My dad bought a farm with his life savings and is now not only a beekeeper but also happy. He texted me this today.

My dad bought a farm with his life savings and is now not only a beekeeper but also happy. He texted me this today.

How the fuck old are you, because you're your dad looks 25!?

EDIT: Grammar, it's a bitch.

Lmao everyone on this thread just wants to fuck your dad. Cool bees though

I'm 18, he had me when he was my age.

Well, you can tell your dad some dude on reddit thinks he looks damn good for 36. Also, congrats on the farm and the bees!

EDIT: Calm down folks, I'm not knocking his age. Hell, I'm older than the dude lol


Life's savings.

I'm 32 and I haven't saved shit yet.

Okay for everyone posting about how good looking my dad is, he saw the comments and texted me this picture saying, "GIVE THE INTERNET WHAT IT WANTS"

I know!! This is so uncomfortable!!

Does he need a wife?

First post [M], bee gentle 😘


Buying a farm and living out your days in leisure sounds like a fantastic idea.

(Until you realize that living on a farm is the extreme polar opposite of living out your days in leisure.)

And that's with a beard. Without one he'd look about 18.

Never too late to start, though you should start now.

Edit: Yes I know that not everyones situation allows them to save at the moment. I'm talking about saving when you can. Doesn't have to be $500 a month, anything you can save and invest with is worth it. he texted me this for all the ladies on the thread

I'm just saving enough for a skydiving excursion into a volcano. That's all the retirement I need.

Just wait until it turns to you.

I'm laughing my ass off. This is a good day.

username checks out

I invested my life savings when I bought some new socks today

I keep hearing that "I'll be glad I look young when I'm older." Is this the eventual payoff? I'm almost 30 so how much longer do I have to wait?

Edit: Dang, he's 36. Not young looking, just a young dad.

Edit: Thanks for the concern, Reddit, but I get laid a lot. No pills for me!

The happier you are the younger you look

You know what they say. Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder

This must be a really fun time for you

You've got a 103 fever and it's -10 outside? Haha, horses don't give a fuck. It's time for breakfast!

edit: You've got a 39.5 fever and it's -23 outside? Haha, horses don't give a fuck. It's time for breakfast!

Have worked a farm, can confirm.

I guess that's why people always think I'm around 45.

I'm a relatively angry 30 year old.

He did the laundry today so he's down 50%.

How is the sock market treating you?

Seriously, dad is cute AF.

Man, your dad looks my age..

And I can't even keep a plant alive.

Wow, that hit in waves at first.

"Neat" "oh that's odd, maybe its dormant or something" "oooh.."

Haha I'm surprised it hasn't. OP is super attractive, albeit super young.

Or a husband?

He's really creating quite a buzz

I think that's actually her. It's her mothers cat.

Your dad is hot!

Some hints for you.

1) you aren't watering it enough

2) you are watering it to much

3) it needs light

4) you gave it to much light!


But on a serious level some plants are really easy to keep if you keep to some simple things. Usually a dark leaf plant doesn't want a lot of light, lighter leaf plants want more light. And almost all of the easy plants don't want watered as often as people do. That is a big killer of plants.

You get a listing of numbers for local suicide hotlines.

Let me tell you young ones how I made my fortune. It was lots and lots of hard work, and a little bit of luck. When I was broke, I scraped up enough money to buy an apple for 5 cents. I shined that apple up till it was beautiful and took it down to the market and sold it for 10 cents. Then I took that 10 cents and reinvested it by buying 2 apples. I shined them up and sold them for 20 cents. Then my Uncle died and left me a million dollars.

That's me!

You're a really happy 60yo?

Came for the bees, came even more for the dad

Wait, that's your dad? Holy shit. TIL I'm attracted to men who can be dads... I am 33 now, so I guess it was about time... damn.

Having a daughter at 18, and life savings to buy a farm at 36. and still looking younger than his age. This guy has superpowers.

Youve got a 105 degree fever and its 110 degrees outside. Doesn't matter the horses arw hungry!!

I hate to be the one to tell you, but guys can be dads much younger than 36.


I actually googled volcano skydiving excursions...

The middle aged women on this thread are mega thirsty for a bearded bee keeper. Can we shatter those typical male stereotypes now?

Edit: I mistook this dad's age, and assumed middle age'd is more broad than it actually is (45-60 according to what I've just read)

He also has humour! Congrats for having an awesome dad!

Supposedly peak sexual market value for men is 30-36.

So women your age should start being easier to date around right now.

*edit: oh, except you're gay. I don't know how that works

His mum looks good too. Take it positively reddit.

I'm also laughing my ass off. You've got a great dad!

Thought this was just one of many creepy comments in this thread until I realized this post was about bees.

Legal tho

I may not be a cat but I am the cats pajamas ;)

Wow I've never met a cat before!

Habee Father's Day

OP is adorable, I'm jealous of their family's genes

Either way that family has got some seriously good genes.

This guy wouldn't have time for bees if here were gay.

It depends on if you actually depend on your farm for income. My parents in law have a little 40 acre hobby farm and their life is relatively leisurely because they only keep about 50 chickens, 50 goats, 15 or so pigs, and a couple horses. The pigs, goats, and chickens are free range so they require almost no work in the summer. In the fall the pigs and most of the goats get slaughtered. So all they have to do in the winter is feed and water the chickens, horses, and 20 or so goats. For the most part they are kept casually busy with a couple times a year being hectic (when the goats give birth).

The biggest part of this is that their farm barely makes a profit (maybe a couple grand a year TOPS) so they can keep things small scale.

Welp. Now I love my student life even more. A farm does seem like a nice thing in the summer time.

Woah woah woah. Middle aged is like 45-50. I'm 28 and wanna smash.

36 isn't old!! Wtf??


31 year old redditor

Please unsubscribe me from plant facts

It really stings knowing that we'll never look as good as him.

DANG, that's a DILF if ever I've seen one!

36 and has enough live savings to buy a farm all while having a kid at 18 and taking care of him for the past 18 years. WTF world are we living in?

No its my 18 year old daughter.

I'm 33 and my personal experience is that this is very much true. College was probably better since you are around more people, but getting a date at 33 with a good job and no ex wife is super easy.

Edit: And if you like single moms you will be spoiled for choice.

It's the kids. For some people having kids just flips a switch in your brain and everything becomes about being as good as you can be for their sake. I'm only 27 and after the first one I quit drinking and going out, got my life together and work harder than I ever have before just to see them smile when I come home on Friday with a present or new toy for them if they were good that week.

So he got you this cake when you were 14 then?

Seriously, is OP an infant posting on reddit??

MFW ur dad looks barely older than me and i am in my pj's drinking vokda at 4pm on a saturday.

You're clearly just not pulling those bootstraps up hard enough.

You have been subscribed to plant facts.


Did you know that certain redwood tree species are endangered because of the very particular conditions they require to survive?


Please deposit 2.50 to stop receiving these facts between the hours of 2am and 4am.

You're lucky, I'm the mutt's nuts

People keep thinking I'm dead. I'm a very angry 42 year old...... proof since you wanted it, that's me and him.

proof since you wanted it, that's me and him.

Can't save anything when there's no money to save

His eyes are so vulnerable in that position

I'm 36 and was one of the oldest in my class due to my November birthday. About two months ago, a girl I've been friends with since junior high posted several pics on Facebook of her holding a newborn baby while sitting in a hospital room. I thought, "How did I miss the fact she was pregnant?!" She wasn't. The newborn baby turns out to be her granddaughter. At 35, she's a grandma. My brain still can't process this.

Why can't I have no kids and three money?!


I've started growing a beard so that people don't think I'm a 12 year old wandering around with my little brother when I take my son out. I blame my mom, my dad looks his age but my mom is 42 and looks like she's in her early twenties.

i need wife and bees

this is so wholesome. Thank you for this

Your dad is hotaf

Cake from her dad. The family seems to have a great sense of humor

Cake from her dad. The family seems to have a great sense of humor

You wanna throw up every time you move? Too bad! That horse shit isn't going to rake itself! Oh the irrigation district called and suddenly its your turn to irrigate? Better stop whatever you're doing no matter how important to go open your valves or you don't get water this cycle. Also God forbid you use farm equipment like tractors. You better be a mechanic because the machines are expensive and ridiculous to repair at times.

Edit: farmmar grammars

Get out

I'm 25 and I'd bend him over a barrel and show him the 50 states.


Uhhh, OP is a girl. That is OP in the picture with her Mom's cat......

it is

the angrier you are, the older you look

it is

the angrier you are, the older you look

It wouldn't be that uncommon to have a load of money at 36 if you work in a shitty / stressful field.

It'd also cost next to nothing to buy a farm in the middle of nowhere.

I'm not 36 yet and I've done something similar... though I set up a dog sanctuary rather than a bee farm.

and cute :3

I think you're confusing moustache with beard there.

If his dad is 30 OP could realistically be 14-15