MSNBC Rehires Contributor Sam Seder: ‘Sometimes You Just Get One Wrong’

MSNBC Rehires Contributor Sam Seder: ‘Sometimes You Just Get One Wrong’

"Whoops. Sorry we listened to the alt-right rapist for our policy decisions."

Cenk Uygur

An insane amount of credit to for not only not firing Sam. But giving a public breakdown on the asshole who tried to smear him, and a full-throated excoriation of MSNBC for caving to such garbage.

This is why I listen to TYT and Cenk.

‘Sometimes You Just Get One Wrong’

No, sometimes reading is fundamental, and understanding sarcasm should be a requirement of your fucking job.

Should give him a pay raise too.

All right. I'm happy about this, even though they fucked it up royally initially. But this did a few things:

Gave the Majority Report more exposure.

Exposed Cernovich (to the extent that he wasn't already exposed) as the lowlife ACTUAL rape apologist he is.

Made people remember that the major news network of the "left" is actually Comcast-owned and has been going out of their way to rehabilitate former Bush people.

But I only have Fox, CNN, and MSNBC when I'm at work and I was missing Ali Veshi (my favorite guy at the network) while I was boycotting MSNBC.

Hugh Hewitt is worse and he has his own show on MSNBC. Dude gave a platform to Ajit Pai.

Yep, loved his breakdown of the situation and his dismantling of the alt-right troll behind it.

As a fan of Seder's show Majority Report I'm happy that he's came out ahead and gotten some nice publicity out of this.

Fuck the alt-right.

edit: it's Majority Report - had it wrong before.

Wow, I wasn't expecting them to admit they were wrong on this one. This is exceptionally good news.

It's interesting that you say that because Cenk has renounced that position and had Ana, his Armenian cohost, do several videos explaining said genocide.

Knowing that now, how do you feel about TYT?

I say it's interesting because that point of attack is basically the go-to of Alt-right smearjobs. And once I point this out the usual reaction is that he didn't renounce his views enough. I am not accusing you of bad faith, but so many times I've heard people on the left and right take this position. I'm wondering how much of it is genuine outrage on any side. To be perfectly frank and expose my own ignorance, I had not known about said Genocide as an event until it was brought up by someone on the right attacking TYT, and in that same sitting I found out about his renouncing of the position that it didn't happen. How deeply then have the people who claimed to care about it looked into it?

It makes me happy to hear about Texans enjoying TYT.

I don't even know what that means. Sarcasm is part of wit, which is a part of humor in general. Sometimes jokes aren't funny either. It doesn't mean it wasn't meant in sarcasm.

Did they fire the guy that fired him?

I doubt it, I'm sure the subtitles on MSNBC will have stories about a moose biting somebody's cousin.