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Maybe it's different for railroad trains, but on the subway we're just taught to stop the train and close our eyes/look away cause there is no chance in hell we'd have time to open the door and head to the passenger space.

Still, as a subway conductor this sucks. I love my job, so much, but I hate this, it's stressing me to death, I dread the day it will happen to me. It's not all suicides either more than half are accidents, drunks or people high on some substance, or kids, or people that slipped. Heck a few months ago, someone was pushed in front of a moving train and still. Every fucking day I drive in with this massive train into a station going 50km/h and people still stand less than a meter from the edge as if they'll get on the train faster.... Still I'll have kids and young adults thinking it's the most hilarious joke to pretend you're gonna jump when you drive into the station. Every time my stomach drops and my whole day is ruined. Fuck.

That's a standard procedure if someone trys to commit suicide on a rail track. It's to prevent the conductor from sufferin ptsd or mental harm in general.

It's from a training video.

That's awesome, I need conntext thought

I worked on a project where we interviewed subway conductors about their career and suicides were brought up. It happens to nearly everyone if you work in that career long enough.

One conductor mentioned that when it happens, it's usually someone who's standing on the platform very close to where the train enters the station. They stare at the train, in preparation to jump at the right time. The last thing they usually do is make unintentional eye contact with the conductor as they leap off. That little eye contact will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Out of courtesy to train conductors, I make sure to stand far away from the track and definitely not make eye contact if I am standing close to the edge. I don't know what they've been through.

They also talked about how some people survive the initial hit, and those stories were horrifying.

People actually do that? Holy fuck.

splatter (SFW)

So he leaves the driver seat, so he doesn't see the person ?

Happens at least once a week, it's gotten to the point where I almost wish those assholes would slip and glid close enough to the edge to shit their pants and wake up that this is not fucking funny.

It's a train not a barn

Essentially yes.

When my wife gets home and says "We need to talk."

I get intrusive thoughts about jumping in front of the subway all the time. I'm not remotely suicidal or considering that at all, but it's just one of those things that creeps into your head when you see it barreling down the track; how easy it would be to fall over and splat.

Also known as "the call of the void".

I like how he makes sure to close the door behind him.

I guess the thought comes up in these peoples minds on their commute everyday, and one day it just takes hold

It would be a good ABANDON THREAD gif

making that tired conductor meme funny again, OP

I had a uber driver in Toronto a few weeks ago, we got chatting and he reveals he's a train engineer who works for CN (massive national rail company) and has a good job.

Of course my question is "why the fuck are you driving an uber right now?"

He proceeds to tell me how a 14 year old committed suicide by jumping in front of his train off of a short ledge, so that he hit the train around the front window. Guts and blood coated the whole thing so that he couldn't see.

As he was telling me this story, he welled up and had to stop. He was visibly shaking. He finished by saying he'd never work on another train again and that years of school and training could never have prepared him for that day. Now he drives an uber for much less money.

Yeah I totally understand that. I don't use intercity trains very often but in my citys subway (Im from germany ) we have security at the busy stations who tell people to back off from the edge if they get too close. I think it helps as I've never seen anyone do what you described but then again I'm only a passenger not a driver.

Were you raised on a train?

The gif was more amusing without context

In london been slowly installing security gates at the busy station basically a barrier all the way along the track that only open when the train is stopped and lined up with the platform doors.

Ever wonder what the radio traffic sounds like when a train strikes something? Here are the transmissions of an Amtrak train vs Semi. No fatalities, but you can hear that the engineer is very shaken up in his voice.

I am a former railroader, and have many friends still in the industry, and that shit haunts you. My friend Barney (not the dinosaur) was an engineer for Amtrak and hit a church van full of kids. He always retells the story of how they looked right into his eyes as he hit the van.

The Imp of the Perverse, a short story by Edgar Allen Alan Poe, deals with this.

What's it like tricking someone into marrying you?

When you are on the final boss but she texts “my parents aren’t home”

My husband was offered a job as a conductor for NS. Crazy hours but the pay was really good. He turned it down after they told him how many people get killed by trains.

Good idea. I work in the industry and was conversing with an operator about it. Apparently the most recent one our local transit agency had involved a girl waiting behind a signal shack until just before the train got there. The operator hit the emergency brake mushroom so hard it broke. Didn't help. She was killed instantly. To make matters worse, a fucking passenger pulled an emergency door release, ran out to where (most of) the body was and started berating the operator screaming "You killed her!" The operator was described as being one of those really kind, nice people. It really messed him up. It's been over a year and he still hasn't gotten over it and still not driving a train.

Fuck anyone who gets themselves killed by a train.

That’s actually the Engineer.

He always retells the story of how they looked right into his eyes as he hit the van.

Jesus Christ..... That would fuck anyone up.

Basically yes he hit the emergency braking system on his way out so basically there is nothing more he can do, might as well save his mind

But you have to stand that close or else you couldn't step in front of the door so people can't get off.

and started berating the operator screaming "You killed her!"

If there ever was a good excuse to physically assault someone (the berator) to protect another (like the train operator in the example?) from severe mental abuse, that is it.

Edit: made it really, really explicit who is getting protected from unwarranted psychological abuse after helplessly witnessing a suicide-by-train.

IDK if is this one, could someone help me find it?

And I haven't even told the story of the two kids yet...

This time it's from a friend of mine that was actually not working that day and just riding the subway as passenger. The train comes to an abrupt stop and the door to the conductor opens and out comes this pale looking driver and he just sits down in front of my friend and starts mumbling "kids... they were just kids..." Turns out two kids thought they had time to run down and grab the ball they had dropped on the tracks. It's one thing to run over someone that wanted to die, but kids. That guy never came back to work.

Now this has become my reaction when I make a joke and it backfires.

"The call of the void" is a creepily well-fitting name

For those who are unaware:

engineer: train driver

conductor: train manager

Like when I'm standing on my balcony, hands on the rail and I'll have this ittle vision of myself hopping over the edge. It's so fleeting, but so vivid. I'd never do it, but it's there.

Oh yeah I saw that last time I went over. That also automates when the tram stops right? Seems like a good system especially because London's got probably 20 times more underground stations than where I live.

They also talked about how some people survive the initial hit, and those stories were horrifying.

Yeah, I've read stories about this. People can get trapped between the train and the platform and essentially be twisted apart. The person is alive long enough for first responders to call family or loved ones, or maybe a priest, but they explain that as soon as the train moves, you're basically going to be disemboweled and die within seconds. By all accounts it's unbelievably horrific.

It's what had me hesitating as well. But I enjoy my job too much, I get to be alone and I don't have a boss breathing down my neck, I get to work evening/night shifts which as a night owl is awesome. The schedules are a it wacky sometimes and I have constantly change my sleeping schedule but I have more pros than cons for now at least. My company has been working hard to get help asap to conductors and from what I understand the help is pretty good as most conductors do end up coming back to work.

God damn that's awful, I can't even imagine what that would be like. I've had suicidal thoughts but I've never wanted to make a mess or scare anyone so I guess that's why I never did it

Seems so. Looks like "Hit the brakes and hope they live, but look away because they ain't gonna."

Man, Edgar Allen Poe is one funny name.

I work as a subway conductor and this is my biggest fear. I already have frequent dreams of running over people, luckily so far it has only been nightmares and it hasn't happened to me yet. But it's like this knot inside of me that I know some day I will. Suicides rate have gone up, a colleague of mine that's been working for two decades has pretty much 'killed' people once a year in the last 10 year.

The worst is that most aren't infact suicides. A lot are drunks or people high on drugs, sometimes unfortunate kids that saw the next train wouldn't come for 10min and thought they'd be able to run down and grab something on the tracks.

My first month at work, the train passing right after me, at station I had just left maybe 5-10min ago radioed in "I've run over someone! train number, station name I've got someone under my train" instantly the operator replies that help is on the way and then the drivers voice calls in again "I t-think he's still alive, I hear sounds" Fuck. That stills fuck with me, it could have been me, heck maybe if I had paid attention I could have noticed something and radio it in and warn the next driver.

Why am I reading these comments?


Well, I mean, it wasn’t born with the name. It was given to it. It’d be weird if it didn’t have a well-fitting name :/

This is an Engineer/Motor Man/Sideways Elevator Operator not a Conductor. Source: I am a Conductor. This is a pet peeve.

As far as context. Someone either jumped in from of train or a vehicle ran a crossing.

Your telling me has now got me to solemnly swear not to horseplay or practical joke ever near a train platform. I will do my best to inform and dissuade friends from that nonsense as well.

There are people who care about their public transportation drivers. I want you to feel safe in your job, and for you to keep your job, as you obviously care more than some sort of bottom rung conductor.

I'm in therapy now trying to get help, I stopped going to work for two months and instead of firing me my boss brought me to the hospital and helped get me back on my feet, she's truly an amazing person.

yeah, now I'm sad.

No he was raised on a giffer farm.

But really, the hypothetical people who were born/raised in a barn would know that you actually shut the damn barn door.

It's alright, they launched NightTube last year and considering that will tripple the amount of drunk people in the subways at night, I hope they install them at least at all the main stations really quickly.

I would gladly sign a petition to allow train drivers to carry paintball guns and shoot people who do this in the squishy bits.

I’m mad about the person who berated him like he did it on purpose. People can be the worst

As a railroad engineer, thank you.

As a passenger I saw some drunk people doing this on the Metra in Chicago, then when they got on the train they started being loud and rude to everyone. The conductor announced we weren't going anywhere until they got off, the ticket collector went back and asked them to get off, they wouldn't so the cops were called. Cops came and escorted most of them off the train but one guy won't go so the cops start dragging him out forcibly and his gf (I guess?) freaks out and hits one of the cops. Who's like 3x her size. Who then literally throws her out of the train and onto the platform. They finally get drunk guy out, arrest them both, everyone cheers. I was pissed about getting home so late but it was worth it to see those jackasses get what they deserved.

The fact that you're disgusted by the consideration means you're normal.

Please, never do.

This completely explains the reaction one platform guard had when a college friend I shared a train with jokingly feigned jumping in front of the arriving train, despite being a good few metres from the edge. Dude got absolutely dressed down and was prevented from boarding that train, instead having to wait for the next one. He was very quiet in class the next day when I saw him.

Is there any ABANDON THREADS on Reddit? I've never seen any, I've only seen some on

Some subways have barriers on the platform, on new London Underground stations there are glass barriers which open when the train stops, on the Moscow Metro some major stations there's no real platform edge at all, just a solid wall with a load of steel doors like lift doors which open when the train arrives. I don't see why they don't put up some kind of barriers on all subway platforms, the only thing it requires is for trains to stop exact enough to line up the doors.

That makes me uncomfortable

People don’t know the difference between and engineer and a conductor

Intrusive thoughts is a more general term for this sorta thing. It's normal and harmless as long as you're able to dismiss them.

I made eye contact with a subway driver and walked to the edge of the platform as one solid movement once and his face lit of with terror. I remember it becuase it was so particular. This makes sense.

On another note I knew a subway conductor who hit a jumper and was taken off. The day he was back driving as his subway enters a station (the two directions to the in the middle with platforms on either side) a jumper gets hit jumping in front of the train going to opposite direction, the impact bounces the jumper out from in front of the first train and smack in front of this guys train. He works the ticket booth now.

Thanks, sometimes when this shit happens I'll grab the intercom and actually explain that we're about to leave the station soon but I just need to collect myself for a second as two teenagers in the last cart by the 3rd door thought it was absolutely hilarious to fake jump in front of my train as I came in the station. Sometimes they'll be dicks and pull the emergency brake and bail, delaying everyone that's just trying to get home. But sometimes I think maybe they can see reason or at least some of the passenger can and see it's not fun.

They don't want you to quit after they train (teach) you.

Funnier with sound:

This is the most fucked up shit I have read in a long time. You drew a picture in my head, that will haunt me for a long time. Can't image the conductors head now.

The reason is💰💰💰💸

Pray for him, he just hit the Ye button.

My father is a train engineer for the busiest commuter train line in the country. Over the last 30 years he has been involved in a suicide situation 6 times. He gets sent home immediately then to the company psychiatrist the next day. It doesn’t seem to mess him up too bad except for this one teen mom who was holding her newborn when she stepped off the platform. He kept on saying” why didn’t she just hand that baby to someone “.

Props to that guy!

We studied this story in college w a professor from the deep South. Every time I think of the title I hear him saying, “Th’ Amp of thuh PARvarse.”

Damn, this is sad to read.

My friend Barney (not the dinosaur)

Does this include harm to others without intent? I have day dreams randomly, of Trevor-like (GTA 5) rampages, with zero desire to do so

Earlier someone posted a gif of an orchestra conductor doing an approval gesture and titled something like "MRW I see my friend leave with the gal I introduced him to." later, someone else posted another orchestra conductor, except this one does a disappointed gesture, titled something like "MRW my friend blows it with the gal I introduced him to." Both of those gifs reached /sub/all, this triggered a wave of orchestra conductor gifs by users trying to board the karma train and so this jabroni right here, posted a gif of the "wrong conductor" effectively boarding the karma train all the way to /sub/all (ironically with a gif of someone stopping a train... I think... I don't know anything about trains).

Edit: I was being redundant

When I've been depressed I've considered it and made accidental eye contact before. I could somehow tell the guy just knew. I bet his heart skipped a beat and I've felt shitty about even considering that since.

I'm much better now btw so don't need the suicide hotlines and "if you need someone to talk to" comments thanks. Major dick move of me to consider going that way though. It just felt fitting being part of my commute and all.

I'd imagine the main reason for not having conductors is to not have to pay them. Unless of course the robots form a union.

Honestly looks like a training video to me...

The same thing happens to me, and I think the principle is the same. Your brain is sending you warning signals that you are doing something potentially dangerous.

For me it's picking up sharp knives in kitchens when other people are around (talk about fucked up ideation), and for you it's plowing into a bunch of people while driving (it sounds like).

Im comfused do americans call train drivers conductors?

I ride trains rarely, but when I do I always stand as far away as possible from the line. I can't understand people who are literally stepping on the line when a train is oncoming.

I mean, it's not even about jumping. Someone can be walking behind you and slip, throwing you on the tracks, or someone can intentionally push you. Fuck that. Even if the chances are very low on any of those things happening, I'll be happily leaning into the nearest wall until the train stops, thank you.

The local commuter rail system has published reminders that their trains are 375 tons and have a braking distance of half a mile (taking somewhere around 60 seconds to come to a full stop, give or take).

By the time you see an obstruction on the tracks, it's too late to avoid a collision. This is why grade separation is so necessary for safety in urban environments.

Agreed, coming to the railway was the best move I ever made.

Fatalities are obviously a big negative, but the chances of experiencing one are still relatively low. Everything else about the job I've found massively enjoyable so far, and no two days feel the same.

Haunted me for like 5 seconds, gonna go look at some more cat gifs

Same here. I had a coworker who did this shit, called me a pussy when I asked him to stand back. Told him "fine, get killed", I'm not even worried about your dumb ass, just the mental stress you're going to put on the driver. Safe to say we don't ride home together anymore.

I would not blame that operator if that was immediately followed up by beating the snot out of that passenger.

Must be nice.

As a freight train conductor I have to go out and "see if everyone is alright". Or, framed in the context of reality, I have to go out and see the splattered and mangled bodies of your children because you drove around the gates or tried to beat me over a crossing.

"I t-think he's still alive, I hear sounds"

Holy shit, that's so fucked up. Poor guy :(

Holy fuck.. Never play at/around Railway tracks.

That's good to hear! :) Wish you the best for the future

Hahaha this actually made me laugh, thanks!

Once knew a driver in a similar situation, kid jumped a level crossing on his bike. He never went back to work either, and had quite severe PTSD.

Crossings are never a risk worth taking.

Glad you feel the same way, I'm actually thinking of applying to get the licence for railroad train operator. It'd require a year of going back to school bu I wanna drive at faster speeds than 80km/h!

For now I'll keep working in the subway for a few more years cause I just enjoy it so much. I feel bad cause my earlier comment is particular somber but it so doesn't sum up the job. Being alone in your cockpit and not having a boss breathing down your neck, racing against the clock to be on time and how every day will always have a surprise like you said. Also the good laughs, some subtle funny comment made over the radio or a passenger acting completely mad silly. Getting to greet my passengers and wishing them an awesome weekend. Are you in the subway too?

He always retells the story of how they looked right into his eyes as he hit the van.

That's enough internet for today.