My Deployment in Nam Finally Paid Off

My Deployment in Nam Finally Paid Off

Degenerate? I'll have you know, that mere flattery alone doesn't get you upvotes.

Update us when you bang.

I think it's safe to say I recovered from my bad follow up... haha

What's up with people doing stuff while on 1% battery, jesus.

Go on a dating website then you Debby-cockmunching-downer. Tinder is to bang, if you're going to get upset about it, masterbate.

It shows charging. You can unclench your butt cheeks.

he's referring to the strong protective arms line

Vietnamese here, Nam is almost exclusively a male name, and this somehow disturbs me greatly.

top kek m8

I like you.. fuck /u/americanjeffersonian :) no banging yet!!! Update soon!

Shh don't tell him, he obviously hasn't banged yet.


The hacker 4chan strikes again

Maybe he/she lost his/her dick in nam?


top very snek

Plottwist: she is a he.

Said the moron that posted this shit.

Said the moron that posted

Bad follow up?