My favorite color is... Hitler.

My favorite color is... Hitler.


That doesn't seem like the Reich font.

That bag is, like, sooo 1938.



If that's a g, why isn't in on the basline?

If you like this bag, you should see my oven one.

For the covert and fashionable Nazi girl of today ;)


The public is just Goebbelling these up...

Jew have got to be kidding me

I've been looking for a new bag. This will be my final solution.

1939 best year of my life!

Worst. Reply. In this thread!

John Oliver had a joke about this exact line on Last Week Tonight. It starts at 3:40

Yeah, do they Nazi what is says?

I love how that's a subreddit.

The calligraphy is shit, too.

Theory: someone was told to design a bag that says "my favorite color is glitter." And they were like no thats dumb I hate my job and did this on purpose.

Several choices were made like not starting the G at the baseline or hiding the cross of the 2nd "t" in the white font but letting the 1st "t" stick out. Or making half the "g" in thin lines but the 2nd half and "l" in bolder lines.

The G is lowercase but even with the rest of the letters, there is zero angle to it, and the R is a straight line with a ~ attached to it. I'm an amateur but I at least know better than that.

That bag is no where near blonde (with blue straps) enough to sport that message.

Cannot unsee

Now with this comment there are Führer.

Perfect for transporting fertilizer.

Not sure what this is supposed to say, but on mobile I want to hit it with my head and collect coins.


These puns weren't funny 7 years ago

The Final Solution for your fashion needs

That's a pretty subtle joke name for a subreddit, I like stuff that.

Hijacking for source:

And they said the perfect bag doesnt exist

Yeah 'glitter' looking like the name 'Hitler' really disrespected the Jews, damn anti-Semites.

Based on your comment history you really are delusional or someone who plays troll most of the time, especially since no one who has the name Social Juice-tus isn't either an SJW or an anti-SJW troll.

OOOH, it's supposed to be a 'g', looks like a 'J', or a, 'H' together with the 'l'.

Nazi Puns Fuck Off

There are more mistakes with the lettering than there are things done properly.

In the word 'glitter':

The bowl of the 'g' should be sitting on, or slight above, the baseline; not up close to the ascender line (e.g. next to the 'l').

The spacing of the 'g' next to the adjacent letter is awful; it should have the same optical spacing as other instances of parallel lines, such as between 'l/i/t/t' instead of around ⅓ to ¼ that much.

The left stroke that closes the bowl of the 'g' should be the same weight as the stem stroke instead of a hairline; compare to left stroke of 'e'.

The connecting stroke in the descender of the 'g' is weighted but shouldn't be; this should be a light stroke with no pressure on the tool.

The weight of the stem stroke of 'i' is too light compared to all other letters.

The letter 't' is drawn taller than the ascender on 'l', which is patently wrong. The minuscule 't' is never, ever as tall as other ascenders, even in modern typefaces. Zoom in on this text in your browser, or anywhere else, and you'll see this is the case.

The crossbar on 't' is also far, far too high. It should be at the waistline — e.g. level with the top of the letter 'e'.

The defining stroke of the letter 'r' is a hairline but should have more weight on the downstroke.

I already knew we were dealing with an amateur from the kerning in the typeface, though — no self-respecting typographer would smash letters like 'AV' so close together when they can't possibly maintain the same spacing rhythm with other letters like combinations involving over/underhangs like 'Y', 'T', and 'L'.

Another interesting one: /sub/hitlerwithsocks


Except 5 years from now, people will be calling it "keming" without irony. We've already ruined the word font.

Only 12.99, what a steal! You know, my girlfriend wanted one of these I think. I might buy it furher.