Mueller Is Said to Be in Talks With White House About Interviewing Officials

Mueller Is Said to Be in Talks With White House About Interviewing Officials

I love that all of Trump's firings are coming back to bite him.

Fired Manafort, Manafort informed the FBI of Jr.'s meeting. Fired Comey, Trump's now under investigation for obstruction. Fired Priebus, White House staff are now worried he'll flip. Fired Flynn, Flynn started cooperating with the investigation.

For a man whose catchphrase was "You're fired," he doesn't seem to understand what he risks by firing people.

At this point, I honestly think Mueller is our best bet to save America. Good luck, sir - we're all counting on you.

Important paragraphs

In a sign that the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election will remain a continuing distraction for the White House, the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, is in talks with the West Wing about interviewing current and former senior administration officials, including the recently ousted White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, according to three people briefed on the discussions.

Mr. Mueller has asked the White House about specific meetings, who attended them and whether there are any notes, transcripts or documents about them, two of the people said. Among the matters Mr. Mueller wants to ask the officials about is President Trump’s decision in May to fire the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, the two people said.

Mr. Mueller has expressed interest in speaking with other administration officials, including members of the communications team. But Mr. Trump’s allies are particularly concerned about Mr. Mueller’s interest in talking to Mr. Priebus, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee who worked closely with Mr. Trump during the presidential campaign. Mr. Trump’s confidants at the White House say Mr. Trump was never fully convinced that Mr. Priebus would be loyal to him.

Shortly after the November election, Mr. Priebus was made chief of staff, and he was involved in the major decisions the president made during the transition and in the first six months of the administration. Mr. Priebus made a point of being in most meetings and tried to be aware of what the president was doing. Mr. Trump fired him last month.

Mr. Priebus can potentially answer many questions Mr. Mueller has about what occurred during the campaign and in the White House. Mr. Priebus appears on the calendar of Mr. Manafort on the same day in June 2016 that Mr. Manafort and other campaign officials — including Mr. Trump’s eldest son and son-in-law — attended a meeting with Russians who claimed to have damaging information about Hillary Clinton, according to two people briefed on the matter. It is not clear whether Mr. Priebus and Mr. Manafort did meet that day.

According to a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation, Mr. Comey met with Mr. Priebus at the White House on Feb. 8 — a week before Mr. Comey said Mr. Trump cornered him in the Oval Office and asked him to end an investigation into Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn. In Mr. Comey’s meeting with Mr. Priebus, Mr. Comey told Mr. Priebus about a Justice Department policy that largely bars discussions between White House officials and the F.B.I. about continuing investigations in order to prevent political meddling — or at least the appearance of it — in the bureau’s work, according to the law enforcement official.

Edit: Ben Wittes (Comeys friend) is tweeting his thoughts saying "There is clearly an active obstruction of justice investigation with respect to the President's interactions with Jim Comey"

There is clearly an active obstruction of justice investigation with respect to the President's interactions with Jim Comey

The legal system is so silly. Trump said on a TV interview that he fired Comey because of the Russian thing. That's obstruction of justice, case closed. And yet, on it goes for some reason

His hirings are part of the problem. For instance, once you've hired guys like Manafort and Flynn you are going to have to fire them eventually.

GOP are traitors. All of them. That is why. It will never be forgotten.

Mueller comin

Priebus is apparently a big target of Mueller's. Trump shouldn't have fired him.

I think he hired Flynn specifically because Obama warned him against it. You know how Trump is obsessed with being anti-Obama on everything?

What do you think are the odds are that Obama was the one playing 4d chess and intentionally gave Trump that hint knowing he would never listen and would guarantee his hiring of Flynn?

Republicans are the party of greed, racism and treason. And they're proud of it. I hope they get absolutely humiliated.

No reason for him to be loyal after how he was treated by trump. Wouldn't be surprised if priebus turns on him for any potential immunity

And hypocrisy. The Republican states are the food stamp welfare, Social Security disability,teen pregnancy, High divorce states. Start calling out the right-wingers that you debate on their welfare uses

I think he hired Flynn because directly or indirectly Putin wanted him to.

“The search warrant here was obtained by a gross abuse of the judicial process by the special counsel’s office,” Mr. Dowd told The Wall Street Journal in an email. “In addition, given the obvious unlawful deficiencies, this extraordinary invasive tool was employed for its shock value to try to intimidate Mr. Manafort and bring him to his needs. These methods are normally found and employed in Russia not America.”

lol fuck off.

We get it, your house of cards has the best fountain.

I told my Republican mom about how my SO and I are considering a move to Colorado, from TX. When she asked why, I mentioned that we're worried about the political climate here and his safety (he's both Mexican/Pakistani and a Muslim). Also that we'll have a family in the next few years. Casually asked if she was aware that Texas had the highest maternal mortality rate in the country, even more so than some third world countries.

Her response- "Wow really? So new moms are dying? Well is it all mothers or just poor people?" Like really, does it matter?? Do poor people deserve to die giving birth? The way she phrased it, with no empathy at all, and just a "well that wouldn't be you, so why worry about it" was just so disgustingly callous. Unsurprising given what I know about her (extremely narcissistic) but it's no shock that she's conservative. These types of people aren't the redneck blue collar racists- they're educated in the traditional sense. They just don't give a shit about anyone else. If it doesn't effect them, who cares? Those other people must deserve it.

I mean, my parents went to Harvard for fucks sake. My dad went to school with some of these politicians. How did these people receive the same education in the same time period and all walk away with such polar opposite beliefs? He knows Michael Flynn through his time in the military. When shit started going sideways a few months ago I asked him about Flynn. He said, "There's no way he is working with the Russians lol." Weeeeelllllll...... about that. Still doesn't believe it though!

Sorry for the novel, I just don't get it honestly.

Edit- removed a few unimportant details

Mueller walks into The White House whistling “The Farmer in The Dell”

The fact that you used capital letters so the t isn't crossed and the i doesn't have a dot is cracking me up.

I don't know, never underestimate the magic (R)

After Trump and his cronies are ousted, the new President's first task should be to award Bob Mueller and his team Presidential Medals of Freedom. If they can kick a corrupt president out of office, I think that very much falls under the definition of "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States."

ive always operated under the assumption that putin wanted trump to get caught. causes more strife and deepens the distrust in our electoral process. I think it was the director of the NSA or CIA that said in one of the hearings that the russians operated so brazenly that they obviously didnt care about secrecy. if you're sending envoys to fucking trump tower, in person, then yea you dont give a shit

So in other words, Trump is worried that Priebus won't lie for him?

Funny - Dowd is Trump's lawyer, not Manaforts. It seems odd he'd comment or respond to something that isn't directly involving his client considering all that's involved.

I've been fixated on the Nazi rally in Virginia and this is welcome news.

I have a feeling that Mueller has so much on Trump and his surrounding confidants that many members of the GOP can't help but be caught up in it.

How many behind-the-scenes moves have GOP senators and house members who have shown "loyalty to trump" engaged in? Like that recent secret trip they took to London, in order to track down Steele and try to discredit him without notifying either the House or the Senate of their actions.

You have to wonder who might have helped in certain financial crimes especially.

Innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. That TV interview is just a piece of evidence that will help make an overwhelming case for obstruction.

Very easy to play this off the interview as yet another case of sudden onset of hyperbole/humor that appears to plague Republicans during public statements since it wasn’t exactly a deposition.

Remember when Trump bashed and alienated some of top staff members and appointees?

Robert Meuller remembers...

Trump: "That's my money you're taking"

Mueller: "Man money ain't got no owners"

Don't count your chickens before they hatch hombre

Not every politician left or right is playing strategic games out to get the other one. Obama warned against hiring Flynn because he was a threat to national security. He would have done the same thing even if incoming president was clinton and was thinking of hiring Flynn.

Oh indeed.

I am becoming more and more convinced that it has less to do with education and more to do with empathy.

I mean logically, what should it matter if poor or not. More mothers die here in Texas then some third world countries (you know, where they are poor in greater numbers). Unless...being poor is the fault of the mother over here and your mom is absolved of responsibility.

Without empathy she would have a difficult time assuming that responsibility.

Priebus, Flynn, Manafort...they're all rumored to be flipping. Who knows if it's true but it's gotta keep some Trumps up at night.

I got you

Since the show, Ahmed has launched two business ventures. Get Launched, an online video communication marketing service, and SA Vortex, specialising in developing internet protocol-based environmental technology. "I went on the show to compete with the best minds in the UK," says Ahmed. "The most important lessons I learned were how to find solutions to problems and making sure to look at the bigger picture." The reason he didn't win, says Ahmed, "was that I was too moulded. I had certain opinions which put me outside the Apprentice mould." But not winning, he says, has been a blessing in disguise: "I haven't stopped creating opportunities," he says, "and there is no way I would have been able to go off and do all this had I won."

Perhaps he was being set up to be buried.

At this point, I honestly think Mueller is our best bet to save America. Good luck, sir - we're all counting on you.

i am totally agree with you in this.

he is rattling the cage and see which one will sing first.

Mr. Mueller has asked the White House about specific meetings, who attended them and whether there are any notes, transcripts or documents about them, two of the people said. Among the matters Mr. Mueller wants to ask the officials about is President Trump’s decision in May to fire the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, the two people said.

Is Trump going to turn over his recordings of the meeting?


Mueller is going to cross every T, and dot every I.

It's not odd when you factor in Trump himself being guilty of collusion with Russia and Manafort likely able to provide evidence of it.

Ferris Mueller, you're my hero.

Yeah, I mean I have reached the same conclusion, but I think even if you took empathy out of the equation, conservatism doesn't make sense at its core.

Like it's been proven that access to birth control and family planning (even when it's paid for by taxes gasp) reduces the amount we have to spend on things like prenatal care, food stamps, welfare, etc. It SAVES taxpayer money when you approach it this way. Same with medical care. Single payer brings down overall costs. You could be a total sociopath, but look at the facts and see which makes more sense fiscally. The fact that it helps literally every single person is motivating enough for me, but it's a nice bonus for those only in it to save on their bottom line.

Put Him on the Muellion

I feel like I have most of this tapestry figured out except some of the odd, complacent GOP behavior. Occam's razor might explain the indifferent complacency (wanting to maintain power), but not so much the active, going-out-of-the-way, cover up behavior. Maybe. Nunes's bizarre shenanigans are one of the intriguing threads I'm looking forward to seeing where it leads.

No no, that was the white supremacist rally to defend their Civil War memorials. This is the fascist rally to defend Civil War memorials.

When this is all over I think we ought to make a push for Mueller's face on the $100 bill.

And they're proud of it. I hope they get absolutely humiliated.


They're in Virginia right now beating up colored people for their own sick pleasure.

This is what they wanted. This violence is everything republicans have wanted. And it will spread. Republicans want this violence against society. Republicans hate personal freedom.

This is a next level nazi grammar burn and I love it!

This is the dumbest episode of Law and Order yet.

Officer: Who killed this woman?

Killer: I did.

Officer: Dammit, this one's gonna take years to close!

They've funded leftist groups in the past just because they were the opposition, we've probably got left wing groups making noise under the russian dollar, it's all about sowing mistrust and dividing a county into impotence.

I hope Priebus has a major chip on his shoulder about the whole ordeal and helps nail Trump.

The legal system is not silly. Believe it or not, it's a massive benefit to society to ensure that the justice systems tries to get the whole picture, not just enough for their purposes.

Trump: Wait so threatening war doesn't actually make Mueller go away?

Yep. I want to win elections again. No more "when they go low, we go high." It doesn't work. Call out Republicans for what they are because they are using every unethical and unconstitutional move they have including massive voter suppression to steal elections.

I think the ideas of "conservatism" have some merit, but the current Republican Party is not conservative. This is why they support fiscally irresponsible policy. Everything is about "social conservatism" now (read: racism and bullshit culture wars). If the right wing were just looking at the money, I think we'd be a lot better off.

Lordy, I hope there are tapes.

One is a group of professionals, one is a reality show without the cameras.

I think we are all agree, my friend.

I should mention as well i think Trump was our biggest mistake in advancing their geopolitical goals and spreading anti-americanism. Most world leaders knew about Russian geopolitical intent, probably helps build some context to why Obama won a fucking peace prize in halting the advance of Anti-Americanism.

I have had too many arguments about this, and it always comes down to shit like "well why should I have to pay for these women to keep having sex? If they get pregnant it's their own fault. If they just didn't have it, I wouldn't need to pay for birth control AND they wouldn't be having babies for me to pay for instead." As if that is a rational thing to ask of half the population. They truly believe that just don't have it is totally just and fair for almost every scenario.

"I heard that you can buy steak with food stamps, if you can't afford meat, just don't eat them. Wasting my tax dollars I shouldn't have to pay for someone else to be able to eat that well."

"I didn't have a cell phone growing up, I don't see why my hard earned money is going to help pay for people to get a phone, that's not a necessity." Except it sort of is in this day and age, and maybe it's helping them to get a job. That by having a phone plan paid for, they're able to get off unemployment, and we end up saving money. But no god forbid we help anyone else's life get better, because muh 'Christian' morals and what about meeeeee.

Only spenders.

Do I look like a man that repeats hisself.

Whoa whoa. WSnt the nazi rally like two weeks ago?

Edit: wow nevermind. Wtf.

Sadly we never saw what happened to people after they were fired from the Apprentice.

I think he's going to try to find a way to fire Mueller because he doesn't seem to be hiring the appropriate lawyers.

There's always the chance that a lot of the weird behavior of many parties isn't rooted in illegal activites, but other unhealthy behaviors.

For example, it seems a lot of Trump's behavior relative to Putin COULD be explained by nothing other than a very strong case of Hero Worship.

Nunes' behavior COULD be just an incedible example of butt-kissing to advance himself in the graces of Power. Or it could be an example of incredible stupidity. He really was and is out of his league.

Venezuela threats explained.

Pardoning these people will just give them immunity so they cannot plead the fifth. It would be suicide for Trump to go and hand out pardons, which is why he hasn't done it yet. Remember when there was talk about his legal team looking into pardoning power? They likely came to this same conclusion. It's every man for himself on the sinking ship that is the Trump administration.

This. It's not all a game of chess (where France is queen- and king-less). Sometimes, politicians are just like "ayyy, don't do this thing. It's a bad decision. Seriously. Don't f*cking do it." And if their predecessor successor (seriously, I need to stop changing my tenses half way through a thought) is just petty enough, it won't matter what they said.

Because to really convict the president of the united states of america of that crime, you need more than a television interview with a guy who has stated all sorts of patently false things. I understand that guy is the president of the united states of america, and those two facts should be mutually exclusive, but here we are.

If we're going to charge him with a crime, we need the most evidence possible with the most crimes possible. Mueller knows what he is doing, he has the legal team he needs, and you can't help but notice the migration of serious people who support Trump.

Yes, I get that. It's just most lawyers I would imagine would keep low profile, avoid commenting on anything that could in turn harm their client even more. More surprising coming from Dowd who does have some experience.

Then again nothing since 8 November has made much sense. :s

This is what Putin did in Russia as well. He hired Vladislav Surkov, an avant garde poet who employed some extremely devious and crazy methods. For example- Surkov funded many different opponents of Putin, waited a few months then came out and told everyone that he was funding them.

Everyone was stunned, and the opposition's credibility was almost instantly destroyed, on top of that, it induced extreme paranoia. No one knew who was on who's payroll and what anyone's intentions actually were.

They're very much trying to accomplish something similar in the U.S. and they've unfortunately largely succeeded. Take the Don Jr. meeting for instance- from one perspective it's the Trump campaign trying to collude with Russia. From another angle though the entire meeting could've just been set up so it was in Putin's back pocket the entire time as dirty laundry to air at a later time. He probably tried approaching the Clinton campaign at some point just to cover all his bases.

So now looking at Trump we're basically left with 2 options, he either knows what's going on and is actually trying to collude with a foreign government, or he's so fucking out of his depth that he's nowhere near qualified for this job and is getting outmaneuvered at every step geopolitically. There's a reason why Putin is walking up to Trump and having private conversations with him in events the public can see- he understand the optics of what he's doing completely and is trying to abuse them.

It's just a really unfortunate situation because at this point, even the discovering of how badly we've been manipulated only serves to further manipulate us.

They are also the party of cheaters that sold our democracy out to Russian hackers and trolls. Unless we safegauard our voting process we won't have the chance to humiliate them.

That interview is like a video of him shooting a guy.......... there is no doubt left, because he said it on public TV. I am still confused about what you guys alwys talk about "(Edit: make an) overwhelming case"? Is law working in US so much different?

Must be a Texas thing. I'm Canadian, and I was having an after dinner chat with one of our vendors who was up from Texas and another Canadian.

The Texan was shaking mad, and had to get up from the conversation and go have a walk to cool down at one point. Guess what made him almost frothing mad?

We were discussing universal health care. And he asked us if we were OK paying for the healthcare for newly arrived Syrian refugees to the country, he referred to them as "fucking terrorist muslim syrians" or something with fuck terrorist and muslim in it. Both of us immediately replied an emphatic "absolutely".

That set him off. The THOUGHT that we are happy to pay a little more in taxes so that people escaping a fucking war can have basic health care.

He likened free health care to the government giving away BMW 5 series cars to people.

He literally views basic preventative and better health care on the same level of luxury as a god damn BMW 5...

Whatttt the fuck is wrong with you Americans that think this way? Who fucking jizzed in your corn flakes, every day, for years, to make you despise people you don't know or don't look like you so much?

Edit: just want to clarify, I don't think every American or Texan is like this. I'm simply speaking longingly towards those that do think like that. I don't fucking get it. Maybe go live in a country that has real problems for a few months (go get your passport either way, fuck). Then you'll start to see and understand what real pain, suffering, and hardship looks like.

You also need other evidence that they actually killed them and that they aren't a delusional idiot who says random shit constantly.

"I haven't stopped creating opportunities," he says, "and there is no way I would have been able to go off and do all this had I won."


doing what Trump says means stifling my ability to succeed. Hmmmmmm....

Muh Nothingburger!

This is going to be interesting. A more functional administration would use the power of presidential pardon to circle the wagons. The problem is that Trump is dumb, petty and vindictive. So the odds are pretty good, everyone is going to get all backstabby reaching for whatever deals they can with Mueller. It's not like they can depend on a vindictive Trump to have their back.

confirmed boom

They can if the only news source they pay attention to blames the Dems. We need to reinstate the fairness doctrine once the adults in the room have power.

All he thinks about is PR while everyone else is getting a criminal Lawyer..

Haven't they done research with functional MRI scanners that clearly show differences in conservative vs liberal brains? Can't remember the findings but if I recall it's that conservatives tend to be a little more fear-based, maybe that's why they are generally the gun owners and need to protect themselves from the boogeyman that's going to break into their house at night. And liberals tended to be a bit more neurotic. Guess I need to brush up on that research paper

"Wow really? So new moms are dying? Well is it all mothers or just poor people?"

I have Republicans in my family and extended family as well. They believe poor == bad. If you're poor it's highly likely you have done bad things. I stay away from them.

I wish you and your SO well wherever you decide to make a life.

Pokemon - Gotta catch 'em all!

As well I am agree

The funny thing is that Priebus was the Republican foothold in the Trump admin. Firing him ruffled a lot of GOP feathers. It might just have been his downfall. I mean all the corruption is his downfall, but the GOP turning on him will be the technical downfall.

And when Mueller comes at the king, he won't miss.

Politics is violence in another form

You meet violence with violence

First off, you're doing a shit job of paraphrasing Mao's "War is politics with violence. Politics is war without violence" quote. Second, we have a system of laws and democracy specifically so that violence will not be the means by which our political fates are decided. You meet politics with politics and be thankful every day that you live in a place where kids can grow up safe and free from the fear that men will come in the night.

That would require a spine and testosterone grown stones.

The whole Trump administration is rotten to the core. Not surprising since it starts with the president himself. They haven't been found guilty yet, but the writing is on the wall.

Dowd has zero legal grounding to stand on here. He can't claim that Trump has privacy rights in Manafort's house.

I think this is the boom?

Another possibility is that he's in complete denial about what's happening but he's obviously wagging the dog which makes me think he knows he's cornered legally.

not worried about being honest, worried about him being loyal

Bring him to his needs?

Yeah, I assumed that was a typo, but then again, the people in or connected to the white house these days don't do words to good.

Random, but: Mueller went to college in Charlottesville. Hopefully he was watching the coverage of the nonsense there this weekend and is secretly resolved to stamp out nazism in the White House.

Told my mom I was pro gay marriage. Her response: "Why, do you have gay friends?"

What the fuck mom?

I remember how Trump's lawyer claimed this week he was in talk with Mueller because Trump wanted to send messages of support. Perhaps what he is really in talks about is these interviews and they wanted a viable cover to have think something else about the communications.

Mueller is coordinating with a few state level investigations as well. You can't pardon state crimes as president. He's going to hit them hard, and from multiple angles.

Being realistic, if he does know all this stuff he's complicit too and naturally that would mean he will do everything possible to protect himself from the possible jail time that comes with such complicity.

Not trying to be a party pooper, but hating Trump isn't enough to make this weasel not try to save his own skin. We've already seen Flynn and Manafort get fucked over because Mueller has enough to not give them any kind of immunity (see: raid of Manafort's house (you kinda need probable cause for that) and straight up denying Flynn immunity) and Preibus is at least smart enough to see that.

mueller comin' yo

Exactly. The firings are a necessity, even for someone like Trump. The mistake was in hiring these transparently corrupt people in the first place.

Mueller is setting up bread crumbs.

I could get on live TV and say I've laundered $5M, and you could see transactions of mine for $5M.

But that doesn't actually mean anything until sufficient evidence is gathered to show that I actually laundered the $5M and aren't just saying that I did.

Same thing is happening here - Trump said he fired Comey because of the investigation and all indications point towards that. But until sufficient evidence has been gathered to support that, nothing can be done.

Hashtag uplifting

Not just him. A bad downturn in the economy would do it too.

People can ignore a lot of things in politics. They can't ignore their sudden joblessness or homelessness.

Why does this burger taste like piss?

Very welcome news today in light of everything else. What trump doesn't realize is that basically after action hes taken will come back to hurt him. Firing Comey pissed off the FBI and added an obstruction of justice charge, going after Sessions soured Republican senators against trump, and now its practically a given that Priebus will flip against trump given how he was treated.

However, on the otherhand, if you start trying to cover things up and omit facts in order to protect yourself in this big investigation, you risk getting caught worse. There's no way Priebus knows exactly what investigators know. So if he starts to try not to give them any new information, he might not give them information which they do already know, and then get himself in trouble for the cover up.

“In addition, given the obvious unlawful deficiencies, this extraordinary invasive tool was employed for its shock value to try to intimidate Mr. Manafort and bring him to his needs. These methods are normally found and employed in Russia not America.” --Trump's Lawyer

Typical GOP strategy: turn everything on its head and accuse the accuser. It's really us who are colluding with Russians. Each one of you reading this should look in the mirror and recognize the inner collusion or obstruction to win the election for Hillary, but for her emails were it not so.

Jfc this investigation is creeping in holy shit.

Mueller will continue his investigation whether he's making headlines or not.

Dammit Charlotteville.

Keep reading his updates, he's adding a lot of good commentary on the release.

I think that's what most folks think. He's currently the best civil option to save normalcy. If Trump somehow wriggles out from under him without facing justice I think you will see "resistance" efforts step up to something much more tangible.

wagging the dog in the worst way possible. No one wants to go to war with NK.

Or he could be planning blanket pardons for the cabal, plus a gigantic self-pardon.

Is the New York Times trying to prompt another Saturday Night Massacre?

They've been pretty quiet for months, and this is a pretty heavy story, especially regarding Mueller's interest in Priebus. I think we all assumed he was a key player, but this is the first time, I think, that he's been mentioned as a person of interest to the investigation.

All of trump's firings have come back to burn him. Flynn, Manafort, Comey, and now Priebus, possibly Spicer too. I wonder if the Mooch has a role to play yet.

Normally I'm a "snitches get stitches" kind of guy, but after forcing him to say it was a blessing to serve him, and calling him in to the oval office to kill a fly, them having shit stain like Mooch go after him, I'd tell everything I knew.

I never understood the low high thing. Politics is violence in another form. If someone shows up with a gun to take away your rights, and you are gonna show up with a flower? Liberals need to take off their diapers off and grow the fuck up. You meet violence with violence.

They get jobs in the Trump WH Comm office.

It's on its way

That is seriously what it said. E-mail was written at like 3AM in the morning, just like a Trump twitter rampage.

Yep, I wonder what Monday's distraction will be? We already have military exercises with South Korea announced for later on... might be a tricky one.

Not sure how I haven't seen this before. Kudos.

Meanwhile at the Oval Office:

Disingenuous whiners

They must be opening a new NothingBurger at the White House. I hear there is a great secret menu including the Double Double Moscow, Treason Cheesin Tots, and All GOP are Nazis Triple Thick Milkshake.

Risky click of the day.