My FB friend met Ed O'Neill and the guy behind her can't f*cking believe it

My FB friend met Ed O'Neill and the guy behind her can't f*cking believe it

oh shit, ive heard of this guy.

he scored four touchdowns in the 1966 Chicago All City Championship Game playing for Polk County High School.

that there is a fucking legend. no wonder the guy is freaking out.

I like how you made a point to call her a FB friend rather than a real friend.

Sometimes, you gotta make tough calls in the game of karma.

I wonder if he got permission to post this

That guy behind her looks like Bob Kelso...

So this fat woman godzillas her way into the shop today

"Hooters, hooters. Yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters. On a girl that's dumb." - Al Bundy

In the game of karma, you win or you die.

Ohhh Polk High!

That guy in the background only knows him from Married with Children.

My wife is from Peru so not too familiar with the show. I was telling her about some of my favorite lines.

"Did you miss me, honey?"

"With every bullet so far"

That show is ten times funnier as an adult than it was when I was a kid.

Oh Polk, you're the best of all the schools For you we'll always cheer

By day, we learn to read and write

By night, our team will fight, fight fight

No matter where we are

We will always give a rah

For P-O-L-K


Polk, Polk, Polk

He looks great for being 71 years old.

Crap... That means Married With Children is 30 years old. Damn, I feel old. :(

Why isn't Married with Children on Netflix? :/

I'm so happy to see an Al Bundy reference at the top, and not a Modern Family one. Al Bundy will forever be one of my favourite TV characters.

I'm assuming you got downvoted by those not getting the reference. Have an upvote on me.

Who likes Ed O'Neill? THIS GUY!

There's no middle ground.

While it isn't on Netflixs or Hulu you can grab the entire series; 21 discs; on amazon for $25 new.

That threw me off a bit, I read it as "fuck buddy" friend.

Seeing the picture, I hope for OP'S sake it's true.

Oh, and NO MA'AM for life!

Not my gf,

Well get onto it friend. You need to lock that down.

"No no Bud, the other Bundy credo"

"Holy shit, it's Al Bundy!"

He was ahead of his time with fat jokes too

your FB friend is hot

One of Al Bundy's fat woman quotes from Married with Children. I don't have a favorite list or anything but this will give you a good idea:

I wonder if people thought mexitalian_91 was saying that about the girl in the above photo.

Gary Johnson's a huge fan.

Me too. I recently recreated Al Bundy in Saints Row 3 and went on a NO MA'AM crime spree.

Me too. I recently recreated Al Bundy in Saints Row 3 and

Nice! I love his character in Modern Family. The guy behind your girlfriend looks creepy xD

That's not how this works! That's not how any of this works!

"Ruining her for all other men. "

Ok well Reddit is a ladder...

Not my gf, just someone on my Facebook.

That's at Taste Chicago in Burbank - owned by Fat Tony himself, Joe Mantegna.

I've never heard FB refer to fuck buddy. If there were to be an abbreviation it would be FWB.

Really surprised I had scroll down this far to find this comment. Proud of you Reddit.

I watched the shit out of that show and wouldnt have recognized him



But Alllllllll

But it comes with a free frogurt!

[to the camera] I'd never done a crazy thing in my life before that night. Why is it that if a man kills another man in battle, it's called heroic, yet if he kills a man in the heat of passion, it's called murder?

Maybe it was her doing jack shit for years. He worked a job he hated only to come home to his wife with no job, didn't clean or cook, belittled him and his job in front of their kids and anyone else that entered their home. I bet the first couple of years he was all over her moist red bush, but it probably got old after a while. She was hot too us but we didn't have to put up with her bullshit every fucking day.

She posted it publicly on Facebook but didn't post it on Reddit. I'd say it's fair game.

That show would never fly nowadays. The trash talk on fat people and women would cause riots.

You know nothing.

It was fuck buddy long before it was friend with benefits. You don't have to be friends with someone to fuck them.

Are you saying he doesn't look exactly like an older Al Bundy?

It's like a series of tubes...

He had the sweetest Dodge Dart

But the yogurt is also cursed.


Probably all the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu keeps him fit. The guy is a black belt.

Nah, “Dutch.”


Oooh thats good!

That's $2.27 a season! But wait there's more.....

Im not that much of an asshole xD

He will always be Al Bundy to me just like Bryan Cranston will always be Malcolm's Dad, Hal to me.

What's the reference?

Not tonight Peg

9/10 still would

Does he also have two thumbs?

This guy fucks.

.... and Mrs. Turkleton!

"Dodge is a damn fine car, ran over my wife with a Dodge"

You throw in a "No Ma'am" shirt and you've got a deal.

I'd like to be her FB friend as well.

And Laurence Fishburne will always be Cowboy Curtis from the Pee Wee Herman Show to me. I'm like "Oh shit, Ted from Bill and Ted and Cowboy Citrus are about to fight!"

Oh....that's bad.

No, Kelly gained some weight.

If she really cared, she would have posted it on Reddit first and then Facebook.

I have a black belt as well. I went down to Kohls, they've got racks just full of them. Anyone can buy them, too! Didn't ask to see my credentials or anything!

Oh dear God....that football stance....LOL so many memories

I like that it says Cowboy Citrus the second time.

Ya, we haven't got all day. Hurry up!

Maybe he just found out about Aleppo.

Is that Katey's sister?

al bundy was a huge influence on me as a child.

I thought it was Joe Namath.

Thanks for keeping us updated!!

Too late. She's with Ed O'Neill now.

One of the nicest people you'll ever meet! About 15 years ago, he was staying at the same hotel in South Padre that my family and I were staying at. He struck up a conversation with my parents, hung out with us, and ended up buying everyone dinner. I was only 10, but he made quite the impression, even back then :)

Bob Kelso meets Gary Busey.

Hello! What do you think you're doing? Only me and Garth get to talk to the camera.

Friend with benefits?

My personal theory is that Al was under the same curse as Shallow Hal. That’s why he saw his wife as ugly as sin, until she got her head hit and started actually doing housework and becoming an actually decent person. TVT even mentions this one time (don’t think I’ve seen it myself) where they show Marcy in a bikini, the studio audience actually whistles in excitement, but he screams, ‘MY EYES!!’

No, but you know who does?

Bob Kelso, how you doing...

He's also a BJJ black belt. With something like 20+ years training. And he got to play Katey Sagal's husband. Twice.

Remember that copycat version that had a talking bunny on it that was on the WB? I couldn't stand the dad on that show doing a shit impersonation of Al Bundy.

Shuddup Peg.

I hate to say it, but it is fucking awful. Processed cheese on their fries, they don't serve proper Chicago deep dish... highly disappointing.

"my FB friend"


Peg was hot. What kind of dude wouldn't go bang his hot wife at every chance?

4 touch downs in one game, Polk High...


He probably just asked for a photo too and was brushed off. Stage right pretty girl asks annnnnd....

Oh goodie

That guy behind her looks like Bob Kelso...

Bob is just reacting to Al's hand placement that we can't see.

I dont know when they started letting women carry nunchucks

No, it is not.

I cant trell, but he looka like the kind of guy who gets muffins for free though...

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Talk about a fumblerooski

Al always did like Big 'Uns.