My Gatorade looks like a Health Potion.

My Gatorade looks like a Health Potion.

"You are carrying too much."

throws cheese wheel at television

It is definitely an item you need to pick up.

Does anyone carry food for HP? I mean really?

I just steal the food for when i run out of potions. I also have realistic needs installed, so I need food periodically.

+900 hp

People need to eat bro. Potions are no substitute for a juicy steak.

Gatorade QuantumTM

hydration points

When you're hung over it is!

OP you dirty liar. That's clearly a stamina potion. Useless. Sell it.

My one and true Estus


Upvote for bro


I figured there was some reality mod component out there. But, in a world where potions are easily made from herbs and shrubs, why is there still livestock?


Fire Resistance


Its a good thing you Trade Marked that. Because I was going to if you didnt.

Pedialyte is the GOAT hangover cure

It what plants crave



Just make sure you don't EVER use it. Save it for a special occasion that'll probably never come.

A two day combo even.

edit: posted the thathappened debunk link instead of the original on /sub/unexpected

Wouldn't the red mean its Gatorade Victory

This gave me a good laugh. Thank you.

You can't handle my potions

You know, to be honest, i cant remember if it was or not, this was last week, I do freeze them occassionally though so it could have been.

Welcome to Costco, I love you.


I love putting a flashlight under the blue gatorades so they look like the NukaCola Quantums


Much like it does in real life

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The honesty in this answer actually made my day. You seem like a good person, I hope you have a great week this week.

Thanks USMC.

I usually give the benefit of the doubt, but that was absolutely my first thought, too.

Water? What like from a toilet?

Playing Fallout, totally. Any other game, no

Is this frozen? Not trying to be a buzzkilll, it still looks great; just wondering

This guy fallout's

Looks like your Estus Flask is full.

The logo positioning was a dead giveaway.

Calling it a "health potion" seems like it was designed by a bunch of boardroom members thinking "what do internet nerds like?". "Oh, wizards and potions of course!"

I had to scroll too far down to find this

But what if he needs it later on? For the final boss or something? Better keep it just in case

You obviously haven't played Breath of the Wild.

Potion seller! I require your STRONGEST potions!

If you cook the food its much better. Raw beef is like 2 health, but cooked beef is 10 health i think. Also garlic bread cures all diseases.

This is the SECOND Gatorade post to hit the front page this week. Obvious advertising is obvious.

This sub has had a ton of brand name related posts in recent weeks.

I do. In Skyrim, I try to conserve my potions. Even though all the food I can carry will only refill my health bar once, it's nice to not use up my Potion of Ultimate Healing. Also I only use restoration magic when I finish a fight, so food helps during a battle.

I recall some story (sorry, can't remember much of anything about it) where the character is healed by some kind of magic or potion while starving, but the starvation continues. The person is still ravaged by hunger, still weak, etc -- all the potions do is mend the damage caused by starvation, but not the starvation itself.

Maybe that's the excuse for it.

This was the quickest I've ever been convinced to buy two items.

Op is clearly a stealth mage. He will one shot the boss from directly under it's taint.

Bro-party crasher!

It's rediculous. Cheese sauce: increase max health for 5,256 points for two hours.

I mean goddamn, imagine if that were real life. Dudes going to 7/11 could punch out city busses.


Eats cheese wheel

The sincere appreciation for OP's simple display of honesty made my day. You seem like a pleasant soul, and deserve all the good fortune the universe bestows on you.

I don't want to see m' work squandered!

Uhhh it says on the chart that your shit's fuck up and you talk like a fag.


Amazing chest ahead

Always invite doc to the parties, convince him to acquire banana bags and give you an iv the next day.

Bearer seek seek lest


That was a plot point in the post-apocalyptic future world of Chrono Trigger, that what you're thinking of?

Every item in my inventory under 2 count

This guy apostrophize's.

Your house looks so cozy.

Brought to you by Carl's Jr™

beats the game without ever using it

Fuck off, OP you fucking shill

I get +1400 with my artifact

Tight spot ahead

Fuck you too

Be wary of horse

2 Gatorade post on the front page as well.

Try tongue but hole

And yet I got blasted for calling out the post yesterday..

:: humming cooking noise ::

QuantumTM would be blue. It's actually Gatorade VictoryTM

Try tongue but hole

Me and a medic buddy did this to each other. 10/10 best hangover ever. Gone in 30 minutes and learned how to administer an IV.

I was going to call bullshit to your comment, but look at the light that casually imitates the Gatorade logo, difficult to not agree with you

It alleviates the annoying symptoms like nausea and that ''bad feeling'' overall then it proceeds to get you hungry and thirsty for some munchies which will undoubtely help the hangover pass

Powder is pretty cheap. Last St. Patrick's day they were throwing packets into the crowd from the parade. Came in clutch the next day.

I'll going into battle!

an undead favourite

Eating and sleeping are basically the only two normal ways (that excludes Mipha's Grace and heart containers) to get hearts in the game. There aren't any hearts to be gotten by cutting the grass. Actually a normal heart (the kind that could be gotten by cutting grass in past Zelda games) does not exist in Breath of the Wild.

Thank you. Its deceiving. I have kids and a stubborn dog.

My potions are to strong for you traveler. You can't handle MY potions.

But how does marijuana help with dehydration?

True, I have not.

uses a potion that heals 10 HP and feels guilty about it for the rest of the game


And the logo placement, no other logos in the picture, perfectly Central bottle, closed windows in the middle of the day, but Casually the only one that makes the logo effect is open? Who does that?. I miss the old times, where everything was more subliminal

thank you for beating me to it, reddit front page is basically this

Dead Rising?

.... the implication is that marijuana is the GOAT hangover cure....?

I spy nug jug!

Food in elder scrolls online is damn good.

Plus 3 to marketing

Plus 5 to virality.

Enchanted so that label always faces the viewer.

Get the popsicle variety.

You're welcome.

Only if he's a legit doc. Plenty of shore command first term babies that wanna be docs and haven't done shit, don't know what they're doing, and will only cause problems.

Find yourself a real doc.