MRW When the dead reached Winterfell

Thank you for spoiling game of thrones for me. I didn't even know it was game of thrones until you said that. Reported.

That redhead throws a ball of cocaine at a recovering cocaine addict (you can see he is because his nasal cavity has been eaten away by years of drug abuse) in an attempt to taunt him a second time. This is important to the show but I suppose if you don't you are lucky as it hasn't been spoiled for you.

Pow! wight in the kisser.

What's being spoiled here?

Thanks for spoiling a wight getting hit by a rock!

Game of thrones. Its a pretty popular tv series

Considering there's white walkers, I sure wish the zombies weren't called wights for the show. Very confusing when spoken.

Thank you for spoiling game of thrones for me. Reported.

Oh darn I'm stupid. I clicked on this thinking it was a skyrim meme.

RIP in peace