My friends Grandma's house. She put a magazine cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband's face. The 80+ year old's version of photoshop.

My friends Grandma's house. She put a magazine cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband's face. The 80+ year old's version of photoshop.

To be fair, I have seen worse photoshops.

I'm impressed by how well the lighting matches.

To be fair, so does Leo

Grandma in the reflection

I hope Leo finds out about this and sends her an autographed pic!

It kinda looks like a bobblehead, though.

If she had used the jaw line instead of the neck I would have been fooled.

I hope he shows up and offers to draw her like one of his French girls!

She's probably looking at Leo

My step grandma did something similar to a painting of her wedding portrait. She never liked the portrait. It was a really cheap and poorly done painting of her wedding photo that her ex-husband had made when he was in Thailand.

When she got divorced, she had a friend paint over his face with Elvis.

I hope he whips out his dick and plows her ass

There's something about that reflection... the old lady looking longingly at her younger self ๐Ÿ˜”

OP should just make her a proper photoshop for her to frame.

or her ghost

There's always that one guy.

Picture of Leo with grandma: 7/10

Picture of bobblehead Leo with grandma: 5/7

It isn't about the picture, it's about sending a message

That's not a nice thing to do to The Departed.

I think they were saying the husband wasn't very nice.

Am I the only one kinda baffled that the late husband is wearing 21st century clothes while the grandma looks like someone from the Civil War era?

Well damn.

"Live your life in such a way that your wife won't paste Leonardo DiCaprio's picture over yours in photos of you together."

How's that for motivation?

My grandfather begged my grandmother on her deathbed for forgiveness for his nearly 60 years of emotional abuse/neglect and she said "Too late." I imagine she might have done something similar if she had been the one to outlive him.

Just put his head on a little spring and it would be perfect!

Sometimes jokes work, sometimes they cost me karma.


And hopefully this time it's Leo!

Have you ever watched an early episode of Cheers? This kind of shit was huge in the early 80s. Ruffles, lace, etc. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with "the New Romantics" but don't quote me, I wasn't born til a bit later.

My grandfather cut my uncle's second ex-wife out of the 8x10 family portrait from the wedding. He literally cut her out using straight lines, then put the remaining two pieces of the picture back together in the frame. It's not immediately apparent, but once we looked closely and realized that Linda was missing and that there was a vertical line running through the picture (now made of two separate pieces), we had a good laugh.

My moms friend did this to all the photo albums and pics she had of her x husband except with Ryan goslings face

you know he's haunting her


Maybe to her, his name is Jack ๐Ÿค”and Jack let go so she could have lots of babies.

I hope Leo finds out, cuts her out of this pic and sticks her into one of his photos

A perfect 5/7?

Plus, it is honestly a bit mean to say someone's face is (not so nice) compared to Leo's.

I understood that reference.

Growing up my mother did the same thing after she divorced our father. She liked the family photos, but hated seeing him, and settled on cutting out pictures of her favorite celebrity, and crudely taping them over his face. My friends all thought it was strange, but my brother and I found it hilarious.

Somebody that is more competent in twitter than me tweet it to him already...


Kind of related? I had a great aunt that was a somewhat locally professional painter. She was amazing, dont get me wrong, but for whatever reason every time she painted people there was something about their eyes that she couldn't get right. Every painting turned out looking creepy as fuck like they were possessed by Satan or something. My family all agreed. Unfortunately when she died all she had to give away were her paintings so we all got a lot more of them then we wanted. My dad started painting over the ones with people in them. He'd turn the people into aliens or giant bugs(yeah, still less creepy) . They were pretty cool afterwards and we actually felt like we could look at them without being damned to hell. My great aunt was a nice lady but her paintings were just so fucking unsettling. I wish I had photos for you but they're all burried in my mother's shed and I don't think I'd find them anytime soon.

Its almost like its the same person!

To be fair I'm suprised a troll post about a perfect 5/7 rating from over a year ago is still being referenced.

I hope neither of them sees this comment and remains ignorant to the ways of the internet.

I would say that's around 1980 fashion. Menswear changes very slowly, so that same plaid shirt is always ok, if not the height of fashion. The ruffled blouse/little house on the prairie look was a thing in the late 70's and very early eighties.

At this point I want to put leos face over my wifes


Future grandpas

Holy fuck, why not just do the eyes a bit better instead of defacing a load of the works of a dead woman?

What did she do to you

Maybe it wasn't that she was so committed to him, maybe she was just like "FREE AT LASSSSSST!" and didn't want another man to deal with?

I would sign a petition to get Di Caprio to actually do the photoshoot with the granny

To whom? The grandpa is ded

Im not big on forgiving people who can't or won't live up to the responsibility of their actions anymore.

If she haunts him now, I'll raise my glass to that lady.

username checks out

My grandpa was horribly abusive to my angel of a grandma, like kicked a ladder out from underneath her while she was cleaning windows all for getting the wrong kind of bread type of abusive. He died 32 years ago and she's still here. She never once went out on a date afterwards and I found that part really sad, committed to a piece of shit even after he's dead. I never met the man as he died 10 years before I was born but I never had any desire to after hearing the tales of abuse from my mom and her siblings.

To Leo. Watch your ass, cause she certainly is.

No, she is looking at her grandchild with disappointment.

"Hey granny, can I take a photo of your photo and post it to the Internet?"

A snapshot into a pathetic existance.

It sounds like the plot of a sitcom episode.

"Great Aunt Bessie died. She left us all of her paintings. You know I always thought the eyes of these paintings were a bit... off..."

laugh track

"I used to paint, I think I could touch up the eyes a bit, make it seem a lot less creepy."

laugh track

And then towards the end of the episode.

"Dad! You said you were gonna touch up the eyes! These look nothing like Great Aunt Bessie's paintings! What did you do!?"

hysterical laugh track as the new paintings are revealed

"I'm sorry son. All I know how to paint is bugs and aliens."

laugh track

"That's okay dad! catchphrase, then pause for laugh track I love you!"

aww track

And then she realised that the photo actually caught her ghost who had time travelled to warn her not to marry him.

I can confirm as Indian, my people like to showoff their bad Photoshop skills for fake internet likes.

You see that thing all the way back there? That's the line. Upvoted though.

At least she used a Celebrity and not some no-name dude.

doot doot

The husband was not so nice - his whole personality, not just his face.

I'm taking a screenshot so I can remember this moment forever.

Now where's the fun in that?

doot doot*

I always find it so sad these old relationships that are clearly abusive, and the only escape for the woman is to out live him, since she comes from a culture where the scandal of divorce is considered worse. She just lived her entire life hating her husband but feeling she could do nothing about it.

This African-American woman at an office I used to go to had a photo in nice frame, and the photo was the original placeholder paper photo that came with the frame of a perfect blond caucasian family. Cracked me up for years.

I didn't

Kinda looks like something out of South Park.

The husband's hands on her shoulders is what really creeps me out. As if to make sure his prey doesn't get away.

No that cant be it.

Victorian fashion sense meets tony soprano fashion sense.

That was why she didn't like him. All those newfangled ideas he brought with him from the future.

Carrot Top.

They did. She was the center of everyone else's universe.

You'd think so but unfortunately not the case, she stills says good things about him. It's only from my mom and her siblings that I hear these stories. She was on her death bed hallucinating last year (thank god she pulled through) and he was the one "visiting" her. Her capacity for forgiveness is greater than anyone I've ever met.

She wanted to fantasize she was the one that let Ryan Gosling get away?

Nah bruh, perfect score, 5/7

Many people in this thread say this, but if word gets around that he's done it once, he'll never have a minute of privacy till the end of his life.

They must have really hated the old cunt.

Whenever I hear an old lady who hated an ex or late husband I can't help but wonder did they turn out to be perverts or abusive?

Those blouses were in style in the early 1980s which I'd guess is when the photo was taken.

Wow at first I thought you just didn't get the joke and wasn't sure why you capitalized celebrity. That is a deep cut.

This isn't funny.. this is sad.

At this point I want to put Leo face over the empty spot where I have nobody.

Probably neck covers the chin of late husband. Too bad they dont print magazine covers double sided, so you can flip image.

"Gramma come read the comments!"

"Hmm. Ok."

It's crazy how you can easily tell they are the same person!


I'm a pretty subtle jokester. Catch Me If You Can.