[Murphy] DeMar DeRozan surprising children at Sick Kids this morning in a blue Santa suit.

[Murphy] DeMar DeRozan surprising children at Sick Kids this morning in a blue Santa suit.
[Murphy] DeMar DeRozan surprising children at Sick Kids this morning in a blue Santa suit.

Merry Cripsmas Santa

Confirmed, he's definitely a crip.

twitter pls

Vince Staples was right


I wonder how he feels wearing red every game. I wish raptors brought back the huskies blue. That shit gave him superpowers last season.

He's a big Louis CK fan

I still remember the day John A MacDonald beat Abe Lincoln on the buzzer beater from the hesi pull-up

Gave the whole team superpowers. We beat the Bulls for the first time since 1867 wearing those jerseys.

Mans gotta rep his homebois while doing charity work too

Respect DeMar DeRozan...


After last night, my dude can wear what ever he wants!!

Also, think about this: last night was the 2nd game of a road back- to- back, he has a career night in every way, then the team flies home to Toronto, and this fucking guy gets up early to go and give back to sick kids in the community.


why not red DeMar?

Nah, he just said he isn't a role model

Isn’t he putting up CK for crip killer??

I think that’s worse.

That wasn't invented until 1868

Explains why he played so well in the Huskies unis

One of my favorite game winners

*Throws Crips sign while camera cuts away *

Blue, huh..

When Santa shoots it, it goes in

Remember how Chuck said basketball players aren't role models? DeMar is the guy that shatters this argument

DeMar's PR game is actually insanely good. He's so loved in this city right now that that alone would make people not believe Vince Staples. Staples wasn't the only one who has said DeRozan is not to be fucked with. Could totally see him like the NBAs Marvin Harrison.

How many for our boy in blue?

Why the fuck did you try and hate this guy

But did he jimbo

I look up to chuck, he's the only guy who consistently defends and mentions us on national tv

The hesi pull-up layup

DeCrip DeClauzen

Just cause he’s a shit person doesn’t mean he’s not one of the best comedians.

Right, but if you do some research rather than knee jerk, you would know he owes them a lot. They deliberately kept DD safe and out of the gang life because they knew he had a bright future. He's not celebrating 'gang shit', he's respecting the neighbourhood that raised him and helped shield him from going down the wrong road.

Edit: You don't know me or where I come from, so hold the strawman please. You and everyone else have the right to your opinions and lived experiences. I can see why you would have that reaction. At the same time though, consider this: if DD continues to rep and becomes a public image of for his roots, does that not encourage positive change? Can he not change what it means to be a crip by being a role model for doing things the right way? Changing a people happens from within - if DD completely disassociated himself from his upbringing, he could not effect change for the people he would be leaving behind. Not saying you're wrong, just presenting another perspective.

It's totally C for Canada guys

I look up to Chuck because our coach lived with him for two months

Scott Brooks didn’t want to make waves, so the first time he heard the buzzing sound in the middle of the night, he didn’t mention it to his roommate. A few weeks later, though, he heard the noise again, a loud vibrating hum out in the darkness. By the third time, he screwed up his courage and asked his roommate what was going on.

“What the [bleep] do you think it is? I’m vacuuming!” Charles Barkley told young Brooks. “I can’t sleep if the lines in the carpet aren’t straight.”

“I love the little guy,” Barkley told the L.A. Times around then. “He’s the little, little guy everybody wants to do well in life. People want to see a guy like that go against the norm, an underdog. I call him, ‘Wonderdog.’ “

Idk that looks like some ninjutsu shit to me

Damn, he's really a crip for life

I try and hate this guy, but all he does is ball out and be a good guy off the court. I give up. I am officially a DeFan

Vince Staples did cosign him on this

He is from Compton,

That was the most ganster game winner I've ever seen. The difficulty, the wetness of the shot, that stank face and sign he made, no excitement from him whatsoever.

In high school he wore blue everyday.

Nah he’s just a big Calvin Klein fan

Yeah demars floater is an homage to Sir John A

that was nasty

CC for Compton Crips.

It’s like in that same Vince Staples video, Hannibal is talking about how San Antonio would hide it if the Spurs commited a murder

you right, demar got me convinced i can still join a gang

That's kind of a low bar, isn't it?

Shit people make the best comedians.

Because he's from Compton, not Inglewood.

I’m not really a fan of him, but whipping your dick out doesn’t quite qualify for my list of shitty people. Go to any US city public transit and you’ll see a dick within an hour or so.

Forget everything you thought you knew about Santa.

He pulled up and invented Canada

the name is actually "The Hospital for Sick Children"


Jimbo is a jumper, so what did he do hesi pull up and then stop?

Eastern conference yadda yadda, I’ll be honest...it was hard. The dude is just a beast

Nah hes throwing up a C not a ck

ccccomtpon stand up

Welcome to DeClub

Demar from the Hidden Crip village

DeMar DeMerrier

Vince and Buress on NBA tough guys, Demar comments at 2:53

Hey look it's elite closer Alan Anderson

wait so Chuck is ocd? Would never have guessed by his golf swing

OCD doesn't follow everything you do necessarily haha.

I know it’s impossible but I did a double take at that Dirk-looking white dude at the end.

Yo this is kinda random, but why would you name a childrens' hospital "Sick Kids"?

Those jerseys are so dope, wish I could buy the shorts and a personalized jersey on 2k. Demar looked mad dope in them last time.

He don’t do it for the gram, he do it for Compton.

I think the point is that he isnt obligated to be. It's obviously a plus that Demar is, but you shouldnt look up to him just because he's good at ball. You should look up to him for stuff like this though.

Merry Cripmas Santa Cuz

Of course he's wearing blue.

He's a closeted Huskies fan for that reason

How about "The Centre for Dying children"?

Or "Health-Impaired Not Yet Adult Hospital?"

Or what about "The Derek Zoolander Centre for Kids Who Don't Feel Good and Who Wanna Learn to Get Better and Do Other Stuff Good Too"?

isn't that just a floater?

I honestly think that the city edition Jerseys should be blue for the raps because all the Toronto teams have blue as a colour except for TFC really. Like Black and Gold OvO colour for Drake is pretty well known but doesn't nearly represent the city like Blue and white does

Crip style

santa’s don’t die they multiply

Whole lotta gang shit 👌

Man thats some hard logic tho still

I mean I’d say he’s probably below Auston Matthews, but that’s only because he’s pegged as the leafs saviour and has been delivering so far. Other than him though it’s got to be Demar


He said he's not a role model and you shouldn't look to athletes to be role models. Doesn't mean they can't be, just don't try to go 'oh this guy is a star in the NBA, look up to him'.

I’m from Philly and Marvin Harrison was definitely not somebody you wanted to fuck with. Easy way to go missing.

No having your hands all over the community, being a very humble guy, have one of the highest work ethics in the league, showing loyalty to an organization that raised you, and never getting into any off court drama is being a good role model

Edit: Also you don't think growing up with nothing in Compton and making it big by staying the straight and narrow isn't an inspiration to those less fortunate kids in that community?

He grew up in that culture unfortunately. However, IIRC, the crips protected DeMar and encouraged him to go into basketball as a teenager, and he hasn't done anything as far as we know besides growing up with friends who ended up in that life, sacrificing themselves in a way to make sure he made it. DeMar owes a lot to his friends, and I understand his loyalty to that side of society as a part of that.

What a genuinely good guy

It Rhymed in my head..all that matters

Chris Kaman

Looks like Santa gave him a 3 point shot for Christmas this year for being good.

What did he say?

The majority of the population has no clue what OCD actually does to a person. I've been around people with moderate and severe OCD and it's a really sad disorder, man.

A Raptor on the sidebar with a Deebo post making front page? Is this Bizarro /sub/nba?

I've always wondered this myself. Phenomenal hospital though.

Must be tough to put on that Raptors jersey.

Harrison got into a fight with a drug dealer outside of a business Harrison owned a few weeks after they got into a fight outside of Harrison's nightclub. It's reported that the dealer got shot and the bullets/casings matched the rifling/model of a gun registered to Harrison. The dealer didn't die and sued, but they couldn't prove that Harrison pulled the trigger.

Even the Toronto flag is blue and white.

Basically, Marvin Harrison shot a dude.

Hesi pull up granny shot.

He didn't diddle anybody, it couldve been much worse