MRW Comcast says they won't throttle anyone's internet if Net Neutrality is repealed

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We never will, but it's very important that we able to. But we won't. So let us do it. Because we won't do it. Which is why we're spending so much money to make sure we can. But we won't. But let us.


best i could do i guess

Can't throttle what won't stay connected.

Well now he's just jerking off a ghost.

They probably won't charge you directly, they'll charge the services you subscribe to in order to provide faster access to send you things. Those services will in turn need to charge you more to cover that.

It's probably not a lie, it's just bullshit.

Comcast charges to have someone come out to fix something THEY messed up........I don't believe them.

taps his head

I had comcast in Denver and had to file 3 different reports on them with the FCC to get them to stop throttling my speed... What are they gonna do with no regulation???

I'm thinking its all just semantics. Throttle nothing. Offer faster service at a premium.

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I am not sure why, but I found this to be absolutely hilarious lol. Still laughing about it.