My coworker built a USB Sombra device for our office Secret Santa...

My coworker built a USB Sombra device for our office Secret Santa...

I didn't expect it to go there

Never have I ever been more jealous of a Secret Santa gift and a Sombra thing in my entire life.

When you said USB Sombra device, I 100% expected it to fry the computer it was connected to.. Relieved yet disappointed. It is pretty cool though.

I'm trying really hard to not say it

Didn’t knew I need a aha/sombra crossover in my life but apparently I did. Great work!

That's the kind of shit you have to maintain friendship with the guy who made it cause when it stops working you can't just be like "oh well.. Fun while it lasted.. Such a shame". No. It's "Fuuuuuuu... The booper stopped booping and I need muh booops."

OH MY GOD. This is so fantastic I just shared this with all my friends, it's so incredible.

Hello, I'm the coworker that /u/SamuriFerret speaks of! I'm overwhelmed by the positive reaction, thanks everyone!

Due to popular request, I've uploaded an Image Gallery showing the machine being built and the Source Code used to program the Arduino!

Enjoy :D

like this?
Here ya go

Source: My co-worker's Twitter. It's a work of art!

H-how much?

nice reference

Your co-worker makes better overwatch merch than blizzard



"Beacon in place"

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His name backwards is DownvotePlease. Don't fall for it guys!

In case you were wondering.

More reasons not to stick any usb device you find into a computer you use regularly.

I would totally be way to amused with it and annoy the shit out of my coworkers with it for at least a week. The creator just made so many enemies at that office. 100% worth it.

squinting glare

Take on meeeeeeee BOOP BOOP BOOP

Take me onnnnnnn BOOP BOOP BOOP

Undocumented feature

That's racist.


And since it's Sombra I'm sure there's some code in there to give him a backdoor into the computer it's plugged in to.

I'm stupid and I don't get it. Could someone explain?

I should mention, you can DIY if you are handy with the soldering.

And I can solder as well as I can sing.

Well enough to cause problems?

Undocumented feature: It also loads a rootkit onto the computer over the USB cable!

Tech Giant Boopafoo, Inc. just had the most successful IPO in market history today. We're going to have a few minutes with Boopafoo founder and CEO, /u/SamuriFerret, who didn't have any electrical engineering experience until he went back to college, years after getting his first degree. According to his company bio, SamuriFerret was inspired to go back to school when, "His booper stopped booping. Fascinating. I can't wait to hear more of that story."

Bad enough to start fights

Pretty much, ya. Those things are pretty nasty..

You should tag Sombra's voice actor, Carolina Ravassa, on Twitter with the video (@carolinaravassa). I bet she'd get a kick out of it.


Edit: u/Gaterner says thanks as well

All of it.

Hahahah, glad I am not the only one who had this thought!

That is simply the best Secret Santa gift ever.

This seems like the sort of gift Sombra would make for her "friend"...

I'm not saying your coworker is Sombra. I'm just saying maybe check your coffee machine.


I love your games! As an aspiring software developer, with my first degree competed this week, what's it take to get in with a company like that?

the song is from a video back from when sombra was released

I was joking, but now I am very interested.

And I can solder as well as I can sing.

I'll upvote him just to disobey his request

one way to setup a trojan on a neighbour, just 'accidentally' drop a usb on the ground somewhere and some curious person would trawl through it to see whats in it.

My gondola's useless.

share this with you

Thank him for me too please!

Edit: Was totally not expecting that edit, Thank you u/dodi3342!!!!!

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Holy shit they are still around

Yeah I'm going to need about 15 of these just for myself

"Aw haha cool....OMG"

Where do I get one, you know, for research purposes.

Capacitors. Charges up then fries the usb controller (if it has protection, if not then the motherboard)

Lapaganda las yoosless.

This is an automatic message generated by the most advanced Hivemind AI in existence.

As soon as the music started, I knew what was about to happen. The length that it continued was a surprise though

Don't you mean, "didn't see that coming"?

Did you build one too? Can we see??

edit ah damn, I was looking forward to another sombra box, but this account seems to be just a troll account :(

He's a troll. In his comment history he farms downvotes :/

Malicious intent, ya. I guess they could have a small security use if you filled a drawer with them to hide the one good USB drive.

you'll never see it cooomiiiiiiing


Their twitter says they work at Chucklefish games (Starbound devs)

I have one of those and the only correct thing to say when plugging it in is "APAGANDO LAS LUCES"


okay but was it actually secret santa or was it a white elephant because totes dif

Before the preview loaded I expected it to be a flash drive with a dos bootloader, the skull in ansi art and some pc speaker beeping.

Usually a large capacitor inside the stick builds up a charge and then releases it, frying critical components on the motherboard and rendering the computer useless.

It's all about dumping way more power into the circuit than it is typically rated for.

It's just this but instead of plugging into a wall outlet it uses a capacitor to build up the lethal charge.

This definitely broke the $20 limit David...

What kind of office do you work in that you have all those boardgames? Are you hiring? 😍

A life so deeply fulfilling.

”Boop” “Boop”

Oh that’s cool..



Ohhh god dammit lmfao

Amazing work!!!