My father in law told my nephew he would buy him an Xbox when he learns to ride a two wheeler. Not getting it today.

My father in law told my nephew he would buy him an Xbox when he learns to ride a two wheeler. Not getting it today.

He looks old enough to have learned how to ride a bike already

Isn't it harder to ride on grass? I mean the fall is softer, but the riding isn't.

Grass huts less

Grass huts less, yes, but wood home longer, and brick house for ever.

There is a theory out there about letting kids ride down gentle grass hills, as it lets them gain momentum on their own and not needing to worry about coordinating peddling and balancing at the same time. Plus yes, Grass huts less.

Looks like he should have been doing it for years.

When I was a kid, we didn't get a several hundred dollar toy for learning. We got a bike and the ability to ride it.

Despite how big he looks he's only 6 and this is his first bike. He never had a bike with training wheels because his mom was a single mom and couldn't get him one.

It's all good. He's a big boy. He's easily got 40 lbs on my 9 year old. But then again my 9 year old also looks like a white Ethiopian.

Kevin, this isn't saving time we have been in here for an hour.

The future is here old man

'Once you master this great outdoor activity, I'll buy you an Xbox. So you never go outside again.'

Well now you are making me feel bad for what I said earlier. Tell him to keep on pushing and get that free xbox. My dad pushed me down a pavement hill to learn how to ride a bike. I learned quickly but not without so blood being drawn.

Autism is fair. Fear is not a disability, however.

He knows how to ride everyone he's just waiting to ride perfectly on November 7th for some reason

That 4k bike graphics tho

Found the guy who can't ride a bike

You really can't judge that based on how large the child is. Disabilities don't always show. Hell my 10 year old is almost as big as me. He's on the spectrum and he can't ride a bike. My 9 year old, also on the spectrum just learned to ride. His was more from fear though.

"Don't be a bitch."

lol jeez when I was a kid the bike was the gift.

Teach them to overcome fear, but definitely don't yell at them and call them a pussy

Kids can learn to ride by like 3 years old, on the little no-pedals no-training wheels scooter type bikes.

Get her out there now. Six is the perfect age.

She won't magically learn it by herself. Also, training wheels basically prevent you from learning.

Hope he has the money ready, most kids learn this pretty quick.