mousesports vs Natus Vincere / ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 - The New Challengers: Round 2 / Post-Match Discussion

mousesports vs Natus Vincere / ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 - The New Challengers: Round 2 / Post-Match Discussionmousesports 1-0 Natus Vincere

Mirage: 16-2


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MAP: Mirage


Team CT T Total mouz 13 3 16 T CT Na'Vi 2 0 2


mouz K A D Rating chrisJ 23 1 6 1.90 oskar 19 4 10 1.70 ropz 18 3 10 1.38 suNny 11 6 12 1.13 STYKO 9 4 7 1.13 Na'Vi s1mple 17 0 15 1.13 electronic 10 3 14 0.83 flamie 8 2 18 0.53 Edward 7 1 16 0.51 Zeus 3 7 17 0.42 Mirage Detailed Stats


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Well in Zeus defense, he did said he will not stop untill he wins a mf Major, he did win it and just stopped like he said he would. :>

Zeus with the 3 bomb

Wow, I didn't know they were showing speedruns at the Boston major! I didn't even have to pay to chat! PogChamp

oskar playing MID

Zeus vs Mousesports highlights video incoming?

zews > Zeus


flipside died for this

That moment when the dimension of metaphorical chess you are playing is higher than your frags in an official game


Natus Vincere any% (no eco) WR

Simple's the only one with positive k/d....

I don't care how good of an igl you are if you have 2 frags in 16 rounds you shouldn't be on a tier 1 team

That Flamie whiff and Styko 180 just summed up the match. Sad to see Flamie and Edward do so bad in firepower, they were such legends in 2016. Zeus has fallen off so much since returning to Navi, and electroNic still not finding his place just make too much for s1mple to carry. Edit: can't type that fast

How nice of AGDQ to have two streams!

GodJ looking good so far, if he can keep this up this team is going to go far

16-0 now a 16-2, Na'Vi slowly but surely improving.


He just signed a 2 year contract, he's responsible for being stuck in this team. No one will be able to afford his buy out except for maybe Faze but I don't see that happening.

-Zeus +AdreN

I don't know why Na'Vi let mousesport get the map they got 16-0'd on by them but I guess Zues is playing 4D chess

Navi is not tier 1





donโ€™t get too hyped itโ€™s only Naโ€™Vi


Edward and flamie got 3 and 4 more kills respectively. In a 16-2 that is such a ridiculous way to measure it. If Zeus suddenly got a 4k on the last round your comment is now invalid, you can see how that is ridiculous.

The IGLing is another matter.


-zeus +zews

2019 minimum, he just reupped his contract. More likely, Zeus will get rekicked for ANGE1 or B1ad3 or some shit.

How do u have a positive K/D when you get 16-2'd?

FaZe s1mple when??

Sprout vs Mouz for the 2-0 match up? That'll be an entertaining match for sure. Not sure if Mouz is capable of taking down the denis though.

The best move would be -zeus +zeus

Upvote so people think Na'Vi won

Honestly, it's becoming questionable how good of an IGL Zeus even is. Gambit's major win can be attributed to Mou and AdreN going absolutely nuts, Hobbit's sick clutches in the finals, and Dosia finally returning to form. It's questionable how much work Zeus actually did, TBH.

Even with -Seized +Zeus they are playing just as poorly as they used to. At this point I think Navi are in desperate need of ANGE1.


ANGE1 typically has a looser style than Zeus's strict/organized system, that is unfortunately clearly not working.

I think if they did a -Zeus +ANGE1, and just let s1mple/electronic click heads, Navi could find some return to form.

I would remove Zeus and try to get ANGE1 before removing Edward. He is one of the best support players in the CIS region and I don't think he deserves a kick quite yet.

But I'm not a manager, and there are inner-workings that we may not know about, so it's hard to say.

He is a solid fragger but i feel like he should make plays a lot more or someone in Navi should. They are way too passive. Look at mousesports and how oskar pushed mid with the awp. Navi is way too predictable at this point which is fine if they have good aimers but flamie and edward have regressed a lot and loosing all the duels.

Thing is they aspire to be, so they recruit people who should be on T1 teams


๐Ÿ“ž 4Head HELLO ZEUS? ๐Ÿ“ž 4Head GAMBIT HERE ๐Ÿ“ž 4Head QUALIFIED YET? ๐Ÿ“ž

He is the only one making plays, the other are just there for the ride. Edward should have been kicked year ago.

Not even a 16-0 this time smh my head

Na'Vi this game

2nd pistol round sums up this game for Na'Vi

Also consistent at going out in groups.

Thank mr. chrisJ for keeping us on schedule

no no

-edward -flamie

+hobbit +AdreN

flair checks out, as for me

Who would win? One Major-winning IGL or One LanJ?

Natus Silvere

hey we got a 16-3 too. i dont get why they like to play mirage so much vs mouse


Mousesports: Navi do you remember 16-0. Navi: Yes Mousesports: We give you 2 on the house this time.

I hope so. Pathetic "Strats", shitty veteos, ZERO in game impact.

Zeus is done.

Dissapointing result tbh

I don't think there's enough time to end the chorus.

How many times do Na'Vi have to get obliterated by Mousesports on Mirage for them to realize they maybe shouldn't play this map against them? Maybe another 16-0? Though Mouz extremely likely would've destoyed them on any other map anyways.

Except s1mple, like always.

Sucks being a navi fan. Nice play from mousesports though.

Plus even zeus played well and had some important kills(especially vs astralis on train)

Fuck me, that was some good CS from us.

Zeus with the 3 bombplants

It looks like s1mple is the only one in Na'Vi who ever practices his individual skills.

Ffs, having 2 players who is best at agressive cs, and then playing slow as fuck game 15 rounds in a row.

tough choice

Electronic did well enough, if he was in a support role that is.

Seriously how is Zeus still around? He offers no real strategy ( rushing onto B AFTER their nades fade? gj there mr genius ) and he frags less than fucking seized did.

Mouz is pretty consistant at qualifying for majors

Simple might as well have been the only one on the server for Navi

But it is true

Guys, when will you be back ?

Dunno babes, got a hard match against Na'Vi...

Bubbles' parents aren't home !




Thanks for watching!

Oskars fadeaway shot through the smoke still feels like yesterday

the plebs were released

Zeus was completely useless in terms of both tactics and fragging. 3 kills. In the meanwhile, oskar is running up mid and fucking Na'Vi in the ass seemingly every time. Just look at that last round, he completely outplayed Na'Vi.

Add ropz and chrisJ being on point and you have a disgusting 16-2. Na'Vi doesn't look like they're going anywhere.

i would watch it

Someone save s1mple please

Zeus, round 14: "Let's fake B with an execute with all the smokes we have, then go split B immediately after our smokes are gone and then rush onto the site" ???????????

S1mple did what he could tbh.

Navi 16-4'ed mouz on mirage a few months later


AVANGAR got 10 more rounds than Navi...

Navi and tier 1 are nowhere near to be seen each other right now.

who would win a team of experienced CIS counter strike players combined to make a european superteam or one hollandboye

Its not like the others did much aswell.

But yea he was bad

tbf, he had a positive kd while losing 16:2. That is something

Yeah, and Mouz isn't even a very agressive team... 2/3 rounds they played agressive and NaVi reacted by waiting until 30 secs to do something.

damn chrisj

Navi: "let's go mid"

Oskar: "No"

Navi: "understandable, have a nice day"