My daughter does this every time she wakes up and sees me

My daughter does this every time she wakes up and sees me

My wife went out for the night and I'm watching my daughter for the night. I happen to be there when she was waking up from a nap and her first words were "Go get mama back now."

This is adorable

This is much better than the alternative I experience where I nearly shit myself when I wake up to one of my children standing over me staring in the darkness.

Yup. Being a parent is so hard. Every day brings it's challenges. Sometimes you just want to walk away.

Then they smile at you. They look at you like you're the best thing they've ever had in their life. They run across the room and wrap their arms around you.

Every day when I get my son from school he runs to me, yelling "mom! Mom!" And every day, in that moment, every struggle, every fight, every time crying in the bathroom worrying that you're a terrible mom, it all goes away. And you're filled with love.

I almost spartan kicked my son for doing the same thing. He had a sheep mask on he got from the Zoo and whispered..."dad...I need to pee"

Peasant do my bidding at once. And, while you're up, retrieve my sippy cup post haste.

One of the best feelings in the world.

Man I'm a shitty son :(

Edit: I sent my parents a text hoping the had a good Sunday and I missed them

I'm a teacher and I have one kid that react just like your daughter when she sees me. No matter how shitty my day has been, it always melts my heart to see someone excited about my presence.

Edit: Happy to see this got sight. This if proof indeed, that a sincere smile is always the best remedy. Say hello. Stop by. Smile. Start changing the world by changing someone's day :)

The smile is just heart melting

LMAO middle of the night and putting a sheep mask on to go to the bathroom... kids man.

Mine sleep walks around my room. The silent foot steps are the worst. Like, are you about to come cuddle with me, or are you about to levitate and release demons?

Hey homie... if you still have your parents in your life, it's not too late to build a stronger relationship with your parents. i have bros that wish they could suck up their pride and show affection to parents they don't have no more. stay up homie

And she looks waaaaay too cozy in that hat. I'm jealous.

I have a teacher that I see as a father. Every morning, every class, and every afternoon, no matter how hard his or my day has been, I make sure to stop by, smile, and say Hi.

I would give up the world for him.

Edit: Woah this gained momentum fast.

Okay, now I want to tell y'all a story. My dad and I used to be inseparable. It was the most special of father-daughter relationships. He was very protective of me and wanted nothing short of the best for me. He looked up to me. He was there for me. He was all I could ever ask for from a Dad. I loved him very very much. Now, the story is much different. The unthinkable happened. It's been months since he and I spent time together. I haven't gotten a hug from him since last year. He and I talked maybe 6 times since January, and most of those conversations are over text. Usually it's just a Hi and Hey. Nothing more. I lost my Dad. Everything he and I had, just... gone.

That teacher has been there for me. He quickly took me under his wing and tended to me. He listened to me when I initially lost all contact with my dad. I... I don't know where I'd be without him there. He has kept me going through many of my hardest days.

Today at church, his family and I were sitting together. The pastors wife began talking about fathers and how important those relationships are. I broke down crying, turned to my teacher, and excused myself for a moment. When I came back, he leaned his shoulder on me, and smiled one of the most genuine and caring smiles I've ever seen.

That teacher, alongside his wife and daughter, took me in as one of their own.

I am grateful for everything he and his family has done for me. I honestly don't even know if I'd still be breathing if it weren't for them.

TL;DR: I miss you, Dad. I wish I could turn back time, just to spend it with you.

Edit 2: Many have asked about what exactly happened between me and my dad. Here is the answer:

My dad had a job. 15 years there. He was the only one in our house of 5 to have a job. Money was tight as it is. We lived paycheck to paycheck.

In June/July, my grandfather had a few major health issues that resulted in week long hospital stays. The money had to come from somewhere, so it came from my dads savings. Fast forward to September. Something went down at work, there was a dispute, and my dad was put on administrative leave while an investigation was conducted. My dad was found to be innocent, but was framed and, as luck would have it, favoritism took over, thus my Dad lost his job.

Money became SUPER tight. We werent going to be able to afford our February house payment. I asked to get a job, to help them out, but they declined. December now. I began talking about moving out to ease the financial burden. They never made any comment about it. Come January, I left, became self sustained with my own bills and doctor expenditures, and lived apart from my dad. I tried to help out financially, but nothing was accepted. Everyone in that house, exception being my father, now act like strangers to me. They say I dont love anyone and that I am selfish and ungrateful. For trying to help them. It got to my dad, who feels scrutiny for trying to even see if I'm still living or not. He began putting distance between me and him.

And here we are now. Just acquaintances. He doesn't see me as much of any daughter anymore. It hurts. I'm depressed. I'm sorry for making this single comment into a freaking biography about my life's drama.

Cherish your parents. You never know what could happen.

Having the worst day ever, this would melt your heart.

This is my daughter Dolly. I love her so much she is an absolute joy to everyone she is around!

I know you're joking but while my daugther looks to mama first for most things if any of her toys break or runs out of batteries she runs right up to me.. NO MATTER WHAT I'M DOING (like I could be in the bathroom.. she can open doors now).. and shove the toy in my face and demand "FIX IT!.. FIX IT NOW!" while pointing to the locked drawer she knows I keep my screwdriver in.

Truth. My dad used to call me every single day while I was in college and I ignored his calls every other day.. Man what I wouldn't give to see his name pop up on my phone one more time

I can guarantee that child went to sleep with that mask already on

I miss those days. Now i get a grunt, if anything.

Lol, look at you, so fancy with a reddit account

Remember -- you're the parent and it's your job to continue loving them unconditionally, it's not their job to show you appreciation. They will if you can see them through to a mature understanding of life, but not if you give up, or start expecting them to meet your needs before they're ready.

Please note I just wrote all of that to myself and I didn't mean to be harsh to you in any way.

My bottom demands thy attention! Dispose of my soilings before I let slip the poops of war upon thy slovenly hovel.

It comes back around don't worry

I'm a stay at home mom and had to go back to my hometown for a few days for a funeral. My husband stayed home with the kids. Usually he's the favorite. My son walked around in the basement crying and saying he "lost his mommy." I've never wanted to get on an airplane back home faster.

oh my god this is me right now. I ignore his calls half the time. I'm about to call my dad and tell him I love him right now.

Girls who dont care about STEM are awesome too, just throwin it out there

I came home one day last week and was expecting my daughter to come running up and yelling "Daaaadddyyy" but instead she was at grandma's for the weekend unplanned.

You would think I would be stoked for a free weekend, but I was bummed out. I think about her all day at work and it was disappointing to not have her there.

The love from your child is the most amazing thing this world has to offer.

It's always demons.

Her older sister claims that honor

When my 3 year old is sick of daddy time he says "No Daddy stop it go away!" and pushes me towards the door.

Both of ours, I'm the mom, he's the dad who doesn't quite understand what reddit is but he's as enamored of our kids as I am

"Raising a kid is like sending a rocket ship to the moon. You spend the early years in constant contact, and then one day around the teenage years, they go around the dark side and they're gone. And all you can do is wait for that faint signal that says they're coming back." - Claire Dunphy

This is the only picture of a child on this sub I’ve upvoted. Congratulations.

Please. Promise me you will use this to teach her how to use a screwdriver. How to take things apart and put them back together. How to examine things herself. How to empower her curiosity. How to become an engineer, or another part of STEM.

As a teacher, thank you. Sometimes we’re humans too and need to feel wanted/appreciated. I bet it makes his day.

My first kid is entering this world in October and I hope I have plenty of moments like this. We find out the sex on Friday and I'm really excited.

Lol, look at you, so fancy with a SO

Why do people hate children on this sub?

In my mind I heard “TeheheHYEAAARRGH”

She's 3 isn't she LOL

Adorable! Please no jackets on in the car seat. It compresses in a crash and can cause the kiddo to be flung from the car seat. An alternative is taking the coat off, buckling the harness (chest clip at armpit level) and put the coat on backwards! Worked well for us.

Real life Louise Belcher ❤️

I was the worst at this as a kid. I faintly tapped my mom on the shoulder/back until she woke up. I was usually like six inches from her face and every time she'd about jump out of the bed. Most of the time I just couldn't get to sleep, but there were several times that I would tell them I didn't feel good and promptly puke on their beige carpet. They weren't big fans of that.

She scared the punctuation outta ya.

The he counted himself to sleep.

Look at you two, so fancy with your adorable internet conversations hahaha I’m so lonely

How do I interpret this? Especially with your username

I'm sick right now, thanks for the emotional crisis on top of that, reddit.

I'm cry-laughing from this comment because my kids would so do this.

Apparently I forgot having two parents is a thing. Your daughter is absolutely darling!

step daughter sleep walks.

Worst time was when I went up to the bathroom middle of the night to pee.

She is exacly like the grudge girl because she has dark long hair and it falls over her face when she leans her head a bit forward when sleep walking.

Anyway she is standing in the bathtub, towards the wall, she sees me in the mirror, turns slow towards me and starts grinning and smiling like she is some sort of maniac.

I slowly turn and tell her mom that her daughter is scary as fuck. Mom aint leavin bed!! chickenshit!

So I just tell the daughter that it's time to go to bed and she cooperates. Goes to bed.

When she is awake she is this shy timid smart & slow girl.

Sleep walker her is Stern! crazy! and walks fast like she is late for work.

I can understand not liking kids when they are throwing a tantrum but you would have to be a psychopath to dislike a kid as adorable as this.

Honestly, some people really don't like kids.

Shit, my wife is afraid our daughter will skin her. The four year old is always talking about how soft my wife's skin is.

So sweet. I still get that from my youngest. My oldest growls and burrows into her pillows like a disgruntled badger.

My good friend had very supportive and loving parents. When he was in college he basically just was too busy "being free" and having fun to want to call them back. He'd occasionally answer but that was maybe 1 out of 5 times. At best he talked to them once a week, at worst sometimes once a month.

Senior year in college his mom died in a car accident. The morning of the accident he ignored her phone call and she left a voicemail saying she was really proud of him for nearly being done with college. She said she hoped he could come home for the upcoming weekend and she'd make his favorite meal for his birthday. It's been a few years since but he is definitely still affected by it.

Sometimes people just take things for granted and assume they will always be there. "Mom's not going anywhere, I'll just call her next week." My friend's situation really changed how I viewed family and made me not take it for granted.

What the fuck? Where do keep getting these cute kids?

She should be in the next starwars


Looks like she was about to attack


I mean aren't animals the same way too? I love dogs but they can be loud as hell sometimes, aggressive, picking up and cleaning their shit is annoying, cleaning up their vomit is annoying, making em take a bath is annoying etc. The main difference is kids grow out of that in a few years imo

You have all da power

I used to do this too! I stopped when my dad came into the room in his sleep drunk phase, he was really exhausted, he somehow couldn’t see me and looked like he was trying to open his eyes and figure out what he was I leaped at him going “AHHH” to try and scare him and he almost kicked me across the room while screaming in horror. I can’t imagine what he thought I was at that moment, but it’s hilarious.

I got in a lot of trouble for it. He also scared the living shit out of me the following week by putting my robo raptor in the bathroom on guard mode, which made a roar each time it sensed someone, scared the fuck outta me. Whilst the shock of the damn thing wore off, he suddenly grabbed me from behind and I nearly pooped myself and then he said “next time you try and scare me, remember this”.

My mans ain’t nothing to fuck with

That there is literature.

That explains quite a lot.

My sister is 7 years younger than me when she was 5ish she would sleep walk her go to move would be to stand at the end of the hall so when you would wake up to go pee she would be just standing there and if you said anything she would sprint full speed back to her room I almost peed my self because of her multiple times


He made an account just to say that his daughter is adorable? That's even more adorable. :D

It's the shoulder scrunch that pushes it over the top :)

Somethings def not adding up here.

"Okay, I'm done with this activity, i'm going to stop doing it now." Kids are so simple, it's amazing

Lol separation anxiety going both ways there

It's a lot of Reddit really. /sub/childfree people are all over the place.

Fuck that sub btw :) Nothing wrong with not wanting kids, but that subreddit is full of WAY too much toxicity towards literally any and every child.

I was thinking more Finn from Adventure Time. Very adorable.

Back when internet was slow, and I was the son. I tip toe to our computer to download games carefully not to wake up my parents. Sad part is the computer is in my parents' room. I had a small nokia cellphone torch lit as I walked into their room. My dad then leaped forward with whatever had in his hand, which happened to be a pillow. Threw it at me and realized it was me when he grabbed on to a chair, thank God. I was shook, and crying like a 8 year old I was. That was the last day I Pirated.

I’m 23 and living with my parents because of finances. I just went into the other room and told my dad what you said and I told him I loved him. We both had a big smile on our face. I think you helped a lot of people do that tonight, even if you didn’t realize it. Thanks bud and I hope everything goes well for you

If my heart melted that might make my day worse.

Dear god I would have murdered the paeganist.

Playing Chewie's daughter

For real. Apparently I used to scream for someone to come get me outta my crib as a kid.

If anyone came but my mom, I was staying.

My dad cut off all contact with me and kicked me out of his truck when I begged him to stop constantly telling me what a horrible person my mom was after they got divorced. He picked me up and the first words out of his mouth were cursing my mom and when I said "Dad! Please, stop." he kicked me out (left me in a parking lot) and wouldn't see or speak to me for a year. We had a great relationship before this and it devastated me. We even have a great relationship now (I'm 31) and I can't type this up without shedding tears.

Sometimes parents lose all perspective.

That would have bummed me out. I know no matter how busy or stressful my day has been, my kid is gonna go nuts when I walk through the door. Best part of every day.

Sure does

Good call.. Imagining my kids doing this to me in the future breaks my heart.

I'm so used to this sub being pictures of dogs sitting, I forgot you can post things other than cute animals on this sub.

If you're having a kid the sex was vaginal, that's the only kind that makes kids.

Well son, when a man and a woman love each other... They.... Let's just say storks brought them😅.

I think it's the general idea of a child. Yes, the child in this is being adorable right now, but that's definitely not the kid's behavior always. A lot of these people dislike the rest of it. The misbehaving, the loudness, etc. etc. I'm not a kid fan myself, but I can appreciate when one is being adorable. However, given the choice, I'd stay far away from kids whenever possible.

at the rate kids are indoctrinating into STEM, they're be an overflowing glut. In the mean time the dirth of any Arts will result in a a society which has little intellectual depth.

Happily people are realizing this -- hence the knew moniker of STEAM ... and ... lo unto the world we're full circle back to a normal educational process of teaching kids shit they'll need to know to survive in the world, rather than man the wheel of a worker drone job.


This! I was looking to see if anyone pointed this out. She's an adorable kid, please take her jacket off before you buckle her in so she stays being that adorable kiddo.

Both of my daughters do the same... if they wake up and mom isn’t here... crisis

Tbh, i remember when I was like 6, I walked into my parents room and opened my moms eyelid while she was sleeping. She freaked the hell out. I ran back into bed.

Amazing analogy. Scary as fuck, but amazing

Shoulder scrunch and face scrunch is so authentic.


My brother once woke me up by little slapping me in the face. I woke up and was like wtf

This made my heart happy! Thanks for sharing!

What a drug!