My dad, determined to take in the view despite his crippling fear of heights

My dad, determined to take in the view despite his crippling fear of heights

Lol your dad seems like a fun guy.

Reminds me of tourists freaking out on the glass walkway in Tianmen mountain

Is your username an e.e. cummings reference?

Haha I think so!

Yep! That's the first time anyone has picked up on it! I wish I had a prize or something for you

The fucking music, lmao.

The fear of heights is common obviously and sometimes rooted in the fear to jump:

Imagine a person with high anxiety sensitivity. She leans over a ledge of the Grand Canyon. In super fast reaction to her physical sensation of anxiety, her survival instinct forces her away from the edge. Yet when she looks at the ledge, she sees it’s sturdy. There was never any danger. Her brain tries to process an answer to the question “Why did I back up if it was safe?” A logical answer is that she must have been tempted to jump. In other words, Hames explained, people misinterpret the instinctual safety signal, and conclude they must have felt an urge to leap.

Found a pic by quickly scanning through Op's history.

by quickly scanning through Op's history.

Now kith

Thank you! I read a ton of poetry, so the great phrases permanently haunt my brain.

I would freak out too, that shit is made in China.

Edit : A few people here can't take a joke

Your dad.... has a really nice ass.

Runs in the family ;)

Haha I know the feeling

I can't speak for my dad but I definitely experience that myself. L'appel du vide

It needed some Dre

Everyone does! Everyone occasionally has the thought "what if I veered this car into this wall" or "what if I exposed myself in public" and etc. People with anxiety are much more prone to buying into and believing those thoughts as facts. (I'm a psychologist btw)

Astonishing view WOWOWOW! and Dads got a tight booty too.

The knee tremble was what got me.

My fave part is when the music stops and it cuts to the last guy!

Well done dad. I can't imagine the toll that took. That crawl took bravery.

I was scared of spiders to the point of not being able to cope. It took years of me forcing myself to look at pictures and watch videos to at least calm it down where I don't just fall apart when dealing with them.

He didn't cry, he didn't puke, and he achieved his goal. Well done.

I live that he says "I'm afraid" as he pulls himself towards the edge. That's the kind of courage and honesty you only find when you're truly afraid. Well done, sir. You're an inspiration.

Yep! That's the first time anyone has picked up on it! I wish I had a prize or something for you

Damn. That's nice.

To be fair, even car parts made in China are still designed and tested to make sure they meet the safety standards of the countries those cars are sold in... whereas Chinese safety standards for buildings and construction projects are undeniably spotty at best for anything built pre-2008 (when the Sichuan earthquake hit and forced them to seriously address the issue). The Tianmen mountain walkway was constructed 2011-2016 and the project was a point of pride for the Chinese government though so it's probably more than safe.

Is your comment an /sub/videos reference?

This was me in Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher! I am very proud of your dad, it's not easy to do it when your fear becomes an intense physical reaction.


They literally smashed the Tianmen walkway panels with sledgehammers to crack them and then drove a car over the broken panels to demonstrate how resilient they are during the inauguration ceremony.

Now that the walkway has been sufficiently structurally weakened, I declare it open to the Chinese public!

You know what, I'm gonna do it

At a great height

Seriously, no joke.

They literally smashed the Tianmen walkway panels with sledgehammers to crack them and then drove a car over the broken panels to demonstrate how resilient they are during the inauguration ceremony.

The panels used in all these bridges are acrylic polycarbonate laminate so while the thin layers of glass sandwiched between the other layers cracking is intuitively frightening to most people the truth is that it doesn't actually affect the structural integrity of the panels all that much. And if you look closely in the video at the 35-40s mark you can see part of the reason why... The panels are 2.5" thick and comprised of dozens of PVB/PU resin film, acrylic/polycarbonate and glass layers but only the top layer (usually 3/8″) of glass actually cracked and the shards are still fully contained within the layering.

Umm..... prove it?

Anytime i look over something that high, I have the urge to jump. Is that a thing?

lol damn this comment made me laugh out loud

your dad is really handsome, OP! and we're very proud of him haha.

Hold up...

I have that too: "L'Appel du Vide"

I have a crippling fear of heights. The issue isn't the ledge, or instinct, but also the fact the human body has its own little brainfarts. Ever had a leg just kick out or give while walking, or had a thing in a hand and just let go? That's what I'm afraid of. The perfect storm of minor events culminating in my falling to my death as I curse my friends for taking me "just once" to insert high place here

Just like a lot of the parts of your car ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Your dad is hot

I've been on a super high glass platform before, and I experienced a similar thing. My knees just stopped working. I'm not even scared of heights.

Thank you! I knew poetry would make me rich one day!

What do you call it when you feel like the guy in the video about heights except in limited circumstances?

As long as I know I'm safe, it's fine. Roller coasters, high dives, even squating on the edge of a 3 story house to clean gutters isn't bad once trained to do it safely.

But I wouldn't get within 20 ft of that cliff. You know those videos of the crazy Russians climbing radio towers? I cannot watch those. Just a video turns my stomach to the point I have to turn it off.

What the hell is that?


I like that he's laughing at his own ridiculousness. The thing about phobias is that they're irrational, and irrational is funny. Its funny that loads of us can't easily walk up to totally safe places and look because it's far and if there wasn't a floor (which there is) we'd fall (like we always would if there wasn't a floor. It's funny that it reduces perfectly rational people to this. And being able to laugh at yourself for it is very human.

Re-uploaded with YouTube link due to a few users having issues with Reddit video

Here's the meaning: L'appel du vide, literally "the call of the void", is a French phrase used to refer to intrusive thoughts, or the urge to engage in destructive behaviors during everyday life.

Should we tell him?

Dude with the shaking legs had me rolling

might just be me but that fat dude totally screamed "no way, you can't make me".

On his next adventure, have him tackle one of those glass bridges.

On his next adventure, have him tackle .

Glass bridges are scary, but there's a new more frightening thing, Bridge slacklining, or whatever this is called.

At least this is an improvement over their older skybridge on Hua Shan that I went on img 1 img 2 img 3

At least this is an improvement over their older skybridge on Hua Shan that I went on img 2 img 3

I font want to die.

Especially by becoming arial for a bit, huh?

Seriously, it almost looked like he was trying to go over and the other guy was trying to stop him.

He was saying "Oh gosh let go of me! Let go of me!" and the guy in the camera said "nothing is going to happen"

Props to your dad! My wife and I went to Dun Aengus during our honeymoon. She did the belly crawl to the edge just like your dad, but I couldn't get closer than 20 feet. A braver man than I am!

Agreed, dad has reached DILF years

Or a strong gust of wind and you get knocked forward a few steps, stumble, slip on a pebble and bye bye.

CN Tower Ledge Walk

He could always try the . I'm not afraid of heights but you wouldn't catch me anywhere near that bullsiht.


I used to be really afraid of spiders. Literally threw up once because of a picture.

But I made peace with them after I read about how they're just in your home to do pest control for you. We're bros now, and if I see a spider minding its own business in my home (excluding my bedroom) I'll just let it be, because if it's there it means it still has work to do.

Yes, but have you also tried being super high on said glass platform?

FYI, earthquakes can come out of nowhere and knock you off a roof or mountain. I though you'd be happy to know that.

Nah he'll figure it out eventually. Let him have fun for now

E.E. Cumming on her face, now it's poetry in motion.

Knees weak... arms are heavy

Leg spaghetti

being scared of heights puts the butt at maximum tightness

or you can randomly faint from anxiety and just fall off the edge.

I wish it were due to this for me. I handle cliffs, high bridges, and edges like he does though. I'm actually afraid I'll lose my balance and fall over, rather than jump. So I'll end up crawling, where my eye sight can't try to measure the distance. But that's what happens when you have one eye that is near sighted and one that is far sighted. The distance is fucking so dizzying, so I just fear I'll lose my balance trying to look.

He should be in that short film doc about jumping from the 10m platform at the pool.

Edit: this film.

That's Dún Aonghasa on Inishmore. I stood on that same cliff on a bright afternoon last September. My family was a good 20 minutes behind me and as I looked out on the Atlantic I envisioned myself falling into the rocks below. I saw how easy it would be and I wanted to go for it. I inched closer until my sneakers were on the edge and all I could feel was crisp air and the waves crashing. Then I heard my name thru my sorrow, "ERIN! ERIN! GET AWAY FROM THERE!!!" My mom had made it to the fort with my father in tow. After I pulled myself together I told my mom I would never do such a thing! In front of my whole family! I'm the pics I'm standing on the edge no bigger than a bush in the distance, I had that feeling that I could have died in the most beautiful place on earth and I even blew that.

There IS something called gold, you know. :)

Y'all act like you forgot about Dre.

Smoke weed everyday!

Lol your dad seems like a fungi

Came here to say this. Hot and brave.

Maybe you don't speak Chinese, check with your doctor

Just going to hijack a top comment to say that for anyone wondering where this is, it's Dun Aengus on the island of Inishmor, County Galway, Ireland. It was a defensive hill fort built with it's back to a huge cliff.

We did the cliffs of Mother on a really windy day and we were pretty high. I could barely bring myself to stand at the edge and look down. Then I immediately jumped back a meter or so because fuck that, I font want to die.

Yikes, I thought you were responding to /u/Cumdumpster71 for a moment there.

I was nervous for the person taking the video. Got too close to the edge, in my mind they weren't looking how close they were.

I'm kind of like that. For me it's feeling unstable. I'm fine on roofs and mountains. But put me on a rickety 10 foot ladder and my head is spinning.

I was a mess when I went parasailing. At moments i wad calm, until an air pocket or the boat turned.

Why does this still get to me? Every fucking time!

He really did have so mushroom to work with.

also has a nice head of hair

As does his mom, she's so supportive!

He's a right proper dad!

Just that scared.

He knows the right technique, not taking any chances.

From Dre to Dog real fast.

I can MOST DEFINITELY say that is my issue with heights. I actually love heights. They are fascinating. My fear completely and utterly lies in my desire to jump. It's a very sick, consuming feeling that I, until fairly recently, did not know was an actual phenomenon many people experience. It's a constant voice telling me "Go ahead, jump. Just do it. Do it now". It literally consumes you when presented with a dangerous height.

Nonsense. Everytime I'm on an airplane I find myself having to crawl to the lavatory.

Hahahaha now I know what it was without clicking :D

Yeah but glass walkways have broke in China before..

I don't know what I expected...

Thanks for that.

I have an identical fear of heights. Was getting made fun of by girlfriends family at brink of the upper falls @ Yosemite. I was crawling around nervous, they were torturing me by being playfully close to the edge. That day, a girl plummeted 500 feet to her death at that location.

As I like to put it, "I'm not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of falling."

Sometimes when I'm driving I think about turning the steering wheel hard left into oncoming traffic. I just think about it, I would never do it. I'm pretty sure it is a relatively common phenomenon that could be related to that.

Eh...I don't buy that, at least not for myself. I don't really have a fear of heights but if it is high enough I will be afraid I will fall. Definitely not that I will jump, but maybe a gust of wind will push me over, or I'll suddenly lose balance.

I started feeling this when I was marked by the Outsider.

Shiitake an upvote for the pun!

For me, it is more about tripping or some fluke thing that tumbles me over the side. I fucking hate heights.

Are you okay? Do you want to talk?

Your dad is the best xD

"somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond"

I'm pretty sure you are. Maybe unconsciously, but people's knees don't just stop working after a certain height.

They definitely are speaking a different language, Chinese? But the guy did say jump and it looked a lot like the other guy was trying to pull him back/down from doing it.

Our minds have a cruel way of playing tricks on us.

I'm afraid other people will push me off the edge, so I hurry up and push them off first.