MRW we hit 300K subs

It better be


BTW /u/beernerd this gif is wildly outdated now. pls fix.

Chain of sloth gifs, go!


Is this account an homage to the legendary karma whore /u/ibleeedorange?

I came for the Seinfeld, stayed for the meta. I almost left because of the 4-pane Rick and Morty..
This is the sloth version of this gif

This is the sloth version of this gif

At least I'm still 3rd overall.

Edit: nm I'm not

Really wanted you to troll with a "No" at the end


cries on the inside

Baby sloth

Sometimes​ the internet still amazes me.

It's a democratic sub. Anyone can submit any content they wish (that fits within the rules of the sub) and, if others like it, they'll upvote it. Don't like it? Downvote it and/or submit stuff you do like. Pretty simple.

jk wish we played UGA more.

Italian Spiderman, mostly.

Happens on all subs. At least this one does a good job about it and produces things that are funny and interesting without knowing the immediate context.

Oh no haha, my alma mater is the University of Florida. Those are our colors.

I'm genuinely curious as to how you find this arousing

there you go that even a sloth?

The math just doesn't check out. There are only about 100 people making content here regularly, and 10 to 30 THOUSAND upvotes a day on the exact posts your referring to. If it was really just people upvoting each other, you'd never know this sub existed. You may not like it, (and you don't have to) but the votes show alot of people do.

Also, I have no idea why.

I think it's from Snatch


Does anyone have the version of this gif where it has the LEGO character doing the same thing?

Who's #1? I googled and got way_fairer, but he only has like 3m karma.

Perhaps you have some examples of the gifs you've submitted that better match what you're looking for?

You should check out /sub/hqgstudios


If he understood himself it wouldn't be a confused boner.

Is that Dwight's babysitter?

Hah! Hey as long as it's not that school in tallahassee, you're all right in my book. I actually enjoy our rivalry.

This chain is moving quite slowly


Ah, of course, just your friendly, neighborhood, Italian Spidey

It is.

Also, one of the greatest movies ever.


/u/dick-nipples with a strong showing

No its a Sleepy Goron.

We need to have an "It's a Wonderful Life" type situation where we hide all meta posts for a day or two, just to show exactly how empty this subreddit would be.

this team v team fight broke out

Dude, I had a buddy that went to Clemson, and we took a road trip there for the Clemson v South Carolina game in 2004.

I was in the stands just behind the end zone when . It was the craziest thing I've ever seen at a football game.

It's a bunch of friends making fun of each other pretty much. We talk to each other everyday so that type of comradery is going to form.