My fighting robot launching an opponent over the arena wall

I was in a bot building/fighting club in high school. When you get a 3lb steel tooth on each end of a 10lb aluminum bar spinning at 3000RPM that shit will flip the other bot across the arena if it gets under it. My first robot was one just like this but a bigger, it was 80lb in total minus two 12volt batteries. It crushed the competition and would have won first place but someone switched the GODDAMN WIRES ON THE BATTERY AROUND SO THE DAMN THING WOULDN"T START IN THE FINAL MATCH AND WE DIDN"T NOTICE TIL AFTER WE GOT DISQUALIFIED!!!! It goes without saying that I'm still not over it

They should remake Robot Wars, but not allow any human interaction. Programming only.

That just pisses me off for you

Full video of the fight:

Flippers didn't break robot fighting, they dominated it. I've noticed a lot of developing sports do things like that- one technique is discovered and it takes a while for the rest of the field to recover, but when they do- the game is better for it. Look at the last season of battlebots- you were starting to see bots designed with narrow sides and protruding tires, so being flipped didn't faze or even damage them. Theyd go soaring, bounce a couple times, and come back for more. The bots were far more maneuverable as well.

That's why it sucked when it got canceled, I couldn't wait to see who would finally design a flipper killer and how it would work. Banning them would be like disqualifying the Yankees from the world series because they're the Yankees. The bad guy is supposed to be beaten, not kicked out.

though it is awesome to watch it fly, what do you think about the notion that 'flipper bots' killed most mech fighting, because it basically became two flippers facing each other trying to flip the other, instead of more creative ways of breaking another bot?

I'm just baffled that you are asking for permission to re/x-post something.

Indeed. I'm totally livid, on your behalf.

But then we couldn't call it.... (wait for it) ...


Can I have permission to post this on /sub/minorbattlebots ? (Or you) with a source of course...


You mean, you want to contend with the legendary killbot ?

He's just doing it to promote the sub that he created. Seems like a cool idea though.

"I might lose, but as long as an innocent bystander gets someone's robot in the face I'm good" - /u/AdmiralShark

My stupid robot entry would be a 50lb weight with rebar spokes sticking out. No program, it would just spin in place really fast so that when the other robot tried to poke it things would get ugly.

i'm okay with it

I'm not so much trying to win as attempting to introduce a stupid amount of kinetic energy to the equation.

In the UK version (Robot Wars) a lot of bots were developed with a self-righting mechanism (SRiMec for commentating purposes) after a Chaos 2 dominated two series by flipping everything in sight.

All right, we'll call it a draw.

Yes. It's the Lord of Berets himself.

Blendo is an M5 creation.

Reminds me, when I was 10 or 11 we had a competition in school to build a glider; most people made paper planes but me and a classmate made this thing that looked like a wood and fabric stealth bomber. It was too big too launch forward but if we threw it like a boomerang it caught the air and went FAR. During the heats we had to move outside because it went the length of the gym hall and crashed.

Come the final we destroy the competition, only to be disqualified because it wasn't a "real glider". The kid that won had a fucking prebuilt model plane kit. What the fuck, Mrs. Morgan?

intro video

I'm making a game like that, actually. Competitive programming space combat thing. Here's an - It's kind of outdated but is a pretty good overview.

Holy shit is that Jamie Hyneman?

I know the feels, instead of a 80 we have 15 up here in Minnesota, we goto MoA, but pretty much every time we are the unlucky team. Although, I do remember my older brothers had competitions down in Florida w/ like 120 pound or something...

Nice parking.

It worked so well, they bribed Jamie a co-victory to stop. Twice.

And regulation to prevent wedges. Like if only 1 side or 25% was sloped and the rest is at least 3" tall or something.

Except for Razer. That robot was the coolest robot on the show. It looked straight up demonic. It had a self righting mechanism and the most badass attack on the show. A giant piercing arm that crushed with 3 tonnes of pressure. It even took out Matilda, one of the shows own robots that were there as a 'trap'.

Except for . That robot was the coolest robot on the show. It looked straight up demonic. It had a self righting mechanism and the most badass attack on the show. A giant piercing arm that crushed with 3 tonnes of pressure. It even took out Matilda, one of the shows own robots that were there as a 'trap'.

Yep, actually Blendo was what led to Mythbusters. Jamie was given co-champion award in exchange for him withdrawing Blendo for safety concerns. When Discovery was looking into making Mythbusters, they remembered Jamie from robot wars and contacted him about making the new show. This was a popular mechanics article from a few years ago.

Also of note in the article, Jamie actually fired Adam as an employee because he never cleaned up after himself around the shop. But he was so good at creating stuff and was a really charismatic guy that Jamie contacted him later about co-hosting Mythbusters.

We had an Aerospace Aviation class in highschool. Our final was to make a flying balsa wood plane that would take off and fly under its own power. We were paired up for the project. Only one group got their plane to take off and fly. We didn't do it, but we got the second highest grade in the class as Mr Neeper liked our problem solving on the plane.

The plane was extremely tail heavy...once you released the prop (rubber band power), it basically would just do a back flip. So, we countered by adding weight to the wings in form of BB's - lots of BB's spread out would help balance the load (so we thought). Well...not it wouldn't do back flips - it would just roll on the ground.

So...since this was the 90's and Home Improvement was a popular show - we followed the "More Power" mantra. Added a second fuselage with another prop. Still wasn't enough. Lets add two more . Nope...not enough. MORE POWER!!! Think we ended up with 6 props. Two of us winding 6 props turned out to be a challenge. Those fuckers would bust your nuckles when they got loose.

We never got flight, but that little bastard shot across the parking lot in a hurry. Our problem...we didn't create an air foil shape in the wing. We figured that out before the project was due, but not in enough time to finish it before. We addressed and admitted our issue before presenting.

We did eventually make it fly...after we got home. With aid of model rocket motors. It flew...even without the wings after they were ripped off upon ignition.

Don't worry, I'm enraged on your behalf.

500+ videos on my YouTube channel here:

Or maybe change the rules, for example, you had to throw your opponent out of the ring, like in the video.

Or, what about adding some aerial drones to the game? Where they had to dogfight it out, and the winner got to drop bombs on the ground players.

After watching the star wars drone videos:

I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if they actually made these things fight with airsoft guns or laser's?

Imagine, thousands of enthusiasts, building these things and going at it, in a big war. (would be a great way to kick off the new movies)

But yea, with the new technologies available, there is so much potential for a cool new robot wars. From simple rule changes, to all sorts of "themes" available, I'd love to see it and even more, would love to take part in its creation... It'd be a fun project.

For now, off to my day job.

The shittest cameraman.

Let us rage, both for and against the machine!

LABEL THE BATTERIES MAN! DON"T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES WE DID! Also don't underestimate the power of ramming, the other bot that was in the final round was just a grinder bot that got a few lucky eliminations by ramming them and breaking something internally

I have a robotics competition in 2 weeks.. I'll keep your comment in mind...

Nice try, Skynet.

Razer wasn't one you mussed with.

The two have said many times that they respect the hell out of each other but are not friends and do not like seeing each other out of work. Adam was on the Nerdist recently and said that it was tiring to be with him during their live tour when they had to travel together.

They are a university team from Brazil, they've got probably around 20 team members total. My team is just me, myself, and I.

Fuck this video! that was the most unsatisfying robot war I've ever watched!

edit but thank you for sharing.

As an engineering student, you are my favorite kind of person.

This event is called RoboGames (, and the competition took place in San Mateo, CA two weeks ago. The entire competition was professionally filmed and the crew is busy editing a massive amount of video. The videos will be available for paid streaming, but you can also pre-order Blu-Rays or DVDs here:

Yeah, and a few - the most successful probably being Tornado - were designed to not give a damn and run both ways up.

No wonder it was so effective.

you know a lot about robot wars.

That's nice, dear.

Bot-fighting is illegal, Hiro, you know that.

Get out.

Tornado was cheap though. They made it so it couldn't fall in the pit.

This is what we need! I made /sub/minorbattlebots and it needs to grow! I'd definitely like to see you on it! (And anyone else interested or with past experience!)

Come here. I want to kiss you! Childhood restored.

Edit: I also would love to see this stuff in person. Anything on the East Coast? Are there leagues?

Wheely Big Cheese's flip

That's up there with from Robot Wars.


Team Typhoon! The full-body-spinners were arguably the best type of robot out there, with only the box-on-wheels and flippers coming close. The problem with the FBS was their weakness in multi-robot fights. See their performance in the Extreme 2 Annihilator and in their first Heavyweight fight v. Bigger Brother. There weren't many about due to the danger of them (Blendo, a similar robot, got banned because they were sending bits of other robots into the crowd!) but when they got spinning up, they were nigh unbeatable.

Also, regarding their "racing uniforms", the team was made up of Air Training Corps Cadets, so they were associated with the Air Force.

"It goes without saying I'm still not over it"

Believe me, I'm not over it either.

That robot... just punched a hole in that other robot... until it was fire.

Let the magnitude of that sentence sink in, please.

Can anyone tell me why AI is a good idea again?

Imagine a robot with a flat cone-type shape or a triangular protrusion with the wide side down (∆). Your robot would flip itself.

Could have been FIRST Robotics? Not fighting bots, but they do some cool shit.

I'm moderately upset on the behalf of the person behind me in line.

I would like to request a battle bot with a flame thrower

Didn't he say in an AMA that they weren't really friends outside of mythbusters?

I hate that shit. Here's a kid that shows initiative and actually CREATES something new. Hell, you should have won just on that alone. In college, our campus had a small lake. One year, the Student activiites group sponsored a raft race where each floor could build their own raft. We were the only floor to actually build a raft. Made a pontoon out of an old pallet some 2 by 4s and a bunch of pool noodles. It stayed completely afloat with four people on it rowing, but of course it did have a lot of drag. The team that won had four people swimming in the water while holding onto an air mattress. Barely beat us. We also lost the design competition to some floor of girls that bought a kiddie pool and decorated it with frogs...their "raft" sank at the starting line before the race even began.

I aim, if not for your head, at least to please.

Also roughly how much energy would my "robot" have if spun up using a slightly modified standard cordless power tool?

Can we pull a sarkeesian? Get together something like $150,000, promise a full fledged youtube series of like 24 robot death match episodes, but then only make 2 and a half? And actually not have robot fighting at all? Just some short videos of us trying to make a robot and failing?

Then we could go to Maui and never look back.. Get drunk and eat drunk food in Maui and live in a shack on the beach.

That'd be legit.

Oh and if anyone calls us out we can call them robot misogynists.

Um, because it's awesome?

Is there a channel where I can watch more battle bots????

A lot of robots choose this method. Belt driven as the belt absorbs shock preventing it from damaging the motor (as much) and allows for gearing to be added. And kinetic flywheel because cutting ones are normally very ineffective. It's hard to keep someone in place long enough to 'cut' and in the end it is rarely damaging. a kinetic energy 'dump' like these flywheels do is not only damaging but sends them flying like you see in the video.

Have at you!

Nope! For some godawful reason we decided to only use black wires going to the batteries, I guess we assumed nobody could possibly fuck it up they were wrong

i bet your wires are color coded and then some. idiot proofed the entire thing eh?


Here is what the bot looks like:
It is a 60lb (Lightweight) class bot. The weapon is a 12lb chunk of tool steel that spins up to about 5,000 RPM. When I scoop an opponent into it using the titanium wedge, they get launched!

Here is what the bot looks like: It is a 60lb (Lightweight) class bot. The weapon is a 12lb chunk of tool steel that spins up to about 5,000 RPM. When I scoop an opponent into it using the titanium wedge, they get launched!

Make a checklist and follow it. And good luck!! :D

I want a contraption like that on my car

Chaos 2

with a bad ass pilot to boot

Grant Imahara ran a heavyweight Battlebot with a smashy hammer called Deadblow, if that counts.

I thought it was the spinning ones that were the best. There was one team, can't remember the name, but they had a spinner in like every weight class. They dominated because you couldn't even touch them. They had like racing uniforms or something.

Implying it wasn't the winner who did this.

Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage!

The nostalgia is real. Thanks