My Aurebesh Keycaps arrived!

My Aurebesh Keycaps arrived!

An elegant keyboard, from a more civilized age.

Not from a Jedi.

It's not a language, as it's an alphabet substitution. It's much easier to learn compared to Tolkien languages, since it's the same structure and grammar.

Is it possible to learn this language?

In all seriousness though, that's some dedication. I used to know how to read and write a few of Tolkiens fictional languages, but they still at least resembled actual language. Learning to type in Aurebesh must be difficult. Unless you just memorized the keys lol

That's awesome for translating! Do they have one for iOS?

I wonder if there's a way to put a phone into Aurebesh.

Well, Aurebesh for the most part is just the Latin English alphabet with different symbols substituting the letters, and some look quite similar like 'R' being a backwards lowercase r or 'O' being a more triangle shape with a flat top. There are the ligatures to get used to when reading it, which took a few weeks more to get used to.

Thanks! I've not come across any Aurebesh keyboards of iOS yet, though I'd love it if someone made that (Would be great for confusing any thieves if they stole my phone)

In relation to my last post, my Aurebesh Keycaps arrived!