My friend explains his new g.f. doesn't let him watch sports and they've been watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon.

My friend explains his new g.f. doesn't let him watch sports and they've been watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon.

"Doesn't let" - bin that off straight away. She's not his mother.

If my wife "doesn't let" me watch something it's because we have 1 tv and she got to it first.

My girlfriend watches a lot of sports with me, so occasionally I agree to watch one of her reality shows with her. They are dreadful, but she watches a ton of hockey with me during the season, so I bite the bullet. Also she's a wonderful woman.

We have more than 1 tv, but only one cable box. And the PS4 is hooked up to the tv with the cable box.

This is a very non-issue in my household because the only must see tv for my wife is Teen Mom, and that's at the same time as my class. I'm also capable of not getting my way for an hour or two.

It's a non-issue because it sounds like neither of you is really adamant about what the other can and can't watch. She's got her stuff, you've got your's like a relationship O.o

Craigslist-> tv for $10

I'm thinking he should Say No to the Dress.

My gf watches her stupid shows and i play video games. Then we agree on something to watch together.

Yeah that's called compromise. Plus showing an interest in your SO's hobbies is endearing.

That doesn't seem to be the case with OP's friend.

Wow a real live healthy relationship? Am I still on Reddit?

In my young 20s I dated a guy that everyone made jokes about him being "whipped" after I broke up I found out he often lied to his friends saying "I wouldn't let him" do whatever thing, but he just lied and didn't want to go out or whatever and didn't have the spine to tell people "no, I don't feel like it."

This and separate bathrooms, you'll be married for 75 years!

Separate finances. Separate houses. Separate fuck buddies. Complete strangers. Married for 75 years.

/sub/relationships hasn't gotten to them yet

delete gym

hit lawyer

hire facebook

Indeed. I don't like sports either but I think any relationship that starts with someone saying "You can't do what you like." is a bad one. They don't love you, they just want a piece of putty they can mold into something they'll get bored of and divorce one day.

Which is total bullshit too. Sex is something you should both enjoy, it's not a reward (well, maybe sometimes) but should never be taken away to punish.

He really threw you under the bus there. Now I wonder how many of my friends are using that as an excuse.

Don't forget separate blankets.

I feel like half of these "doesn't let" things are just misunderstanding/embellishing

and the other half are actual assholes who wormed their way into a relationship and dominate it

I'm a woman, married over 20 years. Compromise isn't him watching only the stuff she likes, its watching a few hours of Wimbledon and then a few hours of that stupid dress show. I watch a lot of hgtv shows, but when my husband is home we watch something both of us like. Your friend isn't going to be happy very long, she's manipulating him hard. The only things I "don't let" my husband do are hard drugs and other women.

Yup, relationships are all about compromise. My buddy just seems completely whipped tbh. And if he's happy, it's his be it, but it seems out of balance.

Compromise? Perhaps my wife's boyfriend could teach her some of that

Duh, because you should sleep in separate beds.

Say no to say yes

He just likes getting laid. Once that gets old, he's going to realize what he's done.

As a lawyer, not sure if I prefer to be hit or deleted...

Of course they could.

Yeah. There are time where I said, "Yeah, so I had to sit down and watch some TV with my wife, that's why I couldn't get on the game yesterday."

Really, its just that my wife and I were talking, and she was venting about work or whatnot, so I'm obviously not going to leave while she's talking to me. I chose to stay because she would do the same for me.

I don't usually mean I "have" to stay, but it's just how it comes out.

And I've had plenty of times where I don't even say that and I say something like, "Sorry, I can't make it. I'm staying home with the wife." and people assume it's her making me when it's just that as made plans before or whatever.

Honestly, my wife is amazing. She never makes me do anything. She pushes me to go out more. She let's me do what I want when I want. Sure, that means sometimes we both sacrifice time for each other, but it's not a one way street but it's so easy to get skewed views, especially when it's, "my friend's girlfriend/boyfriend/etc" so there's more room for interpretation that really goes way off from the truth.

I've heard there are guys walking around with out a spine. I thought it was a myth.

There was a tweet about that.

"My girlfriend wanted to watch the new Hunger Games movie, but I didn't. So we compromised and watched the new Hunger Games movie."

My gf and I use that excuse all the time. As long as it's an agreement between us, it's okay though. The key is to not do it too often, otherwise you'll look controlling.

Say No to the Ho.

Your friend should try forbidding her from watching reality tv and see how that goes.

Typical lawyers. Always wanting to be hired by everyone.

The only things I "don't let" my husband do are hard drugs and other women.

What if he does other drugs and hard women while watching HGTV? :-)

"Please turn off the porn."


"...It's fine, but please not while we're out at a nice restaurant, maybe?"

Say No to the Show

That's why over 50% of marriages end in divorce, because the average person is likely "less reasonable" than someone who would willingly get their entertainment from somewhere else for 30 min - 2 hours to let someone else have what they want.

Also - does everyone here who fights over TV time slots in their home realize that most popular programming is available live or streaming after airing online? For FREE? Legality questionable, but I'm just letting you all know you don't have to start WWIII with your SO's if you know how to Google..

In all seriousness, could someone do this just for the tax benefit of being legally married?

My girlfriend often asks me if I care if she does something that doesn't have anything to do with me. My response is always,

"You can do whatever you want, I'm not in charge of you."

Seems like a fairly easy concept, I'm not sure why everyone doesn't get it.

Is Property Brothers on? Yeah, no problem!!

Sex isn't something you put in "nice coins" until you get it.

Sex is something people who trust each other and agree to do something that's fairly intimate together, like any couples or group activity, it's to be enjoyed mutually.

She is if he wants his tendies.

OP left out the sex part. As in "My friend explains his new g.f. doesn't let him HAVE SEX IF HE DECIDES TO watch sports and they've been watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon SO HE CAN HAVE SEX LATER.

I realize that because you're a sensible adult "not getting your way for an hour of two" isn't that big of a deal, but for the less reasonable among us this would be simply unthinkable.

We do a similar thing too, but we try very hard to phrase it as consideration for our partner, rather than them ordering each other around.

Like, "oh, I can't come to your drinks after work, I've got to give SO a ride home"

Rather than, "my SO doesn't want me to."

In healthy relationships with safe words.

Funnily enough I love when the women have no budget. Those dresses are gorgeous and I could never afford one.

I dated a guy briefly who must have thought all women were this way. He was a big sports fan, I'm not in the slightest, but we had other shared interests. One day we were watching something on tv together. I go into the other room for a bit and return to him watching sports, but the moment he sensed that I was coming back he switched the channel back immediately like I was his mother catching watching porn. He apologized and seemed surprised that I genuinely didn't care that he wanted to check the score or whatever and he didn't have to sneak it. I figure he must have dated a bitch in the past, that had to have been a learned behavior. But I know some women would have a field day with a guy like that, waiting to wrap himself around their finger. Hope he didn't end up with a woman like that, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

Yep. After a few months the satisfaction will wear off and they'll probably see that they don't have a new friend, they have a sexy new boss.

shit, maybe my "whipped" friend just doesn't want to hang lol

"Doesn't let" him watch TV programs he enjoys. Sounds like a healthy relationship.

What a terrible show. My wife watches this all the time. Overpriced dresses that you wear once. I swear if I hear "Let's jack her up" one more time I'm going throw something at the TV.

"Oh, honey, he's teasing you. Nobody has two television sets."

Guarantee OP loves the dress show and scapegoating his GF to save face for missing the game.

They are, but are you sure he isn't saying "doesn't let" to you, but at home she isn't saying, "Oh, I don't really want to watch sports, I think I'll watch X in our bedroom, then" and then he says,"Wait, no, let's watch that here!"

My brother did this all the time. "Doesn't let" = "god forbid she didn't want to spend two seconds with me, I had no choice!!" He "wasn't allowed" many things his girlfriend had less than no problems with and would even sometimes try to encourage him to do.

And that's what we call a manipulative bitch

Say No Mo Show Ho!

Honestly I like watching say yes to the dress with my wife

I cant understand how your SO actually NOT LETTING YOU watch something in almost any situation is normal. Whats wrong with watching porn? Either way if they had a problem with it they should tell yoi that, not flat out tell you that you cant watch something

Also if she just complains the whole time while he's watching his shows but snaps if you even talk during hers.

I figure he must have dated a bitch in the past, that had to have been a learned behavior.


You and your wife's boyfriend should just cut her out altogether and be with each other.

Where is this glorious land that has sports packages for $5 a month?

I feel like these posts are from single people who have no idea what a healthy relationship is like. My wife and I are the exact same way. We don't mind if the other person goes out with friends or if I game for a bit, but we tend to spend time with each other because that is part of a healthy relationship. You can't have a good relationship without mutual compromise. Like you said, some nights I want nothing more than to go in the other room and game, but she had a hard day so I lay with her on the couch and watch Bachelorette or something. It's part of living with someone you love more than anything.

Great British bake off is pretty awesome if she's into that sort of thing. I watch it with my wife all the time. No drama, everyone gets along, they make cool stuff and it leaves you feeling super positive. I can't stand most reality tv these days because it's 90% filler and post-edited manufactured conflict.

That reminds me of how I often threw my parents under the bus like that as a kid. If I didn't want to go out I would just say my parents wouldn't let me.

Who knows? People lie to avoid conflict. Do you give them a hard time about saying no?

Insecurities in self and relationships.

I spend $160/month for an extra bathroom and it is 110% worth it.

My girlfriend uses it

Guests use it, so they don't see all the shit all over my counter and the disgusting poop stains and mold I don't clean

Win win

"As soon as the waitress brings my food I'll stop"

I like providing my "old man" commentary, joking about how fake and vapid the people in the shows are. But I try to keep it to a minimum so I don't ruin it too much for my girl.

Yeah. They are in their mid-to-late 20s now, but they still make terrible life choices, so it's still good trash TV.

Not true.

My girlfriend doesn't let me eat Junk food in bed at 2am is entirely different than my girlfriend won't let me see m friends on weekdays.

Nah, and surprisingly many are in the military.

My wife goes to bed at like 9pm, so our schedule is basically. I get home, hang out with wife and kid, we eat together at somepoint around 7:00. Kid goes to sleep around 7:30 or 8:00. We watch about an hour of a show or shows that we both enjoy. She goes to bed at 9:00. I game until 10:30 or 11:00. Works out quite nicely. Sometimes she'll have her girly shows she'll want to watch, and I'll make that a gaming night and drink

Don't marry ugly people or people not sexually compatible or flexible with your current sexuality.

There we go, saved anyone a click.

How does the shit get from your ass to the counter?

Don't be an idiot. Obviously he shits on the counter.

I watch sports daily, but if my lady tells me there's a Say Yes To The Dress or Project Runway marathon on, I am all over that shit.

Classic Calvin Klein!

Might be better off if she didn't let you watch those games.

Have you been a bad person?

I think that joke's older than twitter lol

Right, that's why I didn't say soccer.

"And besides, I like to reddit more than I watch TV so this was an easy karma post"

YO that shit happens all the time with dudes. they'll blame everything on the wife or kids but really that motherfucker just got fat and lazy as hell and doesnt hang out anymore. the wife is cool as shit.

"Doesn't let me" is a terrible way to handle things regardless of the issue. You're not a child. "My girlfriend doesn't like when I eat junk food in bed at 2 a.m" is the preferred mature way to handle things.

The only interest my girlfiend has that I refuse to allow around me is the show Vanderpump Rules.... that show makes me physically ANGRY.

Well yeah. But eventually she will use his diary in a lawsuit and he will choose the company over her.

Almost as though healthy relationships require compromise!

Oh no, the sports package is something else. They are referring to the fact that you have to have a cable box because they put the channels in the thousands so that your normal TV won't work. You must use their cable box, and it costs $5/month per TV.

And cable companies wonder why people are cutting the cord.

This makes me realize I need to compromise more. My gf watches hockey, baseball, and reminds me when games are. I don't watch any of her shit. Suits, scandal, greys anatomy. My gf is the most amazing woman I know. Even more so because she puts up with this crap. I'm OP's girlfriend. Well...not literally.

Depends on how often he's getting laid. Might take a few years

I subscribed to that sub and the amount of times I've read "trickle truth" is insane. People there are extremely untrustworthy of pretty much everyone.

Example: My [32f] boyfriend [33m] has a new female coworker.

First comment:

Trickle Truth - he mentions a new coworker

All they did was talk

All they did was kiss

All they did was have mild passionate sex in your bed


This is what my husband and I do. Then we interrupt each other to be stupid. It's great

His guts are okay, I guess, it's his abs that I hate.

Seriously, I don't get this at all, where does anyone get off telling someone else what they are allowed to do.

This is what my marriage is based on. Keep it up, it works.