My bearded dragon shed his skin today and left a tiny, Michael Jackson-looking skin glove.

My bearded dragon shed his skin today and left a tiny, Michael Jackson-looking skin glove.

I believe he has challenged you to a duel

I wold be freaked af if I found that laying somewhere.

He, I say, he demands satisfaction good sir.

The result after your bearded dragon Beat It too hard.

Happened to my wife. She started screaming that our beardie's hand had come off. We had a calcium sand at the time and his hand was hidden in the sand while a hand shedding was near him. It was rather funny to explain to her.

Haha, he's good.

Haha, he's good.

It was a Thriller.

I read that as Foghorn Leghorn lol

What a cute beardie! What's his name? Mine is named You're a Lizard, Harry but we call her Liz.

I'm not Donald J. Trump, so no, it was too small.

Just admit that you beat your dragon. Also you abuse your reptile. Smack your lizard?

I can see that. But rest assured, he is a svelte and active dragon.

You should probably get that checked

Two questions- Is your dragon named Annie? And, is it OK?

Annie are you OK??

He just lost all his skin. I would be stressed also. This is perhaps the most well-taken care of dragon in existence. He goes to the vet often. He is ok.

It almost looks like the rocks are his body and he's really fat and lazy

Also, I touch my penis in a sexually stimulating manner.

When we got him, his name was Rickie. He is actually my daughter's class pet and they renamed him Spike. Your naming is much more original. Haha.

How do I know if I am a hot dad? Should I pm you for judgement? Can it happen in the am?

ugh, these pun threads are so Bad.

Nice boy, but he's got a screw missin' upstairs.

Are you ok, Annie?

If you haven't gotten rid of the calcium sand please do so! Tile is a great alternative. Good luck with your beardy!

Poop chute gets completely blocked.

This comment is Dangerous.

Liking something is not a prerequisite for it being mildly interesting. It was not my favorite thing to see either.

He wants you to know he is starting with the man in the mirror, he is going to change his ways.

We had a tarantula when I was growing up and they shed as well...I can tell you nothing is more terrifying to a child who hates spiders than coming home and finding two tarantulas where only one had previously existed.

It could/will harm your dragon. It will lead to impaction and could cause many health risks.

i do not like this at all

Well, if you want to make a change then how about you start with the man in the mirror

Bearded dragons always look fat and lazy, that's just how they are. Naturally pancake-shaped, plus basking in the sun (or heatlamp) because they're cold-blooded.

"only correct comment"

This makes me unusually uncomfortable

Beardies need calcium and supplements to supplement their diets seeing as they're inside tanks instead of direct sunlight (they need D3). With saying that, they tend to lap up calcium sand or eat it when they chomp down on their prey. Unfortunately many beardies can't digest the calcium sand so it stays in their stomach/ intestines. This causes the beardie to become sick and worst case scenario if you can't make it to the vet in time they will die.

Wait, when did politics and masturbation diverge? I think I missed a memo.



Weehawken, Dawn.

Oh you know they will get at least photos. He ate most of it. Yuck!

Why get rid of calcium sand?

Guns, drawn.

Put it on Etsy - authentic dragonscale gauntlet

My favorite quote by him is something about exceeding the limits of his medication.

You're on.

Do not like that thing

Calcium sand sounds like a Pokemon power-up item

Oh jeez. Conservatives control the US government now! I'm scared!

How? What part goes where? How?

Did you wear it?


That makes me uncomfortable

Impaction? I don't own one so idk what this term means but I'm curious...

Or the chicken lawyer from Futurama

No need for further action