My 2 day DIY with Plasti dip. For a spray paint Noob I think it came out damn good.

I can't believe someone got paid to design those headlights.

Some dude I drove past every day on my way into work plasti-dipped his car bright fricking orange. It looked like it glowed. Over the next few months I got to see it fade from orange to pale sickly orange, then the color started coming off the panels, one panel at a time. The car was black underneath. It as kind of neat to see, I'd keep an eye out for him to see how the decay progressed.

edit: It was a VW Jetta.

My friends and I do amateur racing, and I've been dying to paint a car red and do a flesh-tone layer of plastidip on top, to show battle damage.

I actually really like the headlights and the front end in general, though I think they look stupid as hell on a jeep. That headlight and front end combo would look amazing on a much lower to the group car, something like a coupe or a sedan.

That jeep looks like a sedan with cancer

Personally I like the chrome. I guess you kids need to stay off my lawn. I just dont like the new look you kids are all ga ga over.


Edit: Version 2.1:

when I tried to submit it the formatting kept getting all screwed up so I had to make a screenshot lol


Edit: Version 2.1:

when I tried to submit it the formatting kept getting all screwed up so I had to make a screenshot lol

So did the driver


If you live in western NY, and the car is a subaru impreza, I saw it posted for sale on craigslist a few weeks ago. It looks awful.

Found it:

LOL. at first I was like, wow this is actually not bad... I don't get it.

Then I hit the last few photos.

That is remarkable.

A better DIY idea would be to take a shovel, and repeatedly smash the front end in until it looks unrecognisable. It will look much better. The fact you have to 'warn' "haters" to 'keep it shut' clearly says to me that you already understand that this car looks worse than an inbred shark with some kind of related genetic disorder.

There are so many things that absolutely astound me about the universe, dark matter, time, gravity, the origins of the universe itself and yet nothing astounds me more than how cars like this can actually be brought by real live humans. It just boggles the mind.

It looks like a mix of a 1986 porsche 924 (the worst one), an (inbred) squashed shark, and just a little bit of a jeep.

First time a Hyundai has been referred to as a "luxury car."

I saw a civic like that. Bright orange spray paint. Over the coming months it faded quickly top to bottom, but it actually looked better as it faded because it transitioned down the sides of the car from white to orange and ALMOST looked intentional.

Then a few more months went by and it was white to yellow fade, the orange was gone.

Then a few weeks later it was in a ditch and the guy died.

Tl; Dr; Orange spray paint will kill you.

Orange and white camo

Reminds me of when the Dude describes his car as having "some brown, rust-like coloration."

There's absolutely no reason why someone who used plasti-dip for a diy should be on the front page.

I can't believe people still spend money on the rolling shit heaps known as Chrysler vehicles.

Year after year after year their vehicles are ranked dead last for reliability. Yet people spend money on them.

Save your money, buy a god damn Honda.

I've always felt like the designers never intended for the front end to look like that, and the night before the design was to be approved, cleaning staff accidentally sat on the clay mold and the flat nose design got signed off the following day.

1) Subaru's have great resale value.. well some anyway. Not sure if a '10 impreza would.

2) it doesn't need a new paint job.

That's not a jeep, its a fiat posing as a jeep.

I particularly like how he says he'll include the stripper at no cost, eventhough he admits he already went through 3 cans of it and quit in frustration.

That would look amazing! Do it and report back to us!

That took an unexpected turn

This reminds me of the vehicross 15 years ago.

Honda makes good cars and engines that are near bullet proof, you can't really argue with that. I drive an F-350 and GMC Sierra but I can still respect Honda as one of the best manufacturers in the world as far as reliability goes.

We don't need the whole world driving trucks and muscle cars, there is room for the little fuel efficient vehicles too, so why don't we drop the 'Merika bullshit and step into the 21'st century.

I dont get all black accents either, makes the car look like it has steel rims and a shit paint job, no offence., just not my taste

How did you get it off the cars paint, it just peels?

To be fair Honda has put out some turds recently. The Civic went from one of the most recommended cars in it's class by Consumer Reports to near the bottom of the list in 2012. I test drove a CR-Z not long ago and it was incredibly weak feeling, the handling was very meh and the interior wasn't impressive at all (and it also has the place for the two rear seats to go, but for some reason or another the removed them from the NA models, it looks very strange). My mom also has a 2013 Odyssey with very low miles that has already had to have one of the motors in one of the auto side doors replaced and the transmission feels like it can never make up its mind which gear it wants to be in.

Do Hondas suck? No of course not, but that doesn't mean that if it has a Honda badge it's a sure bet. Every manufacturer has made their share of design mistakes, and while some brands tend to be better than others overall, it's still best to look at individual models and configurations rather than brands.

"Looks like sh*t! offence sir."

I once thought of black trimming the chrome on my Azera, then I realized it looks silly since black accents scream "teenager with bad taste". You don't take a luxury car and hide the chrome, it just doesn't look right to me.

Plastidip also makes a gloss clear coat, which will turn the matte finish into a gloss paint-like finish. Did that on a set of mustang wheels before I decided to go with aftermarket chrome or black wheels. Turned out great and I went with gloss black wheels.

Plastidip also makes a gloss clear coat, which will turn the matte finish into a gloss paint-like finish. Did that on a set of mustang wheels before I decided to go with aftermarket chrome or black wheels. Turned out great and I went with gloss black wheels.

No amount of plasti dip can make that thing look like a jeep. What you did looks good though. Haha

But if you don't have ~$2,000 to spend on it, just plasti dip it and make sure you do it correctly.

Actually the part that looks like a headlight is actually the DRL, the headlight is right below them.

Source: I was the engineer responsible for the harness that connects to the headlights.

LOL. I find it funny when people say it'll just peel off easy if i dont like it....

I did my entire 240Z this way. Its way harder to get an even paint job on the bigger panels. Next time I'm going to buy PlasitDip by the gallon and use my Dad's spray gun. By the way the FlexiDip is an inferior product; paint spray pattern is round, not a nice flat spray, and it is much harder to get the nice thick coverage needed for a smooth finish.


Looked better before imho

Pity upvotes for the ugly ass car?

Did you really dickbutt your car?

Bro, didn't you see?

Car Needs Nothing

It's good to go. $9k easy.

Yea there is a ton of info on youtube about it. It's kinda crazy stuff seems to work really well and is much more forgiving than spray paint, which I would never put on a car.

That's cool, otherwise I imagine it would be super hard to mask around the letters.

Also just saw your bumper sticker, Who Dat!

Was all ready to up vote. You lost me at honda.

You know the first few times I saw them I hated them , but they grew on me... these pics seem to make them a little more flat than they actually are... I've actually grown to like them on this car.

Amature? Sounds a lot more intense then amateur.

Maybe you're speaking of an entire paint job, but I dipped the black grill of my 06 GTI and it held up very well for over three years.

Meh, could be worse.


More remarkable that hes commanding $9k for a 4 year old car that cost 18 grand new, 40% over average miles per year, aftermarket stereo, and needing a full $2000 paintjob with extra labor for his abortion.

They must smoke some really good shit up in Buffalo.

They aren't headlights, the headlights are lined up with the bottom of the grille

What about the roof racks

Damn stupid teenagers and their stupid low riding plasti dipped BMWs. Get off my lawn and stop stealing the wheels off my goddam Honda Fit!

good lord the cherokee is repulsive!

There's a name for that: throwing good money after bad.

I've owned two Jeeps, an XJ Cherokee and WJ Grand Cherokee both with the 4.0L I6, which were pretty damn reliable. Even when they needed work, it was simple enough to do myself and usually inexpensive.

Both of those vehicles had over 200,000 miles on them when I parted with them and bought a new economy car, and still ran well. I don't regret switching to something way more fuel efficient, but I also very much look forward to the day my lifestyle and salary can afford new Jeep. My little Elantra just isn't fun to drive like those Jeeps were.

That being said, I'm wary to try any of these newer vehicles with a lot of Fiat involvement just yet.

Can't beat free strippers

I can appreciate the passion about the brand's history, but at the same time these two vehicles are just their latest ventures into the crossover SUV market... They're not replacing the wrangler or the grand cherokee. The brand is still alive and well, imo. I think the problem is that they should have used another name other than "Cherokee" on this particular vehicle, because this implies they're picking up where the last cherokee left off... And that rubs people the wrong way of they remember the original, iconic Cherokee.

It looks like a damn mitsubishi outlander.

I actually really like the headlights.

I can't belive people like these, as a technician I know that the new Cherokees are built on a mini van chassis. Who would want that. They will not hold value. Sorry. Edit: spelling (drunk)

It "defiantly" looked better before.

Ugh, I agree. Jeeps are supposed to be blocky and badass looking. These are just grocery getters with cargo space...

You rattle canned an entire car? Damn man

nah this was Easter Washington. It was a Jetta. And the orange was more fluorescent than that. Like 1980's parachute pants flourescent.

The key is to use at least three coats so it's thick enough to peel. Otherwise it just tears little bits off instead of one big sheet.

Just wait until the renegade comes out, then you'll feel really dumb for calling this one a fiat.

TIL an Azera is a luxury car.