My Dad is blind. He met my dog, Ginny, for the first time this weekend. He hasn’t stopped talking about her since.

My Dad is blind. He met my dog, Ginny, for the first time this weekend. He hasn’t stopped talking about her since.

Looks like they like each other ❤

Dog feeling relaxed af

He keeps talking about ‘how funny her belly’ felt. It’s so cute.

This can be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Dad feeling relaxed af

This dude looks like he's in his early 20's

He is very flattered and my mom thinks this is hilarious

LGB!!! Cute dog! Go Dad!

He’s very happy about the Blues comment

I used to always think how awesome my human sized hand must have felt on their tummy. Like a moving heated blanket :)

you need to get your dad a dog

And he's a Blues fan. UpNotes all around!

Edit: looks like a Mizzou banner in the back. I regret for I only have one karma to give.

Dad: Like many other Americans, I come home and pet my dog. You see, petting your dog is one of the most relaxing things you can possibly do. It releases oxytocin.

He does not want it to come to that. He’s very independent and proud. (Did not tell him about this comment, but it’s true lol).

He hasn't stopped talking about her since

'Like, for real now, you're telling me that was definitely a dog? Seriously? Not a very friendly rat? A smaller than average cat? No?'

He says “they are too much work”.

Honestly can’t see anything about him to convince me he is NOT actually 20 years old. He looks like he could be in one of my college classes.

looks like the dog already trusts him blindly 😘

He says ZOU and LGB. He graduated from mizzou with a computer science degree

I have big hands, just sayin.

brb gonna get blind

He’s 52

Ahahaha he does make jokes about her. How somebody could step on her and she’s be on the bottom of their shoe

TIL: Redditors’ dads are like my age or younger. Fuck.

budun pshhh 🥁

they are a lot of work, it's true. but counterpoint: service dog? might be helpful for your dad

My mom is also a romance author, so she describes in detail what’s going on.

"His hockey stick extended, as if meeting the puck halfway on their mutual journey to score."

I feel him on this, but he may want to consider it more as a companion rather than a guardian looking after him.

The number of nights I spend on the couch rambling to my dog, and all she does is lie there and listen while I pet her, is immense, and incredibly soothing.

But also I’m sure he knows what’s best for him. Dogs are great and I hope he gets to spend more time with yours!

Edit: I don’t know why I assumed he wasn’t married. No offense to your mum

Blind at 13. He has seen dogs before. But none so tiny as Ginny

Is it weird that I kinda want to experience it now?

Is oxytocin another name for the red stuff oozing from the love bites of my puppy?

So what you're telling us is that you're about 12.

I’m actually from my mom and a sperm donor. But my Dad raised me. He didn’t want to pass on the gene. I only found out last year and I’m 23. I think it was a big sacrifice for him.

Yes, he listens to the games on the radio. He’s a huge sports fan. I don’t know if he imagines anything because he hasn’t had sight since 13. It’s a very rare blood disorder that only affects males. I’m thinking about doing an AMA with him so these kind of questions would be answered. He doesn’t like talking about it much. My mom is also a romance author, so she describes in detail what’s going on.

They forgot to mention puppies are part shark the first couple weeks


We might do an AMA so I’m keeping things under wrap rn you guys. He’s considering it

You would think. You try arguing with him

This is your dad? How old are you? Because he literally looks like 25 years old max. Anyway, cute dad, cute puppy!!

You’re telling me the man in that photo is older than 27?!


Pup belly rubs translate exactly the same in braille.

The accepted internet retort is "Up yours!"

My apologies

The Great White Bark

No, that’s not Braille that’s dog nipples

Holy shit, OP! Your father sounds amazing, it's rare to put aside your own wants in order for your kids to prevail. Props to him and you

That’s how they know he can’t see

The accepted onomatopoeia is "Badum-Tsss."

"This is my father's seeing-eye bitch, Sammy Davis Junior Jr."

That's not a fun joke to play on someone blind, letting him wear a Blues jersey.

On the other hand very cute!

On the other other hand, is he a big hockey fan? Like does he listen just to the commentators and imagine the plays? I'm curious since I know for me, I can imagine the plays when hearing them from having actually seen similar plays happen.

He uses audio programs that read everything he clicks out loud to him. It’s a super slow process. As a kid I’d try to get on his ‘special computer’ at night only to have it scream, ‘HTTPDOTDOTSLASHSLASH-‘ then I was in trouble

For real though, were your parents young when they had you?

Idk if it’s worth it judging by how weird most redditors hands look recently.

He’s actually a Black Hawks fan, his family buys him Blues apparel as a long-running joke.

Edit: eh, I was late to this thread with that one.

I’m 23!

Honestly can’t see anything about him to convince me he is NOT actually 20 years old.

He can't either

I foster puppies for The Seeing Eye, the eldest US guide dog school, I'd be happy to answer any questions.




I'd love to. My opening gambit would be. "Are you mental? The only thing that doesn't suck about being blind is it comes with a dog. Being blind and not getting a dog is like losing a hand and not getting a pirate hook. You're just not taking advantage of the only positive thing about it.

And it's not just any dog, it's the greatest dog it's possible to have, obedient, well behaved, ridiculously intelligent, it does shit for you on command, it looks after you. And you don't even need to train it yourself! You'd have to be literally crazy to turn it down."

Exactly what I was thinking. Is OP like 5 or something?

Was he born blind or has he seen a dog with his eyes before? Just curious. Edit: I read further down he lost his vision as a young man.

Sorry. Let’s go blues is a chant at Saint louis blues NHL hockey games. Mizzou is the nickname for university of Missouri, a university in Columbia, Missouri.

Dogs are such whores, have you ever seen your dog for all crazy in love with someone else and got completely jealous? This is a great post btw.

LGB lets go blues. MIZ is part of a mizzou chant that’s followed up with ZOU.

Looks like he's using a Ouija board, except it's a doggo instead.

Yeah. But it doesn’t bother me. He doesn’t bond with animals much so seeing him take it up with her is priceless

Dude dogs are the best. I had a really rough weekend and so I came home Monday night and spent the rest of the night in a blanket with my two dogs in our recliner. Best night I've had in awhile. Plus they love all the same shows I do!


my first thought was "wait he's too cute to be someone's dad"

MJ Schiller 😊

oh good so I was just about to start up dinner and I was wondering, soft shell or hard shell tacos?


That' s awesome. Can you tell us a little about your dads story? Is your mother blind? How did a blind guy get into computers, especially in the earlier days of computers?

Lots of dogs can be dads

That is a huge sacrifice. He must love you so much.

My wife and I have chosen to not have kids. I never even think about it. I had a conversation a few weeks back with a couple of decent people who were younger. Then, I realized that I was voting before they were born. They were smart "kids" old enough to be in a bar, and I could be their dad. I'm more than twice their age. Just weird.

We named one of our cats Sammy Davis Jr Jr because he’s skinny, black, wears a tuxedo, is blind in one eye and might be Jewish. Also, we’d just watched that movie.

He looks like he could be your bro in that pic. Doesn't look over 28

Uh huh, uh huh... ELI5?

This is simply beautiful. "Dogs do speak, but only to those who listen."

His hearing is awesome. And yes he does. He went to a high school for the blind in MO

Next year we will be voting alongside people who weren't born before 9/11. Let that soak in.

Ouija bork

Please....go on.

52! Holy fountain of youth Batman!

I bet she feels even more adorable than she looks.

Wtf was all that LGB ZOU stuff? Eli5?

At work I get a half hour break everyday for my 9 hour shift, and I usually eat breakfast/lunch because it’s the only time I have to (busy fast paced job) before I go home. But one day was so crazy and I was so stressed I drove home on my break instead to just sit on my couch and pet my dogs for a few minutes and calm down. And even though I spent the majority of my break driving home and back, it was the best break I’ve ever taken. When I walked in my front door those dogs were as happy to see me as I was to see them. (Shout out /sub/tippytaps )

seeing you comment up about your dad majoring on computer science. i was just curious if your dad does programming with headphones..

What’s your mom’s pen name if you don’t mind me asking? I love romance genre. Binge on it frequently!

LGB - Let's Go Blue's - Hockey team from Saint Louis, MO

MIZZOU - University of Missouri - Columbia

It's been shortened to Mizzou for a reason I have yet to find. But when one Mizzouite shouts M-I-Z, it is customary to respond with Z-O-U.

I was looking for this lol! Seriously, he looks like maybe 30. Op, how old is your dad?

I ❤️ to hear that other people have full on conversations with their dogs. I constantly tell mine “I love you too much”, which is true, because when they inevitably pass I’m gonna lose my shit.

Hes 12 and a half thank you very much!

might be Jewish

Is he a non-practicing, ethnically Jewish cat or did you get him after Hanukkah and you're just going to wait and see how this year turns out?

Feels weird to (most likely) live so near to a front page post


Cool photo. Thanks for sharing the moment. His sense of touch / feeling is probably greatly enhanced with his blindness? does he read Braille?

Can't say I blame him!