My aunt commented on a picture I posted of my son

My aunt commented on a picture I posted of my son


Your son must be quite the doll.

Yes, easier to add a comment than erase the old one.

She seemed!! to be losing! enthusiasm. K.


Yes, easier to add a comment than erase the old one.

Yes, easier to add a comment than erase the old one.


When my son was a baby I'd always get comments like "he looks just like your dad!" I had a falling out with my dad and they all knew it. Like STFU aunt Donna, he looks like me ya dingleberry.

Poo stain

Remove rug poo stain

Rug stain

Calm down, Kazakhstan


grandpa says hi, your great aunt died Wednesday.

google how do I get poo stain out of carpet

Japanese term in WWII for committing suicide

Beat me by 8 seconds. Asshole

My MIL was miffed when my son looked more like me than her son. Uh...sorry?

Sorry thought I was on google



why would you do that to her? shoulda given him less of your genes and more of your husband's smh

LOL to your family

All other countries have inferior potassium

Watch the sass

i love how the second comment was 8 minutes after the first. she took a while to find those emojis.

He's with the lord now


You were supposed to just be part of the process, not the product.

My MIL gets offended anytime there's a mention that my son is starting to look more like me. She's like "no, no, he looks exactly like my son!" And I'm like...


She realised she was getting out of hand and did the honourable thing of "k'ing" herself

Yeas, easier to add a comment than erase the old one 😂😂

Japanese term for removing poo from rug.

shut up


Yes easier to add a comment

LOL to your son


You don't need to say meta every time someone says a meme



order rug poo stain remover

please order rug poo stain remover

Because...... he's a doll...

*other Central Asian countries

Image Transcription: Facebook Post

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OMG!! He looks just like you did when you were little. What a doll

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OMG! He looks just like you did when you were little. What a doll. 👼👼

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Looks just like you. What a doll.

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I'm sorry I was thought I was in Google.

Show bobs and vegane plz



Her wifi was lagging so she just kept hitting send. It happens to us youngsters once in a while too

Why tho?


It's the loss of motivation from one who doesn't realize she's succeeding and keeps attempting again, believing she failed.

He looks just like you.

good boy

To me all babies kinda look like both. Even if they strongly resemble one in pictures or at rest, they'll make faces or do some shit that makes you think of the other


Whenever I'd try to share a picture where I thought my son looked like his dad, she'd give me a "yeah, not seeing it. He looks like you.", in a displeased way.

/sub/indianpeoplefacebook is leaking again

Christ. And an oldpeoplefacebook standard response is born.

I mean...K.







MILs are god's way of punishing all married women.

Milk truk arive

He looks just like Pinocchio. Watch your sass!

Watch the sass!

The same person.

Count Dooku?!

Whoever trained their dog to do this is skilled.

It became more passive-aggressive over time

Good bot

Seems to me like she didn't realize that the comments went up. She probably saw them disappear from the text box and thought that that meant she had to do the whole thing over again.

So, she tried to say it again, but the same thing happened and she started losing patience. So she didn't type as much, but it still "didn't work." After "k" disappeared, I expect she just gave up completely, not realizing that every post went up properly.

Google what is meme and how I do use


"My carpet poo has doubled since the last time we met, Count."

"Good. Twice the poo, double the stains."




How to delete comment

How to delete reddit comment

Whoa, no need for that