My cat bleped at work... RIP

My cat bleped at work... RIP

Awww I'm sorry for your loss. What a handsome kitty.

Thanks - he really was 😿


Sleep tight, little blackbaby. And always remember the cover sheet on your TPS reports.

Aww, what a handsome little gentleman, I'm so so so sorry for your loss. It's been just over a year since I lost my baby girl, I miss her everyday, sending you hugs

Is blepping at work a catpital offense?

But seriously, sorry for the bad pun and your loss. He looks like a real class act.

What a gentleman Xxx Rest in peace, little guy.

Sorry to hear about your little pal, what a wonderful blep.

My friend Shadow had a similar bowtie! We lost him a few years ago <3

We lost him a few years ago <3

business blep

What a cutie! He looks like such a sweetheart. Sorry for your loss. He'll live in in your heart.

Can you be a grammar Nazi for a made up word?

Very sorry for your loss. This cat will go down in history for the tiniest blep

Maybe they're friends now! Or at least co-workers 😸

Blep quotas.