Muslim convert goes on knife rampage in Florida. When does the knife ban go into effect?

Muslim convert goes on knife rampage in Florida. When does the knife ban go into effect?

If it were any other religion they would've said it by name.

Let's say it, we all know anyway:


Lol what idiot would convert to Islam?

Radical Inuit Eskimo

Islam incites violence.

Can’t spell stable without stab

Only the most peaceful, stable people

Fuck Islam

The Asian Religion

They should make stabbing people illegal.

He stabs Liberals in the feelings.

From the looks of the headline, it appears that they did say it by name.

"Police: Religious beliefs caused teen to stab multiple people"

That is the headline, and another cover-up.

You have to click on the story, read it all to the second last line:

Shannon said Johnson recently converted to Islam and had been watching violent videos.

The Church of SOY.

Social Outcast Youth

Deport kebab.

Wel, well, well.

Anyone else seeing a pattern?

Interim Chief Clint Shannon said Jupiter police, Palm Beach County School District police and the FBI previously investigated Johnson for “alleged violent tendencies” that they received through “intelligence gathering” in the northern part of the county.

I think there must be a secret rule that prevents you from speaking its name. Sort of like how you can't draw a picture of Muhamad..

Genius, really. I can imagine everybody sittin' around muhamad back in the day, talkin' and whatnot. (By "whatnot" I mean raping children.) Suddenly the grand towel head himself says:

Lets invent a religion where you do bad things, but no one can talk about it, mention it, or see what the leader looks like!

Brilliant idea!

Sounds peaceful.

“Kitchen Knife gave me PTSD when I was cutting vegetables for soy stirfry” -Gersh Kuntzman

Sadly we still have a horrible pagan religion called "feminism" disguised as a progressive ideology. It takes millions of unborn babies as human sacrifice to their false god for prosperity and convenience, and the ritual is performed daily on the altar of Planned Parenthood funded by the federal government.

We need to ban all knives with blood channels to give civilians a fighting chance at survival.

Also ban double sided knives, sharp knives, knives with drop points and tanto points, and anything with serrations as it increases pain and suffering. We also need to open a knife registry where any knife you own including kitchen knives are registered with the government. Knives over 6" need to be confiscated without a buyback and anyone in possession of one should become a third degree felon.

Am I doing this right, Dems?

I hope you're kidding?

Which is more likely: The first Islamic attack since a week ago or the first Mormon attack since 1840?

I bet he was a known problem in school but they never bothered to enforce yet again.

UK is the last straw. Makes me sick. BAN ALL ASSAULT MUSLIMS! In other words, all Muslims.

The U.K. has already banned knives to stop Muslims from killing.




From the looks of the headline, it appears that they did say it by name.

However, now that it has been said, shouldn't we all renew our calls to avoid “islamophobia,” declare that Islam is a religion of peace, and dig up all the stories about how the local Muslims are fearing a backlash? /s

Tragic. Why are we still allowing this garbage cult to exist?

Good and proper Muslim, just like how Mohammed had did it in 7th century Arabia.

P.S: Still no death penalty? A life for a life is fair game. And please don't give me the horseshit of "But he's only 17! Be lenient!" Hang him, preferably publicly.

Knives over 6" need to be confiscated

I suppose I don't need my chef's knife for making dinner because McDonalds is right down the block, just like I don't need a gun because we have the police?

You're reading the liberal feelings might be hurt version. Try this:

Pssh. I'm a christian and I'm compelled to speak truth and love and forgive and witness and pray for people.

Knives of peace.