took pics of her. I wept when I made up the video sequence. She was beautiful and she loved it.

I'm not sure about Disneybounding because of child protection issues. I though that was banned for adults for normal opening but we went to Hallowe'en dress-up nights at Disneyland Paris a few times.

My ex-wife would be the character she chose and I was her male lead. I remember getting off the Eurostar train, walking up to the hotel, changing immediately into character and going straight out for our booked meal. Wifey was Mulan complete with a Mushu bag I had made from a de-stuffed softie and I went as Shang with a big red cloak and top-knot wig. I remember the server doing a double take at the buffet.

Later Shan Yu posed with her and gave her an autograph which is a rare thing because he is a meanie but she just looked so good he couldn't not respond.

The next night she was Tinkerbell and all the old men said, "Hi" to her, as I told her they would and I was a pirate. (I like being characters with swords). And we enjoyed roller coasters in the dark and being the last people in Small World.

Anyway the point of the reminiscing? Indulge your inner child. Even though the marriage never worked out those Disney memories are still precious to me.

Maybe she's a little :)

Sadly, I do not possess a ball pit for her to play with.

I may have been misled by the title, I thought it was something bad. congrats on your day!


I too, love all things cute and chubby.

She makes them up. And that's the goal.


it works for you. i don't have to understand it. enjoy.


Dating from ~16-20 isn't quite the same as dating for 4 years as an adult.

damn dude ... you are a much more patient man than i

My experience is yes, it is. I found it magical and can't wait to go back (I've been to Disneyworld twice and Disneyland twice).

I'm not a guy, so that may be a part of it haha. :)

She is a woman. She just enjoys life in a less than conventional way.

Actually, it's turning into /r/praise_me_for_liking_that_thing_you_didnt_expect_me_to_like

My wife wants go to there but I'm pretty cynical. Is it that happy of a place?

Little pride!

My husband was resistant at first, but going to Disney had been a lifelong dream of mine. So, one spring when we were visiting relatives on the Gulf Coast, he decided we could swing back through Florida and visit Disney with the kids.

Then a couple years later, we went again.

And then a couple years after that, he had a work conference at Disney that put us up at the Beach Club, and that was it. He booked a proper vacation just a month later, and we stayed onsite.

He'll tell anyone who asks that Disney is his "happy place". He commented this morning that Disney is now his "vacation currency" - every possible trip we could ever take is now measured against a Disney vacation. The Bahamas? Not as good as Disney. Switzerland? He'd pass up on Disney once, to visit Switzerland.

We don't take the kids any more, since one's grown up and the other's getting there. We just go for a week, the two of us, and forget all our worries.

All of which is to say... Yes, it's that happy of a place. Be careful! :-D

I think you're pretty justified. This post and responses is just a little too upbeat for me to believe that they live in a fairy tale. They are still incredibly young. I mean... OP's wife can't even drink legally... (assuming U.S.) I think it's entirely possible to be enthralled with this sort of cutesy stuff now and grow extremely weary of it as one matures. Just trying to be rational... not cynical.

Even the humor in this post is under the assumption that most people would find this extremely immature and annoying. To me, that says that OP already sort of resents some of these qualities... (If I post this with this happy go-lucky mentality lots of people will convince me that its ok!), and I could see it being picked early on as a "go-to" critique in an argument. And as per your point, it'll likely be an argument about responsibility/reality. Romanticism is nice, but if you build your relationship around fantasies, expect to encounter difficulties when reality strikes.

All that said, it's entirely likely that I could be off base. Good on OP for finding someone, I hope it all works out.

You are a disgusting human being.

It doesn't, but a lot of change happens post secondary education. They very well may be totally different people once real life hits them.

To each their own, then, I guess.

That would be an amazing job for her i think.

from /r/standupshots

from /sub/standupshots

Then cool. I am glad for you. BTW, I'm not trying to "shit all over other people's stories." It is just like warning someone about falling asleep on a railroad track as you see them doze off on said track.

Fat cats.

im so sorry, but I read that as ""

Horse girls man, I tend to steer away from those.

Edit: I don't mean for this to be mean. It's cool that you found each other.

She wants like two. I want a lot of kids, so we've agreed on 3. And we intend to adopt older kids and have a baby.

Why? She isn't a child. She isn't stuck in a perpetual childlike state. She has a quirk that I love that has nothing to do with our sex life.

Do you have a store? I wanna hear more please!

Totally makes sense. My mom is still really nervous about it and she married my dad and 21 and they're still together almost 40 years later.