My Dad and I fixed up his ~130 000 litre pond (or mini lake).

While this is cool and well done. I question the definition of DIY. It seems like DIBob.

Please give us an update when it is all finished. Can just imagine how beautiful it will look when it's all done and the plants have settled.

Ohh, and my Dad told me that the ducks are back.

Hah, he definitely was important for the project. But, my dad deserves most of the credit it was his vision and crazy work ethic that ultimately saw the project through

What's that in freedom units?

Yeah, will do. Knowing my Dads gardening skills it's going to be pretty awesome

Just applying for a trout permit! Going to stock with rainbow trout.

I enjoyed this until I saw the Japanese Maples, now it's all jealousy and fuck you.

Seriously a rock slinger? Does your dad own a landscaping company? I've spent so many days shoveling rock I wish it were something to be proud of.

Also what's the timeframe and manhours on a job like this?

I'm guessing your parents are just enjoying the dirt play and not rushing like mine would.

Haha those ducks just had a huge upgrade to their pond. I bet they know.

Thanks! I'm based in Victoria BC, Canada.

It's just under 35 000 gallons. But that sounds less impressive now doesn't it?

Nice, plans for fish?

First of all, your parents' dream property is MY dream property, and I didn't even know it until I started looking at these pictures. I want to see more photos of the house and the rest of the property. What's in the cages that I see in photos 35 & 36?

Upgrayedd. The extra "d" is for a double dose of deez ducks.

Bob kicks ass

Thanks for sharing and thank you, especially, for not starting the album with the result picture. I mean that, no sarcasm, some people will whine at albums that start with the before pictures but I like the suspense! The pond looks beautiful, I enjoyed every picture!

You could say 560,000 cups. That sounds pretty impressive.

That's the chicken run! My dad loves his chickens, and we have fresh eggs most mornings.

Does your father need another son? I have experience with recirculating tilapia ponds that will help feed the garden with nutrient rich water.

Or like 2250 kegs.

Honestly, this is the biggest take home lesson I got from working with my dad. I don't really think I will ever want a property this big. It's sooo much work just to keep up, and the pond is going to be a lot of work in the future to make sure it doesn't get over grown again. He basically works on the property full time, which is great because he is retired and that's what he wants to do.

Yeah, my Dad has a thing for Japanese maples, there are a few more -- but you can't really see due to the whole fall/winter thing.

The project worked because I finished my job in September, and had a couple months in between moving for school. So, it worked well because I was going to basically be a non-contributing zero otherwise.

As for timeline, I started the project once the pond was drained and cleaned out. That was beginning of September, and we finished the bulk of the work by mid November. Pretty quick if you ask me considering how much work was involved. We were working full time during that time. The big machines just accelerate everything so fast, it's really quite amazing.

Bob's a builder!

Extra cheese. Not only is there more coming, but we were starting in a pretty great place to begin with.

More or less you need to prove that you have an isolated pond, and that's all that's required for the permit. The department of fisheries and oceans doesn't really like when people move freshwater fish around because of the chance of an introduced fish into a watershed. They don't like that, and then go ahead and introduce trout all over the province because fishing is fun.

Ohhh government.

Bob is the shit.

Pond = mini lake = micro sea = mega puddle

Better use a sealer.

/sub/dibob It's nice when you can roll your 200 excavator up to your job.

Oh that? Just my 26,880,000 teaspoon lake. No big deal.

"A typical weekend sized pond"

Careful dude. I googled the book name out of curiousity. Got your dad's name and Googled him to see if he taught at the university I went to (where you did your psych degree). From there it wasn't hard to find, who I assume, is you. Your social media is way too wide open. I know where you worked, studied, gf's name etc.

Now anyone else can do that. This is how that shit like 'swatting' happens. When some anonymous jack ass on the internet orders 50 pizza's to your house or calls the cops or something.

Take care of your privacy.

I'm from the same area so I see we have friends of friends in common, small world. Great pond!

Because invasive fish make their way into the ecosystem though "isolated ponds." Just off the top of my head, look up how asian carp (bighead and silver) made their way into the mississippi watershed. They're a huge problem now both economically and ecologically.

Also, bucket biologists are everywhere. I work in natural resources. You'd be shocked at the stupid shit people do. Remember, if someone is average, half the world is less intellegent than they are.

Freedom Units. that is my new second favorite two word phrase.

Yes... because looking at that pond before I would have thought that you were just going to be cleaning up the outside, and the pond looked a lot smaller. I'm guilty of viewing the "after" picture first, and when I saw Finnegan swimming, I thought he was a bichon frise (very little dog!!) and when I went through the pictures I was amazed at the sheer size of that pond!!! You guys did a great job, and it looks so good!!! Let the haters hate, everyone has had help from a Bob before. :)

Wow, great. Be sure to document it for us. Where are you based by the way? Not sure if it was mentioned anywhere.

Unfounded fear. You will still have tons of frog eggs in this pond as well as aquatic bugs. I'm a professional pond builder and have built hundreds.

And.. this made me realize I do not want to add a pond after all.

300 confirmed ponds

To heck with his dad, I want Bob for my new father

when the process is awesome like this, definitely don't start with the result.

but when it is a basic project, something that is one process the whole way through (like gluing pennies to your floor) I like to just get it over with. Then again, I just click 'back' to go to the end anyway, if I really want to (using RES)

but yeah. This was sweet.

I knew you were Canadian when I saw your dog's name was Finnegan. Do they have a cat named Casey?

Expensive. It's all relative though, some people buy a decent car - we built a pond.

We did get some quotes from pond companies first, and our costs were about 1/3 of what they quoted. I also like to think we did as good if not a better job.

Bob is the man!

Well can't say for certain, but at least in my state a dredging project would include informing the Army Corps of Engineers, and having to do water quality tests, filing with the town, etc. etc. Lots of hoops to jump through and lots of money involved.

I'm in the consulting field for this kind of work, so I was just wondering. Not sure how it applies when it's an ornamental pond, but the original pictures look like it was fairly naturalized with wetland community plants. More often they don't let you even work within X-ft of a wetland without getting approved by the state, then town. And then planting invasives (jap. maples) would be unlikely to be approved. Anyway, just curious!

Canadians follow the rules without question


Also supposedly some got picked up by birds and dropped into other water accidentally. I mention this because I find it hilarious.

Except this rule is for good reason and OP is following it for good reason. Fucking the local natural environment b/c being a badass is "cool" is the most un-Canadian thing you can do.

Hah, he is a retired psychologist. Now he is a writer, you can check out his first book, it's called "my heart is not my own"

Dunno either. We estimated the costs of the pond to be about 30k. We were quoted 100k by a couple pond builders.

Close, he is a Labradoodle. Pretty awesome dog, great temperament.

Tony Soprano will be ecstatic!

A lot. Just cover it with rocks.

Hope they can afford the new taxes.

he must love them because that looks like a huge space for them! That's really cool! btw, where is this? I'd assume somewhere in the US except "litre" in the title is making me think you're somewhere else. Canada?

Here I am thinking, man, maybe I should post some pictures of my laminate flooring DIY project then you go all overachiever and BUILD A DAMN LAKE complete with majestic waterfall. Forget it. Nice work, though.


I thought he was a Wheaten! Regardless, what a sweetheart. Is he going to herd your trout?

wait.. My GPU was made in Taiwan.. Am I in Taiwan? It looks a lot like America.. They speak English.. And spanish..

Project cost?

Labor = free. Renting the machines were expensive, the big one was 1000 a day or something (honestly not sure). The rock alone was a lot of money, we probably had at least a dozen full dump truck loads of various materials.

Dunno to be honest - My dad dealt with that. Why do you think the state (or in my case province) wouldn't approve?

The ducks just had their own version of Extreme Makeover, Pond Edition.

We did get some quotes from pond companies first, and our costs were about 1/3 of what they quoted. I also like to think we did as good if not a better job.

Also the total satisfaction of sitting back looking at the finished project and cracking that first post work done beer... nothing beats seeing your own hard work come to fruition.

It may have taken a chunk of time, but you get it the way you want it.

Bob is a hero :D

Why are costs always super secret when it comes to these large projects? I have no idea what a giant pond/small lake would cost and I don't know what your idea of a decent car is.

Or pennies.