{Multiboss} The Sunflower Brigade

{Multiboss} The Sunflower Brigade

Defenders of Bel-Air

I love Cuphead, I gotta get this Fresh Prince mod!

Simple boss fight. Target the leader (tallest one). Once he dies, all the others run away. Fire Weakness. Loot: Flower Outfit, Sun Shield. Quest Reward: Money and access to the next quest line. Recommended Level: 5

Good Luck Fighters!

the photosynthesis spell is total bs, full heal for the whole team. Any tips? Im way overlevel for this area too, so its not like grinding is gonna do anything.

Which one should I take down first?

I think you got the stats wrong on that one. It's a powerful regen (healing over time (for the uninitiated)) for the whole team, for sure, but definitely not something as broken as a full heal.

Take them down with stealth, as it's easier to kill something unaware of it's inevitable death.