My friends puppy makes me want to be a better person.

My friends puppy makes me want to be a better person.

This is the only time I've been happy to get one of those trending notifications.

The ball is the size of his head!

This is the only trending notification I've ever taken the time to check. Did not disappoint

The dog is the size of a tennis court!

I really really really really like this image.

Notification says puppy?! Yes- I will check.

No take. Only throw.

Puppies will do that to you.

Omg!!! Those puppy paws!!!!


Take notes, Reddit. The goodboyes will have us flocking back.

Yup, only here cause of the notification. Although I was already on Reddit at the time.

It's nice to get one that isn't "DID YOU HEAR TRUMP WAS GOLFING AGAIN!?!?"

When my sister's dog was a puppy he would squeeze under her coffee table then get upset that his tennis ball wouldn't fit under there with him.

Awww....I want this puppy so bad. I want a puppy for my daughter to grow up with. Is that cheesy? I mean other than the fact I used the word cheesy lol

Not at all. Kids deserve puppies: The puppies eat all the food the kids drop and the hyper puppies always have someone to play with. It's a perfect combination

Aw, that ball is absolutely huge in comparison to him (or her)!

/sub/wholesomememes is slowly doing that to me


I like it too

Not at all, my dog is 16 and pretty much on her last legs. Had her since I was 9 and while I'll be absolutely devastated to see her go she's been a bright light in this dark world.

Dogs were bred to just want nothing but their human's companionship and happiness. Even those dogs with homeless people are more or less happy because they're with their master. Get your daughter a pup, you won't regret it :)

"If I can carry this ball, you can change the world!"


"May I always be the kind of person my puppy thinks I am"

Roger Federawr

The best part about puppies is they will loooove you for who & what you are: faults, short comings, and all. You just need to love them back, which is easy.

I'm content.


What's a "trending notification?" I've been on Reddit for more than a year and never heard of this.

Bigger dogs actually tend to be better with kids. They can handle a little roughness and tend to be less aggressive. I had a lab growing up (got him when I was 4, he died when I was in high school). A labradoodle might be a good option if you have allergies.

You can turn them off in the settings.

I'm sorry about your pupper, im sure shes been a great companion, because that's what dogs are, pure love for their master, just like you stated.

Our dogs have been gone for years, i grew up with Siberian huskies, the mommas name was destiny, the dads was Ivan. They had puppies on 9/9/99, it was the best birthday I've ever had (my twin brother and my birthday is 4 days later, we were to turn 8 years old back then)

Sorry for the rambling; just reminiscing on the good times I've had with mans best friend

I have the mobile app and Reddit occasionally sends push notifications urging me to look at a post that is "trending". I don't know what their definition of trending is because the posts usually don't have many upvotes or comments.

So funny!

You can never go wrong with a labrador.

Ruffael Nadal

But are you content with that content?

As a current puppy owner, be ready to sacrifice sleep, and some peace of mind. Be prepared to clean up a lot of shit and piss. Buy a wet/dry vacuum. Start training early. Some of your things will get chewed up. Overall I'd say it's mostly worth it, even though I was against it (was my girlfriends idea).

nothing like unconditional puppy love, it's the best.

That sweet baby needs to grow into those huge paws! So cute!


Maybe you should tailor reddit to your preferences then? I don't constantly hear about Trump in my feed.

I wanna touch his paw pads

Steffi Gruff

My girlfriend makes me want to be a better man, but that's so I can get a better girlfriend.

Makes me want to be a worse person, the kind that would steal someone's dog.