My friend who worked on the show sent me this behind the scenes photo.

My friend who worked on the show sent me this behind the scenes photo.

Dear op,

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Well OP cant because it's a repost and s/he doesnt have a "friend"

I’ve seen this picture before. Definitely a repost

In all seriousness, can you (or your friend) create an album of these behind the scenes images? I would love to see more!



No they fucking did not. This is a repost from months ago. At least just say its a behind the scenes photo, but dont try and pass it off as your friend sent it.

General reposti

Let's talk about the yellow vests for a second. Pretty sure this is not a safety thing, I think it's so when filming two with cameras, the operators can identify eachother through peripheral vision and not risk getting a camera person in the shot.

Is there anymore repost of behind the scene pictures cause I'll take those too.

The camera operators were from Reality TV shows like Survivor. They would be placed in a fixed spot around the actors by the DP and director. Then they were given a relatively free reign to follow the conversation. Whilst they were given some guidance to focus on a particular object or expression, the comic timing is pretty much all on them. Seriously under-appreciated folks.

Repost alert

So that, right there, is Original Content. Not bad for a show that's been "dead" for 5 years.

Well done, OP.

edit: it seems I had a rather public display of premature enthusiasm. It happens to a lot of guys at one time or another. OP should take it as a complement, the lying bitch.

Let this be a cautionary tale for the rest of you: Trust No One.

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Defo old pic

I love behind the scenes photos. Love to be a part of one someday

Comment above says its a repost. :(

Interesting. I didn't realize how much the cameramen played into the comedic timing of the show.

Upvoted because it's awesome...then downvoted because repost

Like this pic but downvoted cos ur a liar

Agreed! Repost or not, I want to see them.

Sorry man, but this is a repost. OP is lying

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I agree with you but it’s more the fact OP lied and said it’s their friend lol

Maybe OP has got a little Michael Scott in them, and they legitimately think that the random user who originally posted this is indeed their friend, and they're good friends.

OBJECTION!! I DECLARE OBJECTION!! Username does not check out. That is all.

I love reposts. Love to be a part of one someday.

OP is a month-old account acquiring post karma through reposts for the purpose of future spamming to promote products or websites.

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Yup. My post from a while back. OP didn’t even change the title.

Probably a farming account.

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Don't be jealous. You too can lie like OP. This is a repost. OP's friend didn't work on the show.

In order I would guess comic timing is down to 1) the actor 2) the film editor 3) the camera operators in that order.

Downvote this lying sack of Flenderson!

I love how it is filmed just like you would film a documentary. A camera man and boom person instead of a full set (besides the studio equipment/tents). It makes it seem more authentic.

Single camera style. Meaning they want to make it seem like it was filmed with a single camera, but actually doing so would be logistically overcomplicated



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OP lied. This is a repost.

Your forgetting the 50+ people on location making sure this goes smoothly.

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OP lied. This is a repost.

You should focus on the camera work next time you watch. It's actually really interesting!!

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Yup. I posted this originally. OP didn’t even change the title.

Put me in the screenshot

Why not both? They have a lot of their peripheral blocked by sticking their head to the viewer so they’re more at risk of someone knocking into them, the added visibility just makes sense all around

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Yes, nice photo, but OP lied. This is a repost.

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Edit: thanks Karmasaurus-rex

That’s for sharing this. I always thought that the timing of where and how they focused made the show even more hilarious.

This is a spam account that’s attempting to gain karma so it can be sold or used as advertisement.

This is a repost of a previous top post. OP is does not have a “friend” who worked behind the scenes.

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