My DDLC experience

My DDLC experience

Act One: Oh hey this girl named Monika seems the most level-headed, down-to-Earth, and beautiful of the bunch, I can't wait to roman—oh you can't romance her? And...she might have a boyfriend already? Oh, but I like her the most. I don't even get to know more about her or even just hang out with her some time? But I really wanted to.

Act Three: oh


Fuck outta here, I sensed some sinister vibes from her from the start, no meme'ing here. The flawless looking types are always fucked up somehow.

What about Shrek? He's perfect in everyway possible and he ain't fucked up.

Well thats a little bit unfair mate, he is the definition of perfect, I'm talking about humans.

But isn't he part human since he's always in our hearts?

Likewise, wanderer.

Understandable, have a great day soldier of Sayori clan.

No, that's Sayori.

Well, your wish is fulfilled right. Now everyone is happy.

No 420, mayonaise is not an instrument. It is the meaning of life.

Is mayonaise an instrument?