My daughter and my puppy fight over who's going to warm their butt on the vent in the morning. The baby won today. The puppy is pouting about it.

My daughter and my puppy fight over who's going to warm their butt on the vent in the morning. The baby won today. The puppy is pouting about it.

It's all fun and games til one of them accidentally shits in the heating vent.

This warmed my heart probably as much as your daughters butt.

It's a baby and a dog. It's bound to happen.

This is one of those comments that's sweet until taken out of context, then it's just randomly creepy.

Puppy is pouting, but daughter is gloating.

Is there a story here?

Why aren't you posting this in /sub/aww and harvesting that sweet karma?

I've once saw a baby take a pee into a TV. And funny enough, the TV's colors all became various shades of yellow.

That puppy is thinking what every young mother is thinking: only 2 more years til preschool.

Didn't know that existed. Thx

my brother in law once did the same, when he was drunk. Our TV stopped working though...

I don't think I've ever been "Piss on a TV" drunk..

There's enough room on that vent for Jack too, Rose


Yeah i felt that when posting. It's never good to reference yourself and a baby's bottom in the same sentence.

Not trying hard enough.

You didn't know it existed?! Well, now you will lose a few hours looking at cute stuff. :P

My pupper and daughter used to do the same.


Edit: a letter

You spelled "years" wrong...

That puppy looks like he just burned ramen in the microwave

So adorable.

My first thought was that if your daughter farted, your dogs face is right there.

My second thought is that if your dog farted, your daughters face is right there.

My third thought is that it could be like a perpetual fart. Traveling from nose to butt, then from butt to the others nose, then out their butt and to the original nose in a consistent state of perpetual ass to nose farting circle cycle.

My forth thought is that I need a drink.

Why don't you take a seat over here

As a conniseur of butt warming over hot air, I must say that they are sitting much too close to the vent.

TIL the puppy is actually a college kid.

My cat pissed on the intake fan to my pc. In a spot where it drew the piss inside the case. It took me months to figure out where it was coming from. By accident... I cleaned the case one day.

Imagine no smell in the am, (home office) you go in, sit down, wife left for work, house all to yourself... all quiet, a bit chilly, which is good for overclocking, you boot up the PC and all is fine, then ... 30.. 40 minutes later you start smelling cat piss. You hunt for it and you can't figure out where the smell is coming from. It is everywhere in the room... evenly circulated throughout the room. And you give up in frustration, shut down the pc, leave... and go work on your laptop at starbucks... later ... wife comes home. You tell her to go in the room which reeks like cat piss according to you.. and nothing. Not a single f'ing whiff of it. For months.

Yeah... ha ha. I hate cats.

I had a drunk guy at a party pee in my dryer once. It worked after that, wasn’t working before.

Go the fuck to sleep!

what the fuck

And she should have her blanket wrapped around front to back to harness the heat!

I think that is what he is trying to do.........

Never let go jack! lets go

You need to up your game then

/sub/aww is 10 years old

/sub/aww has 16,323,540 subscribers

Assume every user has submitted a post

Someone would have to look at one post every 2 seconds for 24hr/day to see everything in one year. Laughable since it could be closer to 11 years old (not specific enough) and it's likely that there's more than one post/user with all of the power accounts.

"Why would you have a wicker toilet?"

I wonder how this will play out. The human is smarter, but the puppy will grow bigger faster.

At what point do you start considering that's just his fetish?

in his defence it was in the house of my/our parents and he was there the second time, was drunk as hell and went into the wrong room. My other sister and her husband were sleeping there, woke up and told him the error of his ways... Its definitly one of my most favorite "drunk stuff" stories.

Your daughter is the Alpha

1) aww

2) awww

3) ???

4) awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Mixing your smoke with drink, huh

When my dog was a puppy she took a spite-piss in my floor vent after I stopped her from pulling a lamp off of a table. Was a bad time man. I can’t imagine it being poo

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The puppy is merely venting his frustration about the situation.

I know. It was ridiculously random when I saw it happen. Surprised the baby wasn't electrocuted.

:picks up phone:

"We found him."

I miss that so much. Sitting over the vent on cold mornings with a blanket.

Fucking casuals

I'm amazed they didn't murder you

When I was like, 3 I peed on the PlayStation whilst my siblings were playing Crash Bandicoot

No... the dryer wouldnt start, a guy had too much to drink and peed in it, then it started working.

Unfortunately the thought to hire a drunk guy to pee in it never crossed my mind or that would have been the first thing I tried

4 hours later, 51,000 upvotes on /sub/aww compared to 6,000 here.

When pot pourri becomes vent pourri.

Honestly, I can't wait to show my friends this picture. The smug look on her face just kills me. This shit is hilarious.

TIFU by letting my daughter warm her butt

And that's how the heater games begin.

Alright! Cookies!

I still do it. Am 47. I give zero fucks.

not with that attitude it isn't

Well... He still sits in a wheel chair because of them

When my Dad was a resident after medical school, he witnessed a dermatologist treating a man with severe burns to his genitals. This was caused by urination off of a dorm building onto a high voltage power line.

Don't just trust mythbusters.

After the murders, anyway

exactly my thoughts. or one day when she parks a fat one in her diaper and heats that thing up with the vent. the whole house will smell like death for a week.

TIFU by letting my dog warm his butt

and it's likely that there's more than one post/user with all of the power accounts.

I would say it's more likely to be much less considering the lurkers.

Not so much fun when the electricity travels up your piss stream.

Plot twist: Puppers pooped in the heat grate, baby is getting heated doggo poop scent piped up her nose.

Posted this in /sub/aww, but hairdryers make excellent butt warmers.