My arm one day after donating blood.

My arm one day after donating blood.

That sometimes happens. Yo apparently had someone who wasn't experienced when they poked you. 99.9% of the time that won't happen. Contact the group you donated blood through and let them know. Either the tech needs some retraining or you have really really really thin walls.

Last time I donated blood I don’t remember anyone beating my arm with a sack full of hammers.

They just missed the poke on that side and I evidently didn’t put enough pressure on it! It started as a small bruise under the IV poke site - but over the course of the day expanded down towards my wrist.

Yeah. It shouldn't look like that. Someone poked through and didn't back it out. That's a "my bad" that someone didn't fess up to. The organization needs to know becuase the newbie needs some more training.

I'ts not going to hurt OP (99% of the time) it's just going to look gnarly

Here's mine after 46 hours. So itchy. Think I need a hug.

Here's mine after 46 hours. So itchy. Think I need a hug.

Unless you are really super human - this should get ouchy. That would have gotten ouchy.. I don't know why you think you did something wrong about it (other than saying owie - that's a thing. say owie. The tech doesn't have x-ray vision)

This isn't going to be anything other than a really cool bruise to take photos of.

It's Gnarly and you can send some pics to the group to freak them out. it will 100% get you reddit karma and fb/instagram/whatever

I said this on another comment but I really hope you don't shy away from donation in the future because you got a bad poke. That really really is the one tenth of one percent and that's really a tech who didn't know what they were doing.

I'm sorry you had that experience and thank you for donating blood. Some of us who want to can't (veterans who were overseas are mostly banned from donating)

Once again - it wasn't about you not putting pressure on it. They blew the vein. It's good. it will heal. Quick. The bruise will be NASTY and WTF worthy. KEPP US UPDATED - we like that SHIT!

Paramedic here, you may end up losing your arm. Sry bud.

This happened to me a few years ago. In another 3 or 4 days your arm is going to be about 7 different colors. Milk it, OP, because people will freak out over it.

And I thought it was bad being in a slow drive-thru on a someone's first day off training.

In retrospect probably could have put pressure on it for longer. Wanted to look cool and tough about it though.

Well I did get a free cookie afterwards - so that has to count for something. Don’t know if it made up for the litre of blood I lost into my arm though.

I hope you contact the organization and I hope you don't shy away from donating again. The next time? If it hurts? It's wrong.

Some of us can't donate.. and want to. Be our back up?

Will you be giving blood again after this?

Lol I may have done the same once. 🙄